You are currently viewing Solstice Full Moon Celestial Gathering Message: June 20, 2024

Solstice Full Moon Celestial Gathering Message: June 20, 2024

Celestial Gathering Message
Solstice ~ Full Moon
June 20, 2024

Greetings Dear Ones,

As this season comes to an end, take time to review your actions over the past few months. Celebrate the moments where you experienced and expressed love and joy. Consider how you can achieve more in the next three months.

What measure do you use to compare your achievements or shortfalls to? God? Your neighbor? Your partner? Your boss? Your dog? Your self? Your Self? I hope that your choice is God, your Creator, for all else will leave you feeling empty and shallow. The world is full of false prophets and the push toward making your self your god. Idolatry is everywhere, even in the most subtle areas.

What are the five things that you have focused your attention on the most these past three months? What are the five things you focused your attention on the most the past three weeks? The past three days? The past three hours? Those are your gods.

Yes, we know you have to eat, to sleep, to work, to take care of hygienic needs and to attend to household duties. However, what was on your mind while doing the mundane tasks? What was your emotional state during these times? What percentage of the time were you able to express gratitude, joy or inner peace? What were the willful choices you made in those moments? How have you treated your body during these times? Did you nurture your spirit with things of a godly nature?

Spirit, body, mind, emotions and will, these are the elements that make you unique. Take time to review each of these aspects of your life. Are you making choices that uplift your spirit to be a mirror of the Spirit of Divine Love? Are you taking care of your body in order to take care of your needs with enough reserves to be of service to others? Are you filling your mind with uplifting thoughts? Are you resolving your wounds from trauma so that you can be an ambassador of peace? Are the willful choices you are making keeping you stuck in the rut or moving towards a higher goal?

These are things to consider and to strive for along your walk during this new season. Push yourself to be the best that you can be. We all fall short of perfection, yet it is the strong and wise ones that embrace those shortfalls as learning tools. Don’t be the fool who continues to do the same things over and over, while expecting a different outcome. Step off the hamster wheel and pray for courage to make wiser choices, to discern the pitfalls and walk around them.

Review your beliefs and the activities that you fill your day with. Begin to discard those that have no value, no growth, no expression of love. For in that moment that you leave your body, all that has value is Divine Love, for there truly is nothing else that matters in this world of matter. You cannot serve two gods… there are only two choices, the God that created you or the god that rebelled against the Creator. If this is truth, then you can expect that the outcomes will be quite different, depending on where you placed your allegiance.

Where will you place your thoughts, words and actions these next three months?

Choose love! Choose joy! Be in peace!

Be blessed always, in all ways.

Theresa Crabtree

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