SoulCleanse® ~ FAQ

The SoulCleanse® is a gentle, yet powerful energy healing method of releasing entities and non-beneficial energies. Visit the SoulCleanse page for more information.

The SoulCleanse® is offered by donation. The donation is made AFTER services are rendered.
You decide how much to donate.

All work is performed remotely. All communications are through emails.

The Team does the work when it is best for you, under the direction of your Higher Self. My role is the mediator and I will contact you via emails.

Thus, no appointment is needed. The energy healing happens in Divine Timing. This makes it convenient for both of us and allows me to offer my services by donation.

Yes, but only through emails. In addition, I offer much of my work freely on my blog, social media, websites and YouTube channel. Fill out the contact form to subscribe to my newsletter to stay updated!

The first 3-5 days after the initial SoulCleanse, clients often report mild cold or flu symptoms, slight headaches and feeling tired. The symptoms usually pass quickly leaving them with an over-all feeling of well-being, inner peace and clarity. Many health issues spontaneously disappear.

Each person experiences the physical energy healing differently, depending on several factors. In your initial packet, you will receive information related to your specific health concerns. Physical dis-ease begins in the mental and emotional planes, so your healing will depend quite a bit on your past and current beliefs and behavioral patterns.

During the initial SoulCleanse, most clients feel more emotional that usual for 3-5 days. There is often a tremendous release of pent-up emotions that have accumulated over all of your lifetimes on earth.

As a result, many report a feeling of inner peace and mental clarity. 

During the initial SoulCleanse, years of stuck emotions are released that result in mental clarity and a feeling of well-being. If any entities have been released, anything related to them is also cleared. 

As a result of the energy healing, it is not unusual for addictions to stop abruptly. This includes alcoholism, drug abuse, pornography, smoking and behaviors such as nail-biting, cutting, suicidal thoughts and much more.

The whole purpose of the SoulCleanse is to help you empower yourself in order to increase your spiritual awareness.

The Team is made up of a group of Light Beings who have mastered duality and are reaching out to help you do the same.

The goal of the SoulCleanse is to help you remember that not only are you an ambassador for your Higher Self, but that you ARE your Higher Self.

We are here to help with energy healing so you can release the blocks that make you feel separate from Source, your Higher Self and Spirit Guides. We truly are all One.

Most people need a series of daily follow up cleanses. The number of sessions needed depends on many factors. For instance, how much entity interference you are experiencing, your readiness to heal past trauma, face your fears, discover false beliefs and assistance desired to help break free from non-beneficial behavioral patterns.

Yes, if you have a personal connection with the person. What we do is to first cleanse you, then we follow any energetic connections you have with this person.

First, the SoulCleanse Team gains permission from the Higher Self. Then the Higher Self directs what will and will not be done. The person does not need to know anything about the cleanse.

The results are dependent on the life choices the person makes. Some improve dramatically; some stay stuck in their rut.

Either way, there will be energy healing between this person and you. This will either enhance the relationship or make it easier for you to break free.

Definitely! We love animals!

Pets are included in all SoulCleanses!

The SoulCleanse team follows the energy threads to everyone you have energetic ties with. This is true whether they are alive or not. 

We also check to be sure the person has fully crossed over to the Light.

Under the direction of the Higher Self, the deceased person can receive an energy healing of their entire lifestream.

If the other healers are doing work in accordance with the client’s Higher Self, then the work of the SoulCleanse team will enhance it. They will all work together in unity. 

However, the other healer may be doing work that is against the wishes of the client’s Higher Self. As a result, the SoulCleanse team will do an energy healing to help correct any imbalances.

The SoulCleanse is an energy healing proces that will help clear and balance many blockages. As a result, this will give you more clarity to make better choices toward your goals.

However, you will still have to do your “inner work” and release any fears that keep you blocked. You will also need to uncover false beliefs and change non-beneficial behaviors.


There are a myriad of energies that can attach to a human. For example, self-generated thoughtforms that are based on fear, coping strategies and suppositions. Therefore, humans who do not maintain their auric shields often pick up the energies and emotions of others. Consequently, these will be released under the direction of the Higher Self.


When a human interacts with a person, place, animal, or physical object, an energetic cord is connected between the two. This is similar to an umbilical cord.

To clarify, the purpose of the cord is to allow an energetic flow to create the experience. These cords accumulate during one’s current lifetime, as well as other lifetimes. As a result, they can create dis-harmony. This results in phobias, false beliefs, addictions and dis-eases. Moreover, these cords block one’s conscious connection with their Higher Self, Spirit Guides and the Source of All.

During the SoulCleanse, all non-beneficial cords are cut. Then the roots are removed from both ends, healed and sealed.


A fragment of the soul may “come out of place” when a human experiences a traumatic event. This is a common coping mechanism as a response to abuse, injury, illness or surgery.

As a result, these fragments remain attached by an energetic thread. In addition, in cases of organ implants, a fragment of the giver may attach to the receiver.

Therefore, soul fragments from all lifetimes will be reset and melded back into place during the SoulCleanse.


Rips and holes in the aura are the result of low vibrational activities such as fear-based thoughts, emotions, actions and reactions. Further, these may be self-generated or received by others directing their imbalanced emotions towards you.

Unhealthy addictions, such as alcohol and drug abuse, also weaken the auric field and shield. Therefore, the aura will be cleared, mended and energized.


DNA strands relax when low vibrational energies are released. As a result, more light (photons) can be absorbed. This in turn allows the person to experience love on a grander scale.

There are innumerable types of entities that interfere with humans. These entities represent a wide level of consciousness. However, many do not realize they are doing harm. Below are the most common types.


Earthbounds are the souls (energy fields) of humans who have died. For various reasons, they did not follow the normal progression and cross over to the Light. As a result, they create much havoc when they attach to humans. Consequently, the thoughts, fears, beliefs and habits of the Earthbound intermingles with that of the host. Above all, this can lead to addictions, criminal activities, suicide, undesirable behaviors, attitudes and habits.

During the SoulCleanse, a safe passageway is created and the Earthbound souls are encouraged to go to the Light. In most cases, they are apologetic and leave immediately. They will receive energy healing when they reach the Light.

Dark Entities

Often referred to as demons, fallen angels, jinns, dark force entities, incubus, etc. These entities have never been in human form. They purposely target humans, causing chaos and the disruption of love. These often do not release during the SoulCleanse. However, we help the client empower themselves, which in turn, helps them to transcend to a higher frequency, which can then help keep one free from their influence.


There is a small faction of “other dimensional” races who adversely interfere with humans. This has been going on for eons of time. First, it is determined if the work of the ET’s is detrimental to the client or other humans. If so, they will be ordered to remove any equipment, implants and other such devices from all humans. In most cases, they will then be escorted away from the earth and not allowed to return. 

Nature Spirits

There are many types of Nature Spirits. The most common ones are fairies, gnomes, trolls, etc. Some are mischievous and may plan tricks on humans. Likewise, there are others who are angry at humans. They often harass their human targets.

The SoulCleanse team will consult with them. As a result, they often agree to stop their detrimental behavior. Similarly, an agreement may be negotiated where there is a dispute over “land rights” or the human’s disrespect for the property.

Energy Parasites

These low-conscious energy forms latch onto or penetrate the host’s energy field. Their aim is simply to exist rather than consciously cause disruption. They suck the energy from the host. As a result, this leads to tiredness, lethargy and a host of dis-eases. Similar to their physical counterpart, parasites appear in many shapes and sizes.

The largest danger associated with parasites is their ability to enter in mass numbers. Therefore, when the host’s auric field is weakened, it allows entrance for more insidious predators such as Dark Force Entities.

The demonic entities are given a choice of two options. They can choose to go to the “Light,” where they will go through an energy healing. Or they will be escorted to a place of Quarantine. Once in Quarantine, they will remain there until the human experience on earth has ended. However, at any time, they can choose to embrace their divinity and go to the “Light” and get back on their awakening path.

Likewise, Earthbounds have free will and may choose not to fully cross over.

Errant ETs will not be permitted to interfere with the client again. Likewise, this is also true for any members of their network.

The demonic entities that were released will not return.  However, there are many more who are ever-watchful for opportunities to harass others. Thus, it is important to take steps to keep from being vulnerable to them. 

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Yes, no matter if they originated in this lifetime or another. In addition, to the energy healing of the SoulCleanse, I will share information on how to keep this from happening again.

In the meantime, here is an article that I wrote on this topic.

Portals are energetic tunnel-like structures that allow interdimensional beings to travel between dimensions. Most commonly, portals found in homes are created by Dark Force entities who use them to travel back and forth to their “homeland.” Unfortunately, many other nefarious entities can use portals set up by other entities. House portals are commonly created in areas that are used less often. Attics, basements, under beds, in closets and reflective surfaces, such as mirrors, are common places to find portal openings.

Since the beginning of life on earth, there have been interdimensional scientists who also create and utilize portals to collect, store and retrieve data. Even though they may have the best of intentions (such as helping humans to evolve), they may knowingly or unknowingly cause stress for their human subjects. Many of these scientific networks are part of the original groups who co-created the various races on earth and have permission to do their important work.


Yes. It often takes the Team 2-3 weeks to fully clear and seal house and land portals. There are many factors to consider including, but not limited to, those listed below.

Beings on either end of the portal are given time to warn their crews and networks that the portal is in danger of being collapsed. Some of them have full laboratories and have been doing all kinds of scientific (good and bad) studies. All of this has to be dismantled, removed, etc. So, it can be quite complicated and take a few weeks to complete.

An important factor to consider before collapsing these portals, is to be sure there are no beings in transit who get stuck forever in “no man’s land.”

Some interdimensional travelers have been doing harmful things and need time to rectify what they’ve done. For example, if they’ve put implants in humans to monitor them, they need to remove those implants, etc.

All Beings have Free Will and may resist. Dark Force entities are given several chances to return to their homeland or to choose to walk their spiritual awakening path. When they get their “last call,” those who refuse are taken to Quarantine.

Another reason to wait to fully collapse and seal the portal is because it is best to release as many entities from the humans and their home. During the SoulCleanse sessions, several “Protection Angels” monitor both ends of the tunnels and the home so that more portals cannot be created and unnecessary travel is halted. Once the work is complete, the Protection Angels leave, so if there are still entities around, they may set up more portals. This is why it’s important for the inhabitants of the home to do their inner work so that no one is still attracting entities. 

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