Message from the Masters 111219

Connecting with your Higher Self Greetings Dear Ones, Once again, we are happy to experience conscious communion with you. There is so much that we can offer every human in terms of their awakening. However, our hands are tied unless we are asked to assist. This is due to the Law of Universal Interference. We are unable to interfere with any sentient being’s awakening or any other matter unless one in embodiment requests our service. Thus, gatherings such as this are of utmost importance. Within…


We are One

We are One! All humans come from the same Source and will return to the same Source at the appointed time. We are made from the same organic materials. We are all brothers and sisters choosing to experience life in a physical setting. Many are spiritually awakening and feeling the urge to do something more. Others who are already awakened are feeling a push to get on with the work they came here to do. Some are feeling cornered and are making their last stand…


Share With No Expectations

When you share with no expectations, then you are sharing from your heart. Many times people think they are sharing without expectations, yet there comes a time when they feel that the other person should be reciprocating or expressing some type of gratitude. Sharing from the heart holds no expectation of ever being appreciated or acknowledged. Practice sharing without expectation. Throughout the day, say “thank you” to others who have done things you have appreciated. Do not expect any type of compliment in return. Do…


Love Exchange

We exchange love by giving and receiving. There are many facets of love such as compassion, kindness, respect and gratitude. When you send someone loving thoughts, they receive them in an instant. They may suddenly feel a warm rush of energy and not know why. Although it may be difficult to love those who trespass against you, these are your greatest teachers, for when you can love them, it becomes much easier to love yourself and others. Choose one person that is difficult for you…


Greet Everyone

Greet everyone with a smile and a dose of love from your heart to theirs. A simple nod or smile can make a positive difference in a person’s day and perhaps change the course of someone's life. Release all judgment toward others. Focus on the knowledge that every person you meet is created by the same Source that created you. See everyone as equal, an extension of you. Whenever it is appropriate, tell the people you interact with that you appreciate them. As a result…


S.T.A.R.T. Creating Miracles

Start creating miracles today! When you set a clear intention and invoke your Soul and Spirit Guides to co-create with you, miracles happen. Passion is a great motivator and gets their attention, telling them you are serious about this intention. Here’s how to S.T.A.R.T. State clear intentions. Trust your intuition, gut feelings and synchronicities. Ask that the request be for your highest good and for the highest good for all concerned, gracefully. Remove fears and beliefs that block the request. Take necessary actions to make…

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Doors of Opportunity

Doors of opportunity are always available, waiting for you to open them. When you make a clear intention for something that you desire, such as a job that pays well and is more inspiring, take steps to make this goal a reality. Expect synchronicities, follow leads and check into various opportunities. Pay attention to your intuition and gut feelings, decide if these opportunities are truly what you want. Do not settle for anything less. Create situations that will make things happen; choose doors that best…


Walk in Nature

Today, take time to walk in Nature to revitalize yourself. Walk in the early morning to set the energy for the day, allowing yourself to be more relaxed and in joy. Greet the morning sun. Go to bed earlier in the evening. There is nothing more refreshing than to enjoy a place of peace as the sun rises and sets. While you walk in nature, breathe in and out deeply, focusing on the way you would like to behave this day. If there is someone…


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