What is the SoulCleanse®?

The SoulCleanse®  is a safe and gentle process using hands-off energy healing.  In addition, demonic entities will be released. As a result, you may find it easier to connect with your Higher Self, and Spirit Guides. Also, blockages may be cleared related to finances, relationships and other areas of your life.

Physical, emotional and mental health issues are addressed. This includes addictions and compulsive behaviors.

During the SoulCleanse, your home, those you live with, pets, and place of employment will also be cleared. Likewise, haunted houses will be cleared. This includes paranormal activity, black magic, spells, portals and other supernatural events.

You will receive chakra healing and your energy fields will be balanced and realigned. In addition, you will receive a DNA enhancement. As a result, this allows you to receive more photons (light). In effect, this will assist with your spiritual growth.

The SoulCleanse team is comprised of a specialized group of High Order Beings of Light. They guide and perform the work during each session. All work is performed under the direction of your Higher Self. The Team clears adverse energies from past lives and generational ties from family members in your current life. Similarly, they do the same for other earth incarnations.

The SoulCleanse is performed remotely.
All correspondence is through email.

The goal is to assist you to obtain spiritual enlightenment.

Ready to begin?
Fill out the contact form and let’s get started!

I usually respond within 48 hours.

How much does the SoulCleanse cost?

I am honored to assist those
who take their spiritual awakening seriously.

The SoulCleanse is offered on a donation basis. 
Pay for the service after the work is complete.

You choose the payment amount!


Use the “Pay Now” button AFTER 
your SoulCleanse is completed! 

Reverend Theresa Crabtree, Energy Healer
Creator of the SoulCleanse®

If you sense that you have demonic entities or need energy healing, request a SoulCleanse today!



Once you sign up on the contact form, I will send you a brief questionnaire, usually within 48 hours.

After I receive your response to the questionnaire, you will go in line behind others on the waiting list.

Quite often, the Team, under the direction of your Higher Self, will begin the work as soon as you first contact me.

Although I will begin the work within 24 hours of reading your questionnaire, it may be 72 hours before your SoulCleanse report will be emailed to you.

***  All work and emails are confidential
and will not be shared without your permission. ***


Theresa conducts a mini SoulCleanse during this audio.

At the same time, she introduces you to the highly evolved members of the SoulCleanse team.

Consequently, you will receive some of the blessings
of the SoulCleanse as you listen.

However, if you feel stuck or have demonic entities, consider a SoulCleanse right away!

Image of sick person being healed by spirit guides Meeth the SoulCleanse video thumbnail

Click on the button below to download a detailed description of the SoulCleanse team and their areas of expertise.

Ghost on stairway representing demonic entities


The SoulCleanse Team effectively removes negative energies and entities from your home and workplace.

All work is performed remotely.

Man consoling woman who has demonic entities.


The SoulCleanse removes demonic entities and energies that create addictive behaviors,
anxiety and depression.

You can also request a
SoulCleanse for a loved one.


Two families arguing and in need of a SoulCleanse®


The SoulCleanse can help clear “bad vibes”
from the entire family.

several pets posing in a row


The SoulCleanse assists the physical and emotional needs of your beloved pets!

Nurse and Doctor looking over a chart.


The SoulCleanse can help everyone on your medical team.

Judge's Gavel and Balance. SoulCleanse helps with court events.


The SoulCleanse can help cleanse everyone involved, including the judge, lawyer, jury and witnesses.

House Blessing No Words

House Cleanse and Blessing!

The SoulCleanse releases entities and non-beneficial entities and helps smooth transition from sale of home to new home.

Signs of Entity Interference

Interference from demonic entities and earthbound spirits is much more prevalent than most believe.

Ghostly girl in hallway representing demonic entities

Blockages from “stinking thinking” can cause similar symptoms.

Man receiving projected thoughts from demonic entities.

Both are remedied during the SoulCleanse.

Sudden onset of any of the following is a strong indicator of interference from demonic entities.

However, if an entity has been with a person since early childhood, these symptoms may
appear to be normal for this person.

Panic Attacks

Bipolar Disorder
Memory Problems
Paranormal Activity
Suicidal Thoughts

Drug Abuse
Alcohol Abuse
Sudden Interest in Porn
Borderline Personality Disorder

Unexplainable Physical Ailments
Impulsive / Compulsive Behaviors
Objects Moving by Themselves

Changes in Food Preference
Paranoid Schizophrenia
Hearing Inner Voices
Personality Change
Suicidal Thoughts
Anxiety    Suicidal
Abusive       Implants
Aggression      Narcissism

    Depression        Mood Swings
  Panic Attacks        Self Mutilation
Poor Concentration         Irrational Behavior
Feeling Disconnected         Mental Health Issues

SoulCleanse®  Testimonials

AR in CA

“I’m very pleased with the results. I’ve been in a lot of emotional pain and the lifting of the 4 earthbound beings is nice! Also, my motivation to care for myself is coming back. And I let go of a situation that’s been tying me down. My life has been in a stuck pattern. Thank you so much. Life has been so much more peaceful!”   
A.R.,  California

KH in Austria

“I am much more relaxed and grateful for everything since the SoulCleanse. Also, now I see certain issues from a different angle and with more honesty. I was expecting you would tell me that I had many spells, ties or very bad karma. I thought that was the reason I haven’t been able to thrive. But I am surprised and glad to see that wasn’t the case. Instead, the only things that are holding me back are my own thoughts!”
K.H., Austria

JM in Florida

“I don’t see the shadow people anymore. Also, my door has stopped closing by itself!”    
J.M.,  Florida

HS in UK

“The results surprised and impressed me. Also, the speed at which you performed this was amazing. I appreciate the time invested in your feedback. Thank you for tailoring this to my needs.”     
H.S.,  United Kingdom

DH in WA

“The building where I work has quieted down. You definitely made a difference. So, let’s hope the paranormal station behaves.”    
D.H.,  Washington

BB in NC

“I know I have been dogged by some of these hanger-on entities for a long time. I had something like this done in 1998, but it was not as thorough. You have a real gift. After the Cleanse, I felt something “lift” – a freeing. I “automatically” began doing some things I had been putting off for as long as a year.”
B.B., North Carolina

MS in Portugal

“Thank you again for the Soul Cleansing you and the Heavenly Helpers performed. Overall, I am feeling more happy now. Knowing why I came on Earth has given me a lot of peace of mind. In my life I have questioned ‘everything.’ But with the report you sent me, I didn’t have any doubt in my mind. After I received the SoulCleanse, I let a dear friend of mine know about it. She told me how much you are helping her as well. This was more confirmation that you are ‘the Real Deal.’”    
M.S.,  Portugal

AF in Wisconsin

“Thank you so much for your work! I have been leveling up a lot faster and holding the new platform better than ever before. I’m making lots of waves and personal achievements. My psychic abilities are on overdrive.  And my heart is opening as well.  Lots of positive perspective changes. Smoking is down a lot. Most of the time I put it out right away after lighting.”  
A.F.,  Wisconsin

AW in FL

“The SoulCleanse that I received was absolutely invigorating. The cleanse cleared everything in an instant. So, thank you so much for your love and light.”      
A.W.,  Florida

KB in GA

“The SoulCleanse was fascinating! I feel more open to the changes to come. Now I feel more connected to the universe and finding my place in it. Also, finding out that I’m an empath helps. It makes sense of so many confusing years. Now I am excited and encouraged for the rest of the journey. Thank you again, Theresa! You have been so instrumental in shedding light in my life! Bless you!”
K.B.,  Georgia