Message from the Masters: Equinox Celestial Gathering March 20, 2021

Photo of Equinox sunrise from my new home.  Message from the Masters Equinox Celestial Gathering March 20, 2021 Greetings Dear Ones, We again are pleased to have this time to consciously connect with you. We know that many of you wish to communicate more clearly with us. Know that we do hear your pleas, expressions of gratitude and your desire to be more in communion with us. The best practice to make this union deeper is first, belief. You must believe you are worthy. Know…


Message from the Masters: March 12, 2021

Are you having a hard time connecting deeply with your “Higher Self,” personal Spirit Team and the Masters? Then read on... Message from the Masters New Moon Celestial Gathering March 12, 2021   Greetings Dear Ones,   It has come to our attention that many of you are having a hard time connecting deeply with your “Higher Self,” your personal Spirit Team and with the Masters. Know that each of you will receive messages in varying ways.   Your Higher Self created you out of…

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Newsletter: March 5, 2020

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10 Unconditionally Love Tips

Are you ready to unconditionally love yourself and others? Here are some starter points. Tell yourself often you are perfect and pure. Stop any thoughts you have that condemn yourself. Choose instead to visualize how you will change your future behaviors and rectify past behaviors. Step out of your box and dare to eat, speak, dress, walk, play, rest, dance and sing in manners that are fitting of the truth you wish to proclaim. Be kind to yourself and all others. Smile at everyone and…


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