Higher Self

The ability to go inside and to connect with your Higher Self is within your grasp. It is your intuition, that inner knowing, that is your connection. Pay attention to this “knowingness,” for it is your key to fine-tuning your connection. ~ Theresa Crabtree, Universal Truth https://www.theresacrabtree.com/universal-truth/  


Release Meditation

Release your worries of the day. In your inner mind, visualize yourself at the seashore. Feel yourself laying comfortably on a blanket with the sun warm on your skin. Taste the light salty breeze. Hear the waves gently lapping on the shore with the seagulls in the distance. What problems and issues are weighing on your mind and that you are ready to release? Bring them up, one by one and lay them onto the barge, docked at the water’s edge. Then watch as the…


Clutter Control Video

If clutter is a problem for you or a friend... download my free eBook "Klutter Kontrol!" https://www.theresacrabtree.com/feng-shui/ https://youtu.be/7BYngeLRJ0s  



At-One-Ment Message from the Masters New Moon Celestial Gathering August 18, 2020   Greetings Dear Ones, We are again happy to be at-one-ment with you during this gathering and unification of our energies. There is much chaos in your realm at this time and we know that many of you are on the edge of despair. Yet, know that this year of 20/20 “perfect sight” is what many of you have co-created and that is exactly what is happening. Even the masses around you are…

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