Ingrained Habits: Video By taking time to reflect on your beliefs, you may find yourself astonished at what you discover. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel!


Lighten Your Load

Lighten your load by releasing low-density thoughts such as hate and revenge vibrate at a slower speed. This slow speed allows it to interact more with physical matter. In this way, diseases are born. Higher frequency vibrations such as gratitude and compassion run through the body, sending sparklets of light and love as it flows through. When you exchange lower thoughtforms with those of higher frequencies, such as love and peace, you begin lightening your load. As you make higher vibrational choices, you will draw…


Solstice and New Moon Celestial Gathering!

Consider joining us for these important personal and global cleanses. We need the help of you and your Spirit Team more than ever! Click here for info on my newest book, Universal Truth! Click below to read the full newsletter I hope to see you on the Solstice in the ethers! Have a blessed week! Theresa Crabtree


Breaking Belief Codes: Video The Inner Child Healing meditation is an excellent method to discover immature beliefs that are blocking you from your full potential. Read it online or download it at:


Release Tension

Release tension by practicing this simple exercise throughout the day, to monitor where you are emotionally. Stop all you are doing, take a few breaths, then notice how you are feeling. Is there tension or calmness? Are you feeling antsy or at peace? Are you afraid or confident? Whenever you notice you are feeling tense, take a few long, slow and deep breaths allowing your muscles to relax. By making this a habit, eventually you will find yourself more peaceful and centered, no matter what…


Judgment Day

There is no Judgment Day in which God will choose some to go to heaven and others to be banished to hell. Hell is your daily experience of the results of your fear, false beliefs and non-beneficial actions. None will be lost; all will return to Source. You are an Ambassador, an aspect of your Higher Self. Can you imagine a Creator who purposely creates a magnificent Being like you, just to destroy it? Face your fears and go within to discover old beliefs that…


Message from the Masters 060520

Message from the Masters Full Moon Celestial Gathering June 5, 2020   Greetings Dear Ones, We are once again honored to be a part of your awakening process, for we can only assist when you ask us to intercede for you. These gatherings gain power, for each time, not only are you present and those in the Spirit Realm who work with you, but the message has gone out for others across the cosmos to come and assist as well. The amount of healing that…


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