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Morning Reflections

Every morning, send prayers to your Creator. Express gratitude for another day of human experience. Feel gratitude for the blessings in your life.

Send heartfelt love to the Creator and others, especially those you are having difficulty with.

Ask for wisdom and discernment to make choices based on Divine Love and Truth.

Ask for Guidance to meet the needs of your priorities and to know which things are better left undone. Ask to be shown what things you spend your time, money and energy on that truly aren’t yours to give heed to.

Ask your body what foods it needs today.

Plan to include stretching exercises, walking and movement to strengthen your body this day.

Take a few moments to visualize what you would like to experience. Consider how you want to act or react to others. Then place yourself in that dream, making choices and behaviors as though it has already manifested.

You have been blessed with the gift of your will. Choose wisely.

Remember that you are deeply loved by the one who Created you and go forth offering that same gift of unconditional love to all you encounter.


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