Review your current life circumstances. Express gratitude for the things you have manifested that are beneficial in your life. Consider the things that are non-beneficial and focus your intentions on how to get them in balance or to release them. As you awaken each morning, be ready to go with the flow and stay focused on what you would like to manifest. Dare to be different!


Sharing Love

Take time today to nurture yourself. Then send thoughts of love to others, even the challenging people in your life. Expand it further to embrace those in strife.  



Heartfelt gratitude, even for the unpleasant experiences in life, makes it easier to forgive, move through fear and release energy blocks. This in turn allows the natural flow of life energy throughout the body. With unimpeded energy, the body is able to heal. When the body is in balance, this makes it easier to remain calm in every situation. When one is calm and experiencing inner peace, the mind can be more focused, producing clarity. With clarity, one is able to make better life-affirming changes.…


Life Changes

With each change in direction, there is a time of transition. Stay focused on your goal and enjoy each step of the way! Know that you are never alone!  


Lunch is on me

I was sitting on my patio reading when a flying ant landed on my shirt. When I looked at it a few moments later, a spider had jumped up and was sucking its life blood. I now have a whole different perspective on the saying, "lunch is on me." Share your fav nature story or meme below!  


Panic Attacks

What strategies would you offer someone who is having a panic attack? (Assuming you're certain it's not a heart attack!) Share below!    

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Repeated Patterns

I have found this to be true in my life. Seems like the same or similar situation keeps coming up. But once it is recognized and resolved, the pattern or behavior loses its energetic punch and either stops happening or is much easier to handle, with no emotional baggage. WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS ON THIS MEME? Share below!


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