Freedom in Prison

Darris has entered his 12th year of incarceration on a 19 year sentence. He has made remarkable changes in his life through self-reflection. He has been journaling his growth for years and has become an inspiration for many in prison, as well as those outside the razor fences. Read more of his insights, along with the other nine inmates...


Q & A on several topics

Theresa Crabtree, creator of the SoulCleanse®, candidly answers questions on a variety of topics including: Reptileans under the White House The Importance of Meditation How to Connect to God and Higher Self Is Satan and Hell real? Releasing Earthbound Spirits Energy Vampires Dark Entities that go to the Light Free Will


Resurrected Mind

Keep Richard and other inmates who are awakening in your prayers. Tensions are tighter than usual in the prisons due to low staff and covid issues.


Daily Spiritual Practices Video

During this Zoom class, I off several practical ways to raise your vibration as you walk your Awakening Path. Most of the tools can easily be incorporated into your daily routine. At the bottom of my website, you will find a yellow box that has links to everything talked about during this class. On my YouTube channel, you can view the two meditations I talked about. Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel to be the first to know when new videos are…



"Needles" learned the lesson of "truthfulness" after being arrested for tax fraud. His seven years of incarceration, especially 92 days in solitary confinement, brought him to the doorway of "inner freedom," changing his life forever.


Move Beyond Separation

We are all One, individual aspects of the Creator. To move beyond the illusion of separation, allow others to freely be who they choose to be. Look beyond skin color, clothing, behavior and preferences and know we all come from the same Source. Until we do, there will be acts of war, hierarchies and increased separation. It is your choice individually and collectively. It takes honesty and integrity to change one’s self. Look around and pay close attention to what gives you pleasure and what…


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