Message from the Masters: November 23, 2022

Message from the Masters Celestial Gathering November 23, 2022 Greetings Dear Ones, Since the majority of you reside in the United States and this being the weekend focused on “thanks giving,” we would like to bring the attention of this message to one of gratitude. Anytime that you feel low and off balance, focus onto something that you are grateful for. As that thought comes into your mind, take a few moments to deeply inhale and exhale and FEEL gratitude. You will instantly uplift yourself.…


Gotta love validation!

I usually don’t watch TV or follow the books and videos of others. I always like to have my experiences first and then ask to have them validated. That way it feels more “pure” to me. This week, while doing a tedious but “no brainer” task, I asked to be Guided to some videos I could listen to while I worked. I was Guided to go to and listen to the investigative journalist, Linda Moulton Howe’s series “Truth Hunter.” I am new to her…


Message from the Masters

Message from the Masters Full Moon Celestial Gathering November 8, 2022 Greetings Dear Ones, As incidents of war and terrorism continue to rise, it is more imperative for you to remain calm and focus on remaining peaceful within in order to do your work. Whether your work is to reach many or just your close circle, it is important for you to be the one who remains steadfast. For those of you whose intent is to ascend at the end of this incarnation, you hold…


Message from the Masters Oct 9, 2022

Message from the Masters Full Moon Celestial Gathering October 9, 2022   Dear Ones, We are happy again to commune with you. It is our greatest joy when you call upon us for assistance or simply to stop by for a dose of Divine Love. What is your greatest concern this day? We invite you to sit quietly and focus on this concern. Yes, right now. Why tarry? As you explore this concern, ask yourself a few questions. This could be a question such as,…


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