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Awakening to Mastery

When a human is awakening to mastery, following the path of the lightworker and striving for unity through unconditional love, all things are available. There have been many Masters who have walked the Earth in human form. These Beings were able to do amazing things: heal the sick, resurrect the dead, teleport, manifest objects from thin air and much more. Within you is the ability to be a Master. It is through facing your fears and learning to love all Beings unconditionally that your gifts…


August 3, 2020

Message from the Masters Full Moon Celestial Gathering August 3, 2020   Dear Ones, As we gather together each time, much more Light and Divine Love is being poured upon you and spread out globally, and beyond. As each of our Teams gather together in unity, the energy we send out is more harmonious. From our perspective all is perfect and we all are One. However, from your limited viewpoint, there appears to be a much different way of Being. This is why it is…


Abundant Life

As long as you feel yourself unworthy of receiving an abundance of gifts, you will be blocked from having all you desire. Look back on your life and find the blocks that keep you from realizing the powerful and wonderful person that you are. ~ Mayan Messages


Dare to Dream

Take time daily to silence your outer world and dare to dream your life into being. ~ Mayan Messages


Be Sylly!

Take time to be sylly! You have worked hard and often take your Path very seriously. Sometimes, it is good to relax, rest and simply be in joy. Today, every time you pass a mirror, be silly. This also includes reflective surfaces such as windows and cars. Make a silly face, smile from ear to ear, laugh, sing, whatever helps to get you out of serious mode. You may be self-conscious about what others will think. Work through it, invite them to join you, tell…


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