New You

New You Message from the Masters Full Moon Celestial Gathering January 10, 2010 Greetings Dear Ones, As you enter into this new year and new decade, as time is recorded on earth, we encourage you to focus on creating a “new you.” This is the You that is aware of your spiritual roots. Allow your New You to start each day with gratitude for these few moments, while in physical form, the ability to express Divine Love. Throughout the day, mindfully do the same, no…


Message from the Masters 111219

Connecting with your Higher Self Greetings Dear Ones, Once again, we are happy to experience conscious communion with you. There is so much that we can offer every human in terms of their awakening. However, our hands are tied unless we are asked to assist. This is due to the Law of Universal Interference. We are unable to interfere with any sentient being’s awakening or any other matter unless one in embodiment requests our service. Thus, gatherings such as this are of utmost importance. Within…


Preparing for Ascension

Preparing for Ascension New Moon Celestial Gathering Message from the Masters October 27, 2019 Greetings Dear Ones, We are again excited to have this time to commune with you. We ask at this time for you to prepare yourself for the Ascension. Although this is a long way off, now is the time to prepare, so that you can live your life accordingly. Take time to go into a quiet space and start releasing the things that no longer serve you. Look back on people…

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Connecting with your I Am Presence

Connecting with your I Am Presence Celestial Gathering October 13, 2019 Message from the Masters Dear Ones, We are again en-light-ed to spend time consciously with you. If all humans were to turn “upwards” and reach for our assistance, heaven on earth could be attained in the “twinkling of an eye.” Thus, it is important to share your “good news” as you awaken, with others who are truly Seeking, as well. In the meantime, do all you can do to enhance your spiritual awareness. This…


Message from the Masters: Unconditional Love

Equinox Celestial Gathering Message September 23, 2019 Greetings and salutations on this day of seasonal change! We are again delighted to join with you to celebrate the changing of seasons on this grand and glorious planet. Earth is a showcase among the many physical realms. Its beauty is hard to surpass, mainly for its variety and abundance of colors, flora and fauna. The human race is also one that is upheld as close to perfection with its functionalities. However, the Dark has tainted the planet,…


Unconditional Love

Message from the Masters: Unconditional Love Full Moon Celestial Gathering Message September 13, 2019 Greetings! Thank you for taking the time and effort to join with us. Do not underestimate the value of your worth, especially when joining together in a collective group for the purpose of supporting earth and her inhabitants. There is nothing of more value than to spend time in quiet reflection, calling upon us to assist with the needs of All, including yourself. We are here 24/7 to assist you. Nothing…

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Higher Self and Spirit Guides

New Moon Celestial Gathering Message from the Masters Higher Self and Spirit Guides August 30, 2019 Greetings! We are deLIGHTed to be in close communion with you once again. We offer the following words of encouragement to you. Take time each day to go within and give some attention to one thing that has you feeling off balance. Begin by sitting in a comfortable position where you will not be distracted for at least 20 minutes. Take several deep and slow breaths in and then…


Message from the Masters: 081519

Message from the Masters Celestial Gathering August 15, 2019 Greetings Dear Ones, Again we are deLIGHTed to gather with you for the purpose of bringing forth more Love and Light onto the Earth. There is much that we do when gathered together for the specific intention of healing from the inside out… and then expanding that refreshed energy outward to all others who are ready to receive our Love. We are happy that you are taking more time to take care of your “inner business”…


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