Events: Celestial Cleanse

Celestial Gatherings

Once you register with your donation, set your intentions.

Before the Gathering begins, your Soul and Spirit Team will be “called in,”
combining our energies with each other and the Masters who assist us.

All work is accomplished remotely,
thus, you do not need to consciously “tune in” at the appointed time.

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Celestial Gatherings

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New Moon Celestial Gathering

August 30, 2019

11:11 pm EST

Events: Celestial Gatherings Starry Night


The New Moon is a time to for inner reflection.

Prepare yourself by visualizing
what you want to create in your life.

Set the intention to release any fears or blocks
that hold you back.

Unplug from people, places and media
that erode your inner peace.

For more information,
visit the Celestial Gatherings page.

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$5 – 20 USD

 Full Moon Celestial Gathering

September 13, 2019

11:11  pm EST

Events: Celestial Gathering Starry Night


The Full Moon is a time to shine your Light.

Let the world see your true Self!

Together, we can set our dreams into motion!

For more information,
visit the Celestial Gatherings page.

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$5 – 20 USD

Equinox Celestial Gathering

September 23, 2019

Sunrise: 6:23 am
(New York City, USA Time)

Events: Celestial Gatherings Starry Night


Let us unite and use the energy of the Equinox
to balance the energies within ourselves,
then radiate love and peace
to all life forms on earth and beyond !

For more information,
visit the Celestial Gatherings page.

Register with your donation below.

$5 – 20 USD

“After 3 weeks of not even being able to meditate, I was in agony about my work. After the SoulCleanse, I asked my guides to help me accelerate the process and I told them that I was prepared to take the next step. Soon after, I suddenly went into a meditative state and was given energy.  After 1-2 minutes,  I was with a plan on how to quit my job and build a new business that follows the path of spirituality. I started to write down when and how to start, how to do it and planned my next 7-8 months. I even started to draw some sketches for my web site and wrote all the text that will be in it. I am beyond excited. I feel blessed.”
C. G.,  Turkey

“I just want you to know my appreciation.  My mom has been coming on stronger, but I am holding my own.  My son is detoxing.  I am back to normal, and my husband is good.  Thank you for your help.”
K.M.,  Illinois

“Thank you very much for your help and the final report. These days of assistance have been a big challenge to me, as it was a roller coaster ride concerning my physical well-being. I am slowly getting better and undeniable is the feeling of a much greater state of inner peace.”    
H.W.,  Germany

“You did an amazing job. My energies feel awesome and inspired me to create a new spray. Thank you and the wonderful beings you work with for all you do :).”  
D.R.,  Texas

In a matter of months, I have seen my son go from a raging monster I didn’t recognize, to my loving and caring son. The son I knew as a young boy. He phones me regularly now. And, my heart doesn’t stop when his name and picture appear on my screen. I have my son back. I don’t give accolades to many. Reverend Theresa Crabtree is truly a loving vessel of God. I will always be grateful. She will always live in my heart and my prayers.
Ms. Clark,  Denver, Colorado

“Thank you soooooo much for this incredible service! I embrace you so close to me in gratitude and joy!  I will carefully study all the information you sent me to see what else I can/should do for me and for others. I know that when we change, people around us change too, and so does the planet, the Universe.”    
A.L.,  Portugal

“You’re so efficient. Your reports are very descriptive and extremely helpful. I am so much better. My mother is much happier. My sister is going off her antidepressants which she has been on for 20 years and has been happy this week!!! Yay”
D.C.,  Florida

“Dear Theresa, The SoulCleanse report was very thorough. Much gratitude. I am so thankful my higher self sent you to me. I feel that I am connecting with my higher self and guides more and more and deeper and deeper.”   
A.A.,  North Carolina

“After a year of being harassed, it was nice to be able to talk to someone who truly understands what I was going through. I have been free of all my night time visitors since. Great job Theresa!”   
T.G.,  Arizona

“I only received your email report this morning and already I can feel so much spaciousness opening up again, inside of me. It is like a little scared child coming out to play, after a long time of being afraid or running away from the pain. I now know where to put my attention for growth and unity with the creator. I feel a lot clearer now. Waves of happiness flow from me.”
J.R.,  United Kingdom

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