Gratitude is one of the highest frequencies one can experience.

Each morning, before getting out of bed, think of at least three things that you are grateful for.

FEEL gratitude for these things.

This will start your day with positive momentum. 

You may want to keep a journal next to your bed and write down the things you are grateful for.

This will add more energy to the experience.

Set the intention that you want to remember to feel more gratitude throughout the day.

As an added exercise, post the word “gratitude” in a few places where you will see it throughout the day. Then think of something you are grateful for and feel the energy of gratitude, sending out a “thank you” to anyone involved.

Here are some ideas where to post your Gratitude reminder: bedside table, bathroom mirror, car dashboard, computer, refrigerator, work area, wallet or money purse.

To get into the habit, you can set a timer to go off throughout the day to remind you.

If you are with someone when the timer goes off, tell them something you appreciate about them. 

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The “Heart Connection” is a simple, yet powerful, method to increase self-love. It is also a way to energetically heal imbalances with people and traumatic events. You may have seen pictures of religious icons having a Divine Flame or sun in the heart region. Every conscious being has this Divine Flame, which is our connection to the Source of All. The Heart Connection can help you to connect with Source, your Higher Self and other Beings of Light.

Woman with hands over heart. Heart Connection Pose


Place your left hand on your upper heart region. Then place your right hand on top of your left hand. Then well up feelings of love and gratitude. Your hands become an electrical circuit and will create an energetic loop coming from the front side of your Divine Flame, going into your left palm, up your arm, through the back side of your heart/flame, down your right arm, out of your palm and back into your heart. Feel the energy and warmth of your heart/flame. Allow the energy to flow through your entire body and auric field.


The Heart Connection is a powerful method to increase self-love and remain emotionally balanced. Do the Heart Connection as mentioned above. Connect with your Divine Flame. Fan your Flame with feelings of love and gratitude. Bring to mind happy memories and acts of kindness you have performed.

Send love and gratitude to your body, mind and soul. Receive the love coming back to you. Know that you are loved beyond measure. Be grateful for the opportunity to be on earth at this moment. Relax and enjoy the love connection.

This is a great way to start and end every day. You can do this while resting in bed with your eyes closed. As you groom for the day, make the Heart Connection while looking in the mirror. Amp up your self-love throughout the day while you are driving, walking or going about your busy day. Simply visualize your hands on your heart while giving yourself a dose of self-love whenever you feel unbalanced or need to be uplifted.


Most humans have been taught that they are separate from Source. However, this is not true. All conscious beings, in every dimension, are a hologram of the Source of All. Each are unique, yet an aspect of the whole. Use the Heart Connection to consciously send and receive love with the Source of All. Amp up your level of love and gratitude until you feel the energy going to and from the Source. Bask in this love for several moments. It is important to realize that you are one with the Source. The Source is not something that resides outside of you. The Divine Flame within you is part of the Source. Connecting with Source in this manner is an excellent way to start and end each day.


Also important is to do the Heart Connection with your Higher Self / I AM Presence. This is the other dimensional Being of Light that co-created you into this human form. Your I AM Presence has too high of a frequency to live in a human body, so it creates a flame or aspect of itself in order to have a human experience. Thus, you have this Divine Flame connection with your I AM Presence. You are an Ambassador of your I AM Presence. See yourself as one, without separation. It is imperative to gain a close, conscious connection with your Higher Self, for it holds the blueprint and knows the reason of your incarnation and will help Guide you through every area of your life.

Make the Heart Connection with yourself, then extend it to connect with your I AM Presence. This may be difficult at first. You can create the setting to meet in a garden or other serene place. Until you feel connected, simply send the love to your Soul, extending gratitude for this time on Earth. Ask what your purpose is. Each day, ask how you can serve. Ask what the day’s priorities are. Listen for the answers. Feel the love that returns to you. Practice until you can feel that the Divine Flame in you, is the same as the Divine Flame of your I AM Presence… until you know that you are one.


The Heart Connection is a powerful tool to heal stuck energies created with people you are off balance with. With this exercise, you are communicating at a Soul level, transcending the experiences you had with each other at the human level. Visualize the person standing in front of you. If the pain is too great with this person, then simply send them the energy without visualizing them in front of you. Set a strong intention that you want to heal the wounds with this person.

You do not have to direct the energy in any way, just send and receive the love.

If you prefer, you can ask their forgiveness, accept responsibility for your actions or forgive them for their actions. Recognize that they and you both operate from the pain that you have incurred throughout life. Also be aware that many times, their behavior was exacerbated by entity interference. This could have been true for you, as well.

If you are not ready to forgive or feel uncomfortable working with this person, then focus on connecting with the Higher Self of the other person and doing the energy exchange from this level. You can do this with people who are alive or deceased.

The main thing is to let the love flow as you release any emotions that arise. This can be done whether it occurred in this life or another lifetime. You can also do this for any entities that have been harassing you.

Perhaps it is not a person, but a place or an event that is the cause of the imbalance. Focus your attention on this place or event with the intention to heal. Great healing can happen using this practice.


You can use the Heart Connection with those you love or would like to have an enhanced relationship with. First, amp up love and gratitude in your heart. Then imagine the person standing in front of you. Begin to send love to this person and allow your heart to open and receive the love that flows back to you. Telepathically, they will receive this love and thoughts of you may come into their mind. How much they receive your love is dependent on how open their heart is.

Caution: This exercise is not meant to be used to get someone to become romantically interested in you. That is manipulation, not unconditional love. Rather, send this person love and an intention that you are interested in getting to know him/her better. Then let that energy flow as it will.

You cannot change the past, only your perspective of it. The future is created from decisions made in the current moment. The current moment is where one’s creative power lies. Thus, your current thoughts, words and actions allow you to release the past and creates the possibilities that will create your future.


Human’s have a “monkey mind” with thoughts constantly flowing through. Yet, which ones do you grab onto and remain focused on? If you stay focused in the past, with all the trauma you didn’t resolve, regrets, anger and anything that didn’t meet your expectations, you keep those imbalanced emotions and memories stored in your physical body and energy field. As a result, they remain a part of your current experience.

This negativity creates energetic blocks in your body. It is like blocking the river flow with a dam. The energy can’t flow properly and the water pools and stagnates. Similarly, blocked energy will not flow properly through the body, which leads to physical dis-ease. These blocks also affect one’s mental clarity and creates emotional imbalance. Energy blocks also affect one’s ability to expand their spiritual awareness by blocking Divine Love energy flowing from the Creator. This also creates communication blocks with one’s Higher Self, Spirit Team and Ascended Masters.

Thus, it is important to resolve emotional trauma, to accept responsibility for your actions and inactions, to forgive others and yourself and to let go of expectations that did not come to fruition.

When a person is having low vibrational thoughts, they will absorb thoughts put out by others that are similar in nature. This is due to the Law of Attraction; similar energies are attracted to each other. If a person has expectations that negative things always happen to them, that they are cursed or have low self-esteem, they will keep this “victim” mentality alive in their energy field. As a result, they will draw people of a similar frequency to them, reinforcing their false beliefs. Victims will attract perpetrators, keeping both in a vicious cycle of abuse.

On the opposite spectrum, those who focus their thoughts on positive outcomes will experience more happiness, joy and a zest for life. They are busy fulfilling their heart’s desire. Model their behavior. Learn how they overcame their obstacles. You will likely find that many of them spend time each day in inner-spection. They have set parameters, keeping in mind the time and energy needed to follow their pursuits. All of this increases the natural flow in their body, as well as their energy connection to Source, thus energizing them to follow through with their dreams.

In addition to self-generated thoughts, there are many other avenues that thoughts can get into one’s auric field.

Here are a few that you might want to pay attention to: song lyrics, movies, TV, the news, books, gossip, whiney people’s stories, uninformed teachers, improper medical diagnosis, damnation preachers, history books focused on negativity, mud-slinging politics, social media negativity, conspiracy theories, end of the world fearmongers, etc. We are constantly bombarded with negative words and false beliefs. Add to that the dimension of dark entities who throw projected thoughts, preying on one’s weaknesses.

Start paying attention to what you are thinking as well as what you are allowing into your energy field. Over time, these energies glop together in layers, creating physical, emotional, mental and spiritual blocks. As soon as you realize you are engaged in negative thinking, focus your thoughts onto something that is more inspiring. You can also offset the thoughts by singing or thinking of mantras or uplifting song lyrics.

Be ready to turn off the radio, TV or computer if they are bringing you down. Learn to gracefully remove yourself from gossipy conversations. If you can’t get the others to change the topic, gracefully, walk away. Withdraw yourself from the drama others create, if you are not an activist. If you don’t have positive solutions to bring to the table, then you become part of the problem.


The words you speak reflect your thoughts. Great minds talk about ideas, average minds talk about events, small minds talk about people. People “out of their minds” talk about heart-centered topics such as spiritual enlightenment. Start monitoring what level you are on when you are “speaking your mind.”

In my book, Mayan Messages, I offer a simple formula that has become quite popular. “T.H.I.N.K. before you speak.”

Before you speak or type a single word, filter first by asking yourself if it is:



I, I, I (Ego-Centered)



Take time to ponder events in your past when you said things that you wish you hadn’t. How about the times you held back when it would have been better to speak? Note the time you spent assuming someone said something or meant it in a way that you took wrong. Instead of asking for clarity at the time, you held a grudge, often for years. We all do it, but wouldn’t life be much grander if we all followed this simple formula? You can start by making this your practice and offering others a feeling of safety where each of you can fully and honestly express your truth.


You are probably familiar with the saying, “actions speak louder than words.” There is much truth in this. How often have you heard people say one thing while doing another? You likely are guilty of the same. Take time for inner reflection. Look at the actions you choose and see which are not in accordance with your highest good.

Are your expectations of self and others not being fulfilled, resulting in emotional outbursts? Then look within and start releasing any expectations that you discover. Expectations keep you in the future, whereas dropping them allows you to live more in the flow of the moment.

Are you in a job that satisfies you? If not, start looking for ways to allow your creativity to flow so that you enjoy your work, while creating the abundance you desire. Do you engage in recreational activities that exercise your body and bring you joy or drain you? Take note of all the actions you take during your day. Those that lead you away from your true desires, start to filter them out and replace them with activities that allow you to express yourself creatively.

Learn to say “no, thank you” to people who pull you into activities you are not interested in? Do you have co-dependent tendencies that have you doing things out of obligation? Do you continually offer your services, wearing yourself out doing for others, while leaving little time, money or energy to fulfill your own needs and desires? Take time to go within to see if you are off balance in this area, then start making changes to get yourself more grounded and centered.

If you want to have balance and inner calm in your life, then taking time daily for inner-spection is critical.

You can call this meditation, prayer or quiet time. Be forewarned that if you are a Seeker and you do not take time on a regular basis for inner-spection, your Higher Self may start waking you up in the middle of the night to get your attention. The most common time is between 3-4 a.m. Many report that they are often awakened at 2:22 or 2:33 a.m.

Whether you choose to be in a certain position, sitting, laying down, walking, using special breathing techniques or mudras, it matters not. The goal is to be in a state where your body is relaxed and your mind is free from a bombardment of thoughts. Try various techniques to find out what works best for you. Likely, you will find a variety of ways to receive this receptive state of inner peace.


Whenever you are feeling your anxiety level rising or about to lose it emotionally, take several slow, deep breaths in and out. This will put you into a more relaxed brain state. Continue until you feel yourself become more balanced and peaceful. You can do this and remain composed even if someone is screaming at you. Allow them to vent, while sending love from your heart to theirs. Rather than engaging in their drama, keep your focus on your breathing so you can remain grounded and clear-headed. Thus, you will be less likely to say or do something that adds more fuel to the fire.

Just because someone else is creating drama, that does not mean that you have to engage in it.

The beauty of this exercise is that it can be done easily and under any circumstances. When traffic is stressing you out, breathe. The next time someone you are talking to starts acting out, breathe. Do several deep breaths before reacting to the kids’ behavior. Office problems can quickly be calmed when you release through the breath and do not indulge in gossip.

If you are having a hard time holding it together emotionally, excuse yourself and head to the bathroom. Most people will not follow you there. While sitting on the throne, take several more breaths in and out until you feel calm and regal again. When you return, avoid that person or try to engage in a different topic. If that is not feasible, then calmly tell the other person you would like to schedule another time to continue the conversation, when you both have calmed down. This will allow you time to evaluate the situation and hopefully, find a positive solution or outcome.


During your daily inner-spection time, review the thoughts, words and actions you have been focused on throughout the day. This can be tedious at first, but will quickly get easier when you apply yourself. Note which are ready to be released and what you wish to replace them with. You can do some role-modeling by practicing what you would prefer to do or say in a similar situation. Use all five of your senses in order to retrain your brain.


Take time to face your fears. You can ask your Guides to help you recognize the fears that are keeping you blocked. When you face your fears and allow yourself to look at the root cause, it is often easy to dismantle them. Most fears come from concerns about the future, based on the fear of the past repeating itself. However, when you scrutinize many of the fears that were born in early childhood, they hold no fire anymore, because you are no longer a helpless, voiceless child. Pull yourself into the current moment. Ask yourself if this fear is valid right now. In many cases, the fear has never or rarely been valid.

Rather than staying paralyzed in fear, start taking action on creating the preferred outcome. Nothing that happened in the past killed you. Here you are, reading this, so you ain’t dead, yet. Consider all the things you have worried about that never came to fruition. Also, look at the ones that did come to fruition and you might discover that you unintentionally created them because of your focus on that fear. Remember, we create with our thoughts, words, actions, fears and beliefs. So, be mindful of where you focus your creative energies.


As we encounter trauma throughout our life, we develop coping skills. When these traumas happen in early childhood, we adopt beliefs that match our maturity level. These “old tapes” become the foundation upon which we build our thoughts, words, actions and incorporate fears. It is important to find these false beliefs and have a talk with your inner child. “Call in” your inner child and speak to him or her as though you were speaking to a child at the age that the trauma occurred. If it is too painful to review the trauma, choose to go in as an Observer. You do not need to feel or relive the trauma.

Bring your inner child up to date by showing him or her that you are now an adult and no longer a victim. Show your inner child that those immature beliefs are no longer valid. They were useful at the time as a coping mechanism. However, now they are creating blocks with your relationships, flow of abundance, self-love, the ability to give and receive love, and every aspect of your life.

These false beliefs are often deeply buried, however, clues will surface when you have PTSD flashbacks, nightmares, when your “buttons are pushed” and anytime you feel off balance with someone or a situation. During your inner-spection time, ask to be shown these hidden beliefs and request help in how to release them. Then fill that void with love and gratitude as you experience a new level of self-empowerment.


If your goal is to ascend out of duality, then there is nothing more important that you can do than to consciously communicate with these Beings of Light. You may feel unworthy, like you are taking up their time with your problems. This is not true. It gives them great joy to assist you.

Within every human, above the physical heart is an invisible energetic spark or flame. This is a direct “Heart Connection” to your Higher Self. 

Your Higher Self is a Being of Light who co-created an aspect of itself (you), to have an earthly experience. They cannot fully come down to earth, because their vibration is too high… and frankly, it is best that they do stay out of the earth drama so you don’t get stuck down here. Your Higher Self created your blueprint for this life and there is no Being more equipped to help you to navigate your life down here.

Source / Creator gives you unconditional love and Free Will to experience what you wish to experience.

Your Higher Self creates the plan for what it would like to experience. Then you, in human form are given full reign to either tune into your Higher Self or wing it on your own. Most lose this connection during early childhood, thus having an increased probability of making Free Will choices that are detrimental to one’s spiritual awakening. However, at any moment, a human can remember their spiritual roots and re-connect with their Higher Self and Source.

No human comes to earth alone. There is always the connection available with one’s Higher Self. In addition, everyone has one to three “Guardian Angels” that are available 24/7/365. There are also a multitude of Ascended Masters available to help you to express love in any way you choose. There are “Heavenly Helpers” to help with your homework, tell you what is wrong with your car, help to heal sickness, etc.  You name it and there are experts, waiting for you to call upon them.

That is the key, you have to call upon them. They cannot interfere unless asked to do so. These Light Beings are above duality, so they have a broader picture of how things work. They work in tandem with your Higher Self. Be warned that there are also a host of Dark Beings who are also available to assist those who have ulterior motives, such as seeking power, control, greed, revenge, etc. Trust me, you don’t want to go there, but if you did, be sure to contact me for a SoulCleanse, so we can get you back on track!


Anyone, at any time, has the ability to consciously communicate with the above-mentioned Beings of Light. Whenever there is a block, it is ALWAYS the human who created the blocks. These Beings of Light are pure Love and here to offer their services. They are not bound by time, the number of people they can serve in one moment, space or anything. However, they will honor your Free Will choices and any boundaries set by your Higher Self.

Ascended Masters are no longer in duality. Thus, they do not judge, ridicule or deem you unworthy. They gain the greatest joy when someone asks for their help and openly begins to work with them. They know that by helping to bring you up in vibration, this affects All, thus, making it easier for others to awaken, as well. They are always available to help you reach the next rung in the “Ascension Ladder.”

Keep in mind that every human has to climb one rung at a time.

Meaning they have to release what has been holding them back, which will give them awareness to what the next step is. Even God cannot pull you from the bottom to the top in an instant. We are energy beings and if our bodies gain too much energy too fast, it will spontaneously combust.

As an example, consider electricity. A massive amount of energy is created at the power plant. Then it is transduced as it goes out to local power stations. From there, the energy is ramped down further when it comes through the power lines, then into your home. If you tried to hook up your cell phone charger directly at the source at the power plant, it would blow both of you to smithereens.

Thus, each rung up the Ascension Ladder holds the opportunity for more knowledge and experience. This creates more levels of energy that can be supplied while in human form. However, the body needs time to adapt to the new energies. Sometimes this creates pain, which many call “Ascension Symptoms.” Thus, during each step-up the ladder, your body is attuned to hold more energy. I mention this because so many people are praying for “instant ascension” or waiting for spaceships or a savior to whisk them off to heaven. Sounds great, but there is no fast-track. You have to do your “inner work.”

In the beginning, many find it difficult to connect with these Light Beings. The goods news is that we are always connected to Source, our Higher Selves and our “Guardian Angels.”  It doesn’t matter if we don’t believe in them; thankfully, they believe in us.

Try various methods to make the connection.

Breaking through fear and false beliefs is critical. There is also an amount of faith involved, until you recognize when you are making the connection. Some of the signs of the connection are “spirit bumps,” a “knowingness,” meaningful synchronicities, undeniable coincidences, things start flowing smoothly, intuition, etc.

You may also experience them through others who have a message for you, especially when they don’t even know they said something. They can use technology by sending texts, websites showing up unexpectedly, lights flickering, vivid dreams, timely song lyrics on the radio and a whole host of other anomalies. You have to be careful, though, because the Dark Beings use these methods, as well. Pay attention to the energies of any Beings knocking on your door. Light beings always feel loving.

There are a number of guided meditations available online that can help you make the connection. One of my favorite ways to connect is to picture a beautiful garden scene. I am sitting on a bench or two-seated swing. Source, my Higher Self or whoever I am “calling in” sits across from me. We do a Heart Connection. Then begin a simple conversation. Sometimes our energies merge; there is nothing yummier than that feeling of Pure Love.

The goal is to create a conscious connection whenever you need them.

Imagine they are right there next to you, either all the time or when you want their expertise, protection or company. You can also go to a good psychic medium who can describe them to you and maybe help you find their names. Do keep in mind that the names they give are for your benefit.

In the Higher Realms, we are known by our unique energy signature. Thus, our names are the sounds we emit, such as “Om Amitabha Hrih.” These signatures are often impossible to be repeated with human vocal chords. So, they might offer you simpler names. For example, two of mine are called “Chief” and “Oscar.” These names came humorously, and are easy to remember. Quite often, you are not hooking in with just one entity, but a whole host, such as the “Abraham” group that Esther Hicks channels. The same is true for the “Day Keepers” that channeled through me when I wrote the Mayan Messages book. At their level, they commune as One. It is the humans that have the need for names and labels.

Take time daily to do your “inner work.”

It will become easier the more you “call in” and communicate with the Light Beings who choose to work with you. Click here to download my free eBooklet, “Four Point Coning Sessions,” which offers another method to communicate with specific Light Beings. When you tune in with your Higher Self, you will get the best advice on how to navigate your life. Your Higher Self can then lead you to specialists in any area you want assistance with.

It is important to release any energy blocks in your body so that your qi energy can flow unobstructed throughout your body and energy fields. Then you can receive the constant flow of energy from your Higher Self in an unencumbered manner. The same is true for the incoming flow of Love from the Source of All.

You are never alone. You are never forgotten and you always have access to a host of Heavenly Helpers who are rooting for you to awaken to your spiritual roots. They are available to help Guide you around unnecessary pitfalls and to reach your highest goals. Your life will not be without some bumps in the road. However, they can help to keep you on the main path. The choice is always yours. There are no right or wrong paths; only choices, leading to various experiences. With each choice comes a variety of actions and reactions leading to more choices.

The more you choose unconditional love, the more you will receive the same in return. It has to be. That is the Law of Attraction in Action. Thus, put out what you want to receive, not for the gratification of the expected return, but for the experience of more Pure Love in your heart, soul and mind.a

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