Connecting with your I Am Presence

Connecting with your I Am Presence Celestial Gathering October 13, 2019 Message from the Masters Dear Ones, We are again en-light-ed to spend time consciously with you. If all humans were to turn “upwards” and reach for our assistance, heaven on earth could be attained in the “twinkling of an eye.” Thus, it is important to share your “good news” as you awaken, with others who are truly Seeking, as well. In the meantime, do all you can do to enhance your spiritual awareness. This…


Face Your Fear

Face your fear and switch your attitude and belief to a more positive desire in order to manifest higher vibrational experiences. When people have been hurt, they may live their life expecting this to occur again and then live according to that belief. Fear is one of the strongest emotions that humans possess. If you focus on fearful things, you are likely to manifest the things you fear.   The more passion you give to your intentions, the more likely you will make the change.…


Express Gratitude

Express gratitude each morning as you arise. Set aside a few moments to appreciate everything in your environment. Relax and release the tension in your body. Thank God / Creator for your opportunity to walk the Earth in physical form. Send waves of gratitude to the multitude of Spirit Guides who support and assist you. Acknowledge your body, paying attention to its needs. Increase your well-being and the circuitry that allows you access to All. In every moment, see yourself as whole and complete. Your…


Sexual Dysfunction

Release any guilt and shame for sexual conduct that you are presently or have previously indulged in. Look deeply at the activity that you have negative thoughts towards. Is this as an issue from the past? Then forgive yourself. If there is a need to apologize to another for something you have done, then do so. If it is not appropriate to forgive or apologize in person, then visualize yourself forgiving or apologizing to that person until you feel the energy leave you. Holding on…


Unconditionally Love: 10 Tips

Are you ready to unconditionally love yourself and others? Here are some starter points. 1. Tell yourself often you are perfect and pure. 2. Stop any thoughts you have that condemn yourself. Choose instead to visualize how you will change your future behaviors and rectify past behaviors. 3. Step out of your box and dare to eat, speak, dress, walk, play, rest, dance and sing in manners that are fitting of the truth you wish to proclaim. 4. Be kind to yourself and all others.…


Smile Awhile

When you go out today, smile and nod a greeting to everyone you meet, making brief eye contact when appropriate. If you will not be going outside today, send smiles and love telepathically to the people you find yourself thinking about, especially anyone you are having problems with. Consider taking a few moments to go through your address book and send a brief smile and Heart Connection to twenty people. This is a great exercise to do when sitting in traffic, waiting in line or…


10 Principles to Live By

10 Principles to Live By 1. Daily take time for meditation, whether you choose to seek ways to improve yourself or simply as a way to relax. Spend less time running around doing mundane things that suck your energy. 2. Be kind to yourself and all living Beings on Earth, for this will bring great joy as you begin to harmonize closer with each other. 3. Spend moments in gratitude until this becomes your fulltime attitude. Gratitude is of a very high frequency and will…


You Are a Living Library

You are a living library. Picture yourself as a hologram of original Source, completely one with All. Know that you are not separated from Source; you are temporarily playing a part in a role your Higher Self has chosen. Your role on Earth is important for all of creation, for it allows all to experience everything through you. Anything that has occurred can be accessed through the Akashic Records. As your body logs information during your daily walk, it is downloaded into the Records. Thus,…


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