Inner Child Healing

Inner Child Burning Man Sculpture. Children trapped within adult bodies.

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Inner Child Healing

When a person has significant trauma during early childhood, it is hard for them to cope. They may not know how to say “no” or are silenced by their aggressor(s). They may reach out for help and be denied or told to keep “the secret.” Often, they are terrorized by the perpetrator with threats of death to themselves or loved ones if they tell “the secret.” So, the child often suffers alone.

During the abuse, especially when it is repeated, in order to cope, the child may “tune out” and pretend to be somewhere else. This can lead to a dissociative disorder. As they grow older, when they are in a similar abusive situation or when they visit a place that is similar to the “safe haven” they created, it may trigger a PTSD episode.

Often, false beliefs are created
as a result of the trauma.

These immature beliefs become the foundation which their lives are built on. They are coping measures, relating to their immature understanding of what is happening to them. Sometimes these beliefs are made consciously; more often, they are unconscious and buried deep within. As more abuse or similar interactions occur, their foundation built upon these beliefs becomes stronger.

What is also detrimental is when the child reaches out for help and is denied assistance. If they are told not to tell anyone else about “the secret” or no one believes them, this sets off another set of beliefs. They learn early that they can’t trust others. The child is often made to feel guilty, unworthy, unsafe, unlovable, etc. These beliefs become the foundation which creates problems when they reach the teen years and try to build relationships with friends and romantic partners.

When a child is abused by one or both parents at a young age,
this is the “norm” for them.

They may feel that this is normal for everyone. They are likely to be abusive to others, feeling that being a bully is socially acceptable. It also may become an outlet for them to release their pent-up emotions. Others may feel helpless, that this is their lot in life. Self-esteem plummets, the use of alcohol or drugs may become the chosen way to numb the pain. New emotions may surface, such as rage and bitterness. The child may draw within, continuing to suffer in silence.

When the child comes of an age to be sexually active, this often triggers many of the dormant beliefs. Thus, the teenager feels that sex is dirty, repugnant, painful, etc. They may unconsciously compare the new sexual partner with the childhood aggressor. They may find it difficult to experience intimacy with their partner.

They usually have low self-confidence and low esteem. Many become addicted to pornography. Their lack of self-love and worth leads them to sabotage relationships. They often hate themselves and their bodies, leading to self-harm and suicidal thoughts. They may purposely gain weight, feeling safety in being unattractive. Some become promiscuous, looking for love in all the wrong places or as an act of self-hatred.

When the child who was abused reaches puberty, all hell may break loose inside.

This is why so many young teens need to feel part of a group. They are seeking a safe haven. This is also why many turn to alcohol and drugs to drown and numb the painful memories. They still feel the need to keep “the secret,” while not getting help to understand what happened to them. Many have stuffed the events so deep into the recesses of their mind, that they have no recollection of the traumatic events, yet anxiety and depression builds.

There are many other factors, too numerous to address here. If you suffered abuse during your early years, you likely are relating to these words. You may feel blocked in many areas of your life, not realizing this is the result of the immature beliefs you created as a child.

The goal is to find these buried beliefs
and release those that no longer serve you.  

To move forward, you need to face and overcome the fears that have been keeping you from living a happy life. The Inner Child Healing exercise is one method that has been of great benefit to many people. There are also many books to help overcome childhood trauma. I have included a list of resources that were suggested by others who have also suffered childhood trauma.

If you feel stuck in your life or if you are certain you have demonic interference, then be sure to sign up for a SoulCleanse today.

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To begin, get into a comfortable position, with the phone turned off. Allow at least 30 minutes where you will not be interrupted. Take several long, deep breaths in and out until you feel relaxed. Keep your focus on your breath. Then take several more to relax even deeper. Remind yourself that you are safe. At any time, you can tell yourself to go in as an Observer. You do not have to experience the event or the pain. You are simply calling in your “inner child” for a chat. It may take more than one attempt to get your “inner child” to come to you because the mistrust and fear runs deep.

When you call in “little you,” recognize that this fragment of yourself is still at the age of the trauma. So, visualize and communicate with “little you” as though you were talking to a child of that age. You can invite “little you” to sit on your lap, to sit beside you or to sit across from you. Visualize yourself in a seated position so that you are not towering over “little you” because this can be intimidating. Not all people are able to actually “see” during this process, and that is fine. If you wish, place a stuffed animal or doll in the chair and pretend that it is “little you.”

Using your intuition, decide how you will gain the confidence of getting “little you” to come forward. You may suggest to “little you” to look around and see that it is safe, it is just the two of you. Use the Heart Connection that I have included below, sending love from your heart to “little you.” Let “little you” know that you are here to help so that he/she is not alone anymore. You may have to visualize having a flashlight and going in to find “little you.” If “little you” won’t come to you, then you may have to go to “little you,” keeping a distance that is comfortable for “little you.”

When you make the connection, then you can begin the communication. Again, it may take a few attempts to get to this place. This is because” adult you” may also be fearful of going in and feeling the old pain, thus blocking the communication. Sometimes, it may be difficult because you aren’t an inner visual person. Keep trying. At some point, continue forward even if you don’t feel the connection. Like all things, it gets easier with practice.

Once you make the connection with “little you,” begin the conversation. Again, talk to “little you” in the language and tone you would speak to any child of that age. From this point in the meditation there are many variables, because every person’s experience is unique. Also, you may have experienced different types of trauma at different ages, and by different perpetrators. In this case, you may benefit from using this meditation to release each individual layer.

Use your intuition to help “little you” heal. Here are some things to consider. Do what is appropriate for your individual needs.

– Help “little you” feel safe during your talks.

– Let “little you” know that what the other person did was wrong and it wasn’t your fault.

– Tell “little you” that even if others did not believe you, you know the truth.

– Invite “little you” to remember the look in the eyes of the aggressor when they were being mean. Tell them that if the eyes were different than normal, it was bad entities that were doing it, not the person they knew. Those bad entities are now being taken away through the SoulCleanse.

– Remind “little you” that not everyone is that way and that you now are old enough to stay away from situations like that. You aren’t helpless anymore.

– Encourage “little you” to scan your life. All memories are stored in your body, so it will be easy to do this. Remind “little you” to notice that you are now grown and to see that the things that were happening then are no longer happening.

– Let “little you” know that it is now safe to come out, you are all grown up now and have a voice. You are now big enough to protect yourself. You now know how to say “no” and to be heard.

– Tell “little you” that he/she is an important part of “adult you” and that you want the two of you to merge together. You need each other to be whole.

– The whole purpose of this exercise is to pull your fragmented selves back together. It may take several talks before “little you” will agree to merge. Allow this to flow in its own time. Be patient. “Little you” has big trust issues and once she trusts “adult you,” it will become much easier for you to begin trusting others.

– Be fully honest with “little you.” You can say that you are safe, but also acknowledge that bad things can still happen. People sometimes get raped, beaten up, robbed, have health issues and accidents. However, remind “little you” that you now have the maturity and ability to avoid these situations.

– Ask “little you” to share his/her greatest fears. Then help to calm those fears with new solutions. Together, dissolve those fears. Oftentimes, these are the false beliefs coming to the surface. You may not even be aware of many of these “background tapes” that run subconsciously and are affecting every area of your life.

We create these false beliefs from an immature perspective. We may have dozens of them running our lives subconsciously. These may be creating an undercurrent of anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts. They are blocking the natural flow of energy through our body, creating dis-ease. They also block one’s ability to give and receive love freely, if at all. These false beliefs rob you of a happy life.

As you have your conversations with “little you,” find these fears and beliefs that were created in the past. Together, come up with a plan on how to release them. Often, just talking about the fear and feeling “heard” is enough to move onto the healing path.

The goal is to get “little you” to re-merge with you. You need each other. As these unresolved emotional traumas are released, the energy blocks will dissolve. Much of the pain in your body will release. As the energy blocks dissolve, the natural flow of qi energy will return and the healing will begin. You will also experience mental clarity, emotional stability and can begin to expand your spiritual awareness.

The next step is to heal the relationship with any others that were involved. In most cases, abusers have a past history of being abused. Their unresolved emotional pain lowers their energy vibration, making them vulnerable to entity attachment. Most people who do really mean things are under the influence of dark entities. If you looked in their eyes when they were doing the abuse, you may have noticed that it was a different “person” looking back at you. During those times, an entity had full possessed of them. They may not even remember what transpired.

All of us are doing the best we can because we are living our lives from the foundation of the reality that we created from childhood forward. Once we recognize that we have these beliefs and misunderstandings, then it is much easier to release them.

Forgiving any perpetrators, yourself and others who did not help you is very important for your growth. Anything can be balanced with love. The Heart Connection is an important tool because the focus is on the healing power of love. If you find it hard to send love and forgiveness to your perpetrator, then connect with their Higher Self instead. Sometimes you may have to fake it ‘til you make it. With practice, one day you will feel the shift inside yourself and the energy will release. Whenever you feel the release, fill that void with love.

There are many who suffer horrible traumas, yet come away much better because of it. This is because they faced their fears and they looked at things from various perspectives until they realized that they do have the gift of Free Will. They are now in charge of their life. Yet, with each choice comes responsibility. With each action there are a variety of possible reactions. With each cause, there are various effects. Choose love and you will empower yourself.

The creative power lies in the current moment. Release the shackles from the past. Stop being overly concerned about possible future outcomes. Utilize the Daily Spiritual Practices and you will create inner peace. (

Anxiety will lessen and perhaps disappear. Depression will melt away. No one can “push your buttons” regarding those events when the problem is resolved; that energy no longer exists.

As your natural flow of energy increases, you will be able to receive the loving energy that flows to you every moment from the Source of All, your Higher Self and your Spirit Team. You will also find it easier to give and receive love towards other humans.

Many blessings on your road to healing and Spiritual Awakening!

Theresa Crabtree

*** Please share freely with others.***

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The “Heart Connection” is a simple, yet powerful, method to increase love. It is also a way to energetically heal imbalances with people and traumatic events. You may have seen pictures of religious icons having a flame or sun in the heart region. Every conscious being has this Divine Flame, one’s Inner Spirit, which is a connection to the Creator. The Heart Connection can help you to feel a stronger connection with the Creator, your Inner Spirit and others.

Place your left hand on your upper heart region. Then place your right hand on top of your left hand. Then well up feelings of love and gratitude. Your hands become an electrical circuit and will create an energetic loop coming from the front side of your Divine Flame, going into your left palm, up your arm, through the back side of your heart/flame, down your right arm, out of your palm and back into your heart. Feel the energy and warmth of your heart/flame. Allow the energy to flow through your entire body and auric field.

Woman with hands over heart. Heart Connection Pose

Use the Heart Connection to consciously send and receive love with the Creator. Amp up your level of love and gratitude until you feel the energy going to and from the Creator. Bask in this love for several moments. Connecting with the Creator in this manner is an excellent way to start and end each day.

The Heart Connection is a powerful method to increase self-love and remain emotionally balanced. Do the Heart Connection as mentioned above. Connect with your Divine Flame. Fan your Flame with feelings of love and gratitude. Bring to mind happy memories and acts of kindness you have performed. Send love and gratitude to your body, mind and soul. Receive the love coming back to you. Know that you are loved beyond measure. Be grateful for the opportunity to be on earth at this moment. Relax and enjoy the love connection.

This is a great way to start and end every day. You can do this while resting in bed with your eyes closed. As you groom for the day, make the Heart Connection while looking in the mirror. Amp up your self-love throughout the day while you are driving, walking or going about your busy day. Simply visualize your hands on your heart while giving yourself a dose of self-love whenever you feel unbalanced or need to be uplifted.

You can use the Heart Connection with those you love or would like to have an enhanced relationship with. First, amp up love and gratitude in your heart. Then imagine the person standing in front of you. Begin to send love to this person and allow your heart to open and receive the love that flows back to you. Telepathically, they will receive this love and thoughts of you may come into their mind. How much they receive your love is dependent on how open their heart is.

The Heart Connection is a powerful tool to heal stuck energies created with people you are off balance with. Visualize the person standing in front of you. If the pain is too great with this person, then send them the energy without visualizing them in front of you.

Set a strong intention that you want to heal the wounds with this person. You do not have to direct the energy in any way, just send and receive the love. If you prefer, you can ask their forgiveness, accept responsibility for your actions or forgive them for their actions.

Recognize that they and you both operate from the unresolved emotional trauma incurred throughout life. Keep in mind that when humans intentionally harm themselves or others, there is often demonic interference. This doesn’t excuse their behavior, but it may make it easier for you to forgive them.

If you are not ready to forgive or feel uncomfortable sending love to this person, then focus on connecting with their Inner Spirit, their divine connection to the Creator. Do the energy exchange from this level. You can do this with people who are alive or deceased.

Perhaps it is not a person, but a place or an event that is the cause of the imbalance. Focus your attention on this place or event, asking the Creator to help you to heal. Ask for insights to help you see things from a new perspective in order to heal more deeply.

Caution: With this exercise, you are communicating at a soul level, which includes the mind, emotions and will. This exercise is not meant to be used to get someone to become romantically interested in you. That is manipulation, not unconditional love. Rather, send this person love and an intention that you are interested in getting to know him/her better. Then let that energy flow as it will.

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