Lunch is on me

I was sitting on my patio reading when a flying ant landed on my shirt. When I looked at it a few moments later, a spider had jumped up and was sucking its life blood. I now have a whole different perspective on the saying, "lunch is on me." Share your fav nature story or meme below!  


Daily Cleansing

DAILY CLEANSING There is much work to be done and many are floundering, not knowing where to place their time and energy. There is much unrest due to the remolding of all infrastructures. Many changes are occurring rapidly on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions. Some are feeling uneasy and full of anxiety and despair. Much of this is due to unconscious chatter on the energy grids as well as whispers from your Higher Self and Spirit Guides. It is good every morning to…


Care for Kids!

Today is our reminder to be a great role for the children in our lives and community! Share your story about amazing service organizations, volunteers or children in the comments below! Here are some ways you can support today or any day! Donate to your favorite children’s charity. Volunteer with a children’s service organization. Make an in-kind donation. This can be a service, supplies or other needs a charity requires.    


Cleanup Day!

Walking in nature is so healing! I usually take garbage bags and pick up litter on the way. In fact, I often find bags on my walks! It is also important to do an inner Cleanup, too! Have an awesome weekend!    



We are creators at our very core. Whenever you feel down, get those creative juices flowing! How are you using your creativity today? Share below!  


Panic Attacks

What strategies would you offer someone who is having a panic attack? (Assuming you're certain it's not a heart attack!) Share below!    

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Message from the Masters: August 30, 2023

Blue Moon Celestial Gathering Message from the Masters August 30, 2023 Blessings Dear Ones, We are honored to be in communion in this here and now. As always, we are blessed when we can be of service to you. We know how demanding life on earth can be as a human at this juncture in time. Thus, we welcome you to call on us when you are in despair or simply needing an astral hug. We cannot honor all your prayer requests, for they are…


Daily Spiritual Practices

My day goes better when I actually do these things! You can find them and other empowering ideas at the bottom of my website. Hope they help you along your Life Path!


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