Self Love

Self love is a challenge for most people. However, there is nothing more important on Earth than to become aware of your Spiritual Essence. Once you have enlightened your Self, your ability to love from a pure heart will exponentially increase. Become aware of who you truly are.  Work through fears and beliefs that keep you from allowing love of Self and love from Source to flow through you. As you master this, the ability to be a role model for others will exponentially increase.…


Power of Intention

The power of intention can radically change your life! Through the energy field of infinite possibilities, you have at your fingertips the ability to create whatever you wish to experience. The simple rule of manifestation is to focus your attention on what you want. Do not let your mind dwell on things you do not wish to experience. As unwanted thoughts creep in, redirect them to things you desire. Practice makes perfect, yet unbeknownst to you, you already are perfect. As an ambassador of your…


Changing Patterns

Changing patterns can be life-changing. You may encounter situations that feel uncomfortable because they are new. These situations may bring up a past time when you were presented with a similar situation that you handled poorly. What often occurs is that you are presented with a similar situation repeatedly until you work through it. Although the scenario may not be exactly the same, the basic premise is similar. Repeated patterns are usually a sign that an unresolved issue is ready to be healed. Love of…


Morning Reflections

Every morning, communicate with your Higher Self and Spirit Guides. Invoke Archangel Micha-el and your favorite Masters to energize a shield of protection around you. Ask your Higher Self if there are any priorities for you to attend to this day. Request that messages from your Guides come clearly and in ways that allow you to know they are from them. Ask that the reminders to stay on your Path be graceful. Practice tuning in for guidance each moment of the day. Ask your body…


Hide and Seek

Here’s a simple meditation called “Hide and Seek.” Close your eyes and count slowly to one hundred, paying attention to each full inbreath and outbreath. Now, open your eyes and notice how relaxed you feel. Seek joy all throughout the day! © 2020  Theresa Crabtree. All Rights Reserved. Permission is granted to share this post when you include this copyright statement.


T.H.I.N.K. Before You Speak

T.H.I.N.K. before you speak to be a more effective communicator. Much emphasis is placed on words which results in misunderstandings caused by judgmental behaviors. Little notice is given to body language or unspoken words. This is more pronounced when communicating through electronic devices. Before you speak, ask yourself: T: Is it the right Time? H: Is it Honest? I: Is it about “I, I, I” (your ego)? N: Is it Necessary? K: Is it Kind? Practice using these filters before you speak. As you master…


Heavenly Helpers

Heavenly Helpers are always present to assist when called upon. Your positive attitude, coupled with a belief that there is good in all things, will assist you in overcoming any situation. Once you connect with your Higher Self and learn to ask directly for guidance in all situations, your life will become magical. Ask for guidance within the parameter, “for my highest good and the highest good of all concerned." Then watch for the magic to begin. Many times, prayers go unanswered or so it…


Fine Tune

It is important to fine tune your frequency to match the Earth. As the frequency of the Earth rises, it affects every living and inanimate object on the surface and within. If these things do not match her frequency, they will lose their connection. In order to keep your connection with Earth during this time of transition, you will need to raise your vibrational frequency. The quickest, easiest and most effective way to raise your frequency is through deep experiences of love, peace and gratitude.…

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Life after Death

There is life after death. In the vast majority of cases, their healing process begins at the moment of death. Many choose to stay around until after their funeral before heading “home.” They may have an interest in the life they left behind and return to witness your growth and experiences. They often show up for family milestones such as births, weddings, and graduations. Whenever you sense a deceased loved one is near, you have a vivid dream or smell their scent, these are common…

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Team Work

Team Work with other Realms. My passion in life is two-fold, first to help humans connect with their inner Selves, that space where they can find peace every moment, no matter what circumstances in which they find themselves. Secondly, I enjoy helping others communicate more deeply with Nature Spirits. Although many humans know of the existence of Beings in other Realms, most take them for granted. However, the vast majority of humans do not believe or know of the existence of Nature Spirits. Yet, I…


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