Solstice Message from the Masters

Message from the Masters Solstice Celestial Gathering December 21, 2020 Greetings Dear Ones, We are happy once again to commune with you in this group setting. The amount of upliftment that occurs when groups such as this form together for a united purpose is immeasurable. The intention set for this gathering was to join the “fires” of all other like-minded groups that have also gathered to welcome in the new season. The date of December 21, 2020 has no meaning from our viewpoint. The alignment…


Message from the Masters 121420

Message from the Masters December 14, 2020 Celestial Gathering Greetings Dear Ones, We again wish to thank for choosing to join with us during these important personal and global Celestial Gatherings. Right now, on earth, the gathering of Light-minded humans is essential in order to help “rise up” the whole. One’s personal ascension is a momentous occasion, for not only does it bring up the one, it also helps to raise the energy of the One. We are all intertwined as one huge energy field.…


Every Day is a Gift

Every Day is a Gift Message from the Masters 113020 Celestial Gathering Greetings Dear Ones, We have the utmost respect and Love for each of you as you awaken and move out of your “comfort zone.” We recognize that life is similar to a battleground, whichever way you look, on Earth at this time. Your trials and tribulations in many ways are much more difficult than when we walked the land. However, on the other hand, you have many more “creature comforts” and assistance available…


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