Purify Water with Prayer

In 2002, when I was living on the Navajo Reservation, my host, Daniel Staley, talked about the rugged lifestyle his ancestors incurred. Drinking water was dependent on rainfall, which could be scant in this remote desert region surrounding Canyon de Chelly. He showed me how his grandparents taught him to brush away the debris in a mud puddle. Then how to pray over the water to purify it. He said no matter how dirty the water was, they never got sick from it. Several months…


Spreading Peace

We need to focus on inner peace and expanding it outward, now more than ever! That is a main feature of the Celestial Gatherings. Consider joining us... it's remote, just set your intentions. The power of group intention has been well documented! For more info, visit: https://www.theresacrabtree.com/events/ One person CAN make a difference! Be that person! Have a blessed week! Theresa


Two Important Healing Books

Heal Your Body book and Messages from the Body “Heal Your Body” by Louise Hay was an eye-opener for me. This book was my introduction to recognizing the impact I have on my body as a result of my thoughts, fears and beliefs. When I looked up various symptoms and the probable root cause, I could see a direct correlation, not only in myself, but how others were impacting their bodies, as well. Years later, when I began the SoulCleanse work, I realized the importance…


10 Communication Tips

10 Communication Tips Obtain the attention of the person to whom you wish to speak. Ask if this is an appropriate time to have a conversation. If appropriate, give an approximate length of time you expect to converse. When you are in conversation with another, give them your full attention. Avoid performing other activities, including doodling, while others speak. Stay focused on one topic to avoid confusion. When appropriate, repeat what the speaker is saying in order to gain clarity. This may seem tedious, but…


Message from the Masters: January 11, 2024

New Moon Celestial Gathering Message from the Masters January 11, 2024 Greetings Dear Ones, Here you are, the beginning of a new cycle around the Gregorian calendar. We encourage you to closely review your main thoughts, words and actions of the past ten days. What uplifted you? What brought you closer to joy? What brought you closer to inner peace? What knocked you off balance? When one reviews like this each day, you will quickly find patterns that bring you closer to upliftment or closer…


Near Death Experience

NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE Before incarnation, you are given possible exit points that are determined by your Higher Self. Exit points are times when you subconsciously choose to die. These exit points come at times when it is likely you have attained the experiences or reasons you came to Earth. Sometimes, your Higher Self sets up scenarios in which you nearly die as a way to get you back on track. Due to the state of amnesia when you enter this Realm, you may take longer…

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Social Masks

SOCIAL MASKS When I was around 25, I received a beautiful Christmas card from a neighbor that I hadn’t seen since I graduated high school. She had received my card and responded to my annual Christmas letter. She was so happy for me, stating that I had the “All American Dream” life: A hard-working husband of the same Christian faith. Two healthy children: a boy, then a girl, two years apart, both doing well academically. A home in Florida with a swimming pool. I could…


The Little Soul and the Sun

The Little Soul and the Sun by Neale Donald Walsch I absolutely love this book. It is a parable from the “Conversations with God” book series. When I first read the parable, I felt it was the most clearly stated explanation of why there are difficulties in life and more importantly, the choices made before incarnation. Using a simple story line, it clearly explains the purpose of duality. Although it is marketed as a children’s parable, I found it to be quite profound, just like…


Message from the Masters: Dec 12, 2023

Message from the Masters New Moon Celestial Gathering December 12, 2023 Greetings Dear Ones, Know that we love you beyond measure. We understand there is much strife on the earth plane at this time. We encourage you to do the best you can to keep it out of your personal place of peace. If you are in a home environment where others disrupt your peace, consider finding a more suitable home for yourself. If this is not possible, create a private space where you can…


The Celestine Prophecy

Decades ago, this book mysteriously appeared on my bookshelf. I was hosting a potluck luncheon after church when someone spotted it. A conversation ensued about how this was the work of the devil. Being a dutiful Christian, in the trash it went. After I walked away from the church, this book kept haunting me. What was in it that the Christians didn’t want revealed? Being a dutiful Seeker, I not only read it, but all of the other “Insight” books in the series as they…


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