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Celestial Gathering Banner with Night Sky Background

Are you looking for a way to be of service to mankind and Gaia from the comfort of your own home?

We need your help during the Celestial Gatherings!

Celestial Gatherings are remote
group healing sessions. 

Every New Moon, Full Moon,
Equinox and Solstice.

Spirit Beings standing around sick person to represent Celestial Gathering

When we gather together
with a focused intention our prayers become exponentially more powerful.

During the first half of the Celestial Gathering,
you will experience the following blessings.

Energetic Balance
DNA Enhancement
Auric Shield Repair
Chakra Alignment and Attunement
Clearing of Accumulated Thought Forms

Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Cleansing
Energetic Cleansing of Home, Automobiles and Pets
Non-beneficial cords from this life will be
cut, healed and sealed.

In addition, The SoulCleanse Team and Ascended Masters
will shower you with their love, gratitude and healing energies.


After the personal cleansing portion,
we are joined by a myriad of “Heavenly Helpers.”

Then, all of us merge our energies, spreading over the entire surface of the globe,
sending healing to all that are willing to receive our gifts.

During the meditation, we will receive messages
from several Masters from the SoulCleanse Team.

Soon after the Celestial Gathering,
all registrants will receive a recording of the meditation. 

Do you feel like there is more
you can be doing spiritually?

The Celestial Gathering is one activity
that can fill that desire easily and effortlessly. 

A week before each Celestial Gathering,
I send out an invitation to those who have signed up to receive my newsletter.

If you are wanting a deeper, personalized experience,
sign up for a SoulCleanse® today!

L.T.,  United States

“Thank you so much for completing the SoulCleanse for me. I found the report super interesting and glad not too much was going on with me. I love all additional info you sent on how to help the Chakras stay open and functioning fully! Also, that you cleared my home and the surrounded area up to 5 miles. I think that is practically the whole town I live in give or take!”
L.T.,  United States

JS in FL

“Theresa, thank you so much for your gifts! I have had very interesting dreams the last two nights. I am definitely in an intense transformation phase.”    
J.S.,  Florida

A.C.,  California

“There has been a great difference in my surroundings, I can feel the effects of the soul cleansing and its outreaching.  Amazing, I knew you were working! My neighbor above me has really calmed down!  Thank You!  I had not been able to get a good night sleep because she would be up all night. Feeling alive and renewed, I am so very thankful to you Theresa for the light that you bring into the lives of so many, you are the torch bearer!”
A.C.,  California

KC in OR

“Literally, I feel like I have switched frequencies! Thank you so much for the cleansing!”
K.C.,  Oregon

HN Sweden

“This neighborhood was infested with dark spirits for years. There were serious issues between neighbors and a mysterious group meeting in the basement. After several Cleanses, the most troublesome neighbors moved out. Yesterday, I saw 2 neighbors hugging. I haven´t seen that in 8 years! I haven´t seen any more dark shadow/spirits.”
H.N., Sweden

SS in Canda

“I am feeling so much better and have seen a difference in my thought processes. A situation came up yesterday and instead of stewing over it, I stepped into my power and confronted it with love and compassion. I have noticed a great shift in my thought processes. There has been no sign of entities since the Cleanse.”
S.S., Canada

KC in England

“Since the SoulCleanse, my senses are more acute, sensitive to all things, like noise, smell, etc. Now I feel free from the so-called matrix. I have more self-love, ease, happiness and grace in my being 🙂 There are less energy blocks clearing out in place for the new and better version of me. I now feel what happened in the past changed as my vibration/ energy has become different and also my higher self is ready to continue onto the spiritual path, so the old had to go. ”
K.C.,  England 

L.P., Wisconsin

“The SoulCleanses from Theresa Crabtree and her team have been amazing. I even can say life altering.”
L.P., Wisconsin

SH in GA

“Words cannot express my gratitude for what you have done for me!  My cravings and drug seeking behavior have gotten 100% better. I can now get out of bed without taking a drug to get me going.Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart and soul. I have a new lease on life!”    
S.H.,  Georgia