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Peace begins within. Once we attain inner peace, then we have more clarity. With clarity comes the ability to make better life choices.


Message from the Masters April 19, 2023

Message from the Masters New Moon Celestial Gathering April 19, 2023 Greetings Dear Ones, It is with the Light and outpouring of Love that we come before you at this time. No matter when you read this message, you will receive these gifts from us. For time is of no essence, nor either is the space that is perceived to be between us. We are as one mind, from your Higher perspective. Know that your time on earth is as of the blinking of an…



NEED HELP DEALING WITH A NARCISSISTIC PERSON? Although Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) is rare, millions of people have many of the traits of NPD. In fact, nearly everyone exhibits narcissistic traits at some time or other. If you’ve seen a toddler throw a tantrum over something trivial, you know what I mean. Many people don’t outgrow those tantrums. We find them in our families, personal relationships, in the workplace, where we shop, you name it, there’s someone who hasn’t matured and is stuck on stupid.…


Dare to Dream!

Take time daily to silence your outer world and dare to dream your life into being. What will you dream into reality today!    


Black Magic and Spells

WHAT IS BLACK MAGIC AND SPELLS? Black Magic and Spells are simply strong intentions that people send out to others. The most powerful ones are those in which the sender consciously calls in other dark minded people or other dimensional beings to send a strong, specific intention. However, how much this influx of dark energies affects the targeted person depends on that person’s energy field. If the targeted person is naturally vibing high, with a good foundation of self-love, love for others and connected to…


Inner Child Healing

So many of our beliefs were created in early childhood. They become the foundation of how we act and react throughout our lifetime. Sometimes it is good to go within and look for beliefs that no longer serve us. But, where to start? Any part of your life that is off balance is a good place to begin. Also note your reactions to people, places and events that knock you off balance. These are sure signs that something is ready to be released. This is…


Message from the Masters: April 5, 2023

Message from the Masters Full Moon Celestial Gathering April 5, 2023 Greetings Dear Ones, It is our honor and privilege to once again unite with you. Although it would be best to meet in person, we know that time constraints on each of you make this fairly difficult. However, what is “time” but a human construct to help keep things in order and to make it easier to meet at an appointed time? Yet, we wish to remind you that in our realm, “time” as…



DO YOU FEEL DISCONNECTED, LIKE YOU DON'T BELONG ON EARTH? Many of my clients share that they feel disconnected. I feel it myself at times. However, after meeting my star brothers the first time, they reminded me that I had signed up for "Earth duty." They told me to stop whining and focus on my work. Just what I needed, "tough love" ETs! Yet, it was a humbling moment that helps me get through the rough times. It is difficult being on Earth but when…

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