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Open the Door!


There is no grander adventure than to be fully aware of your spiritual nature while residing in human form. Each belief you change and each fear you overcome unlocks another series of doors to explore. There is no stopping your ability to change anything in your life at any time. Open each door, peak inside and enter those that interest you. If you open a door that does not interest you, simply close it and continue to the next.

As you learn to say “no, thank you” to the requests of others and begin to say, “Yes, I want that!” more often, your life will blossom and the ability to express your passion will bloom. You will find that you have more time, money and energy when you set aside the things you did to impress others or to fulfill other’s expectations.

Stress ages the body and takes the fun out of living. Sleep when you are tired. Eat when you are hungry. Play when you feel the urge. When your body is refreshed and your mind is clear, you have the ability to be more creative. It is optimal to set clear intentions for the things you wish to manifest and experience in life. Today, begin clearing the things that take time and energy away from what you truly desire.

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