An inmate’s thoughts about “Living in the Moment”

Joe is serving his 37th year on a 72 year sentence in a Pennsylvania prison for crimes he committed during a weekend full of bad choices / moments when he was 19 years old. He is ever grateful that no one was killed during this crime spree. Here are some of Joe's current insights on "Living in the Moment." "In the past, if something happened at any point during the day to anger, hurt or upset me, it most often ruined the whole day. I…



Meet Marshal... After four years of extensive training, at the age of 16, Marshal was accepted under Cherokee Tribal status as a Holy Man. In the book, Marshal states, "Being incarcerated changed my life. Eventually, I realized what I had been missing. Family and friends had been there for me, but I did not see them. I had taken everything and everyone for granted, until I lost them." Falsely accused, he is serving his 25th year in prison on a 50 year sentence. Since 2002,…


Inmate Testimonial

It is heart warming for me to receive letters of appreciation from Seeking inmates who are blessed by the books I have written and donated to them. Moreso, there is a growing excitement for Enlightenment Behind Bars which is a series of spiritual lessons written by inmates that I have befriended. This book is an inspiration for all Seekers and especially for those behind bars who are struggling to awaken while living in the “Belly of the Beast.” It has the factor, “If I can…


Embrace Your Differences

Once you remember who you are as a powerful spiritual being, it becomes easier to embrace your differences with others. Competition, material possessions and kudos from others loses its importance. When you have fully gained peace and inner balance, you will begin to enjoy every moment of your life. You will feel equally balanced whether someone is yelling in your face or giving you a heart connected hug. You will know who you are and can appreciate the opportunity of each experience on Earth. Whenever…


Jamie V: Inmate’s Letter of Appreciation

I recently received this note from JAMIE V. who is incarcerated in a Florida Prison. "Dear Reverend Crabtree, I have recently finished Enlightenment Behind Bars and WOW! It really blew my mind. So amazing. Sometimes I feel so alone on my search for truth and awareness and it was so amazing to hear so much positivity and enlightenment from other inmates. I also read Mayan Messages daily and it has opened my eyes to a lot of new ways of thinking and perceiving. I would…


Pray and Release

The future is being created by the beliefs and choices you are making in the current moment. Thus, state your intentions for what you wish to experience, then let it go and know that you have a myriad of Heavenly Helpers who are setting everything into motion. Holding a firm thought of what you want makes their job easier. It is the wavering that creates problems. This is because you and they get the momentum going in one direction. Then if you change your mind,…


Q&A Session after the Celestial Gathering on Dec 3, 2021 During this Q&A session, we touched on topics including: Near Death Experiences Calling on Angels for Help False Prophets and Shamans on Social Media Receiving Downloads from Spirit The SoulCleanse Team Consider joining us for a future Celestial Gatherings and the lively Q&A that follows! For more information and to register, please visit: We meet LIVE via Zoom or enjoy the blessings at your convenience through the recording. Join us for this important work of personal and planetary healing and alignment!  



"Needles" learned the lesson of "truthfulness" after being arrested for tax fraud. His seven years of incarceration, especially 92 days in solitary confinement, brought him to the doorway of "inner freedom," changing his life forever.


Move Beyond Separation

We are all One, individual aspects of the Creator. To move beyond the illusion of separation, allow others to freely be who they choose to be. Look beyond skin color, clothing, behavior and preferences and know we all come from the same Source. Until we do, there will be acts of war, hierarchies and increased separation. It is your choice individually and collectively. It takes honesty and integrity to change one’s self. Look around and pay close attention to what gives you pleasure and what…


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