Have you ever been visited by a loved one after their death? I'd love to hear your experience, if you wish to share it here.  



NEED HELP DEALING WITH A NARCISSISTIC PERSON? Although Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) is rare, millions of people have many of the traits of NPD. In fact, nearly everyone exhibits narcissistic traits at some time or other. If you’ve seen a toddler throw a tantrum over something trivial, you know what I mean. Many people don’t outgrow those tantrums. We find them in our families, personal relationships, in the workplace, where we shop, you name it, there’s someone who hasn’t matured and is stuck on stupid.…


Inner Child Healing

So many of our beliefs were created in early childhood. They become the foundation of how we act and react throughout our lifetime. Sometimes it is good to go within and look for beliefs that no longer serve us. But, where to start? Any part of your life that is off balance is a good place to begin. Also note your reactions to people, places and events that knock you off balance. These are sure signs that something is ready to be released. This is…



DO YOU FEEL DISCONNECTED, LIKE YOU DON'T BELONG ON EARTH? Many of my clients share that they feel disconnected. I feel it myself at times. However, after meeting my star brothers the first time, they reminded me that I had signed up for "Earth duty." They told me to stop whining and focus on my work. Just what I needed, "tough love" ETs! Yet, it was a humbling moment that helps me get through the rough times. It is difficult being on Earth but when…

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I have found that the main times I am depressed is because I'm pushing myself harder than I need to. In those cases, a nap or going to bed early has often helped me with a "reset" button. Then I start the day anew by relaxing the expectations I place on myself or allow others to place on me. If you would like to help uplift others who have bouts of depression, share some of the ways you have dealt with it in your life.…


Have you had this kind of experience?

Decades ago, I was the housecleaner for a Russian family. Months prior, they had purchased two Siamese kittens. Likely they were taken from their mother too soon because they were very needy. I wasn't fond of them, especially the one who would jump on my back and start kneading with her claws while I tried to wash the bathtub! One day, while the family was on vacation, I took a friend with me while I fed the cats and changed the litter boxes. I had…


Bad Habit and Addiction Support

Hi everyone! There are so many people who are having difficult breaking a bad habit or getting over an addiction. I invite you to support others by sharing ways that you have broken a habit or beaten an addiction. Enter your suggestions in the comment box below. Theresa


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