Panic Attacks

What strategies would you offer someone who is having a panic attack? (Assuming you're certain it's not a heart attack!) Share below!    

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Repeated Patterns

I have found this to be true in my life. Seems like the same or similar situation keeps coming up. But once it is recognized and resolved, the pattern or behavior loses its energetic punch and either stops happening or is much easier to handle, with no emotional baggage. WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS ON THIS MEME? Share below!


Please share your suggestions in the comments below. They will be included in a resources list with the videos on YouTube and on my website. Let's help others who are struggling with death and suicide! If you are having suicidal thoughts, reach out for help! Hugs, Theresa        


Finding Limiting Beliefs

One of the greatest challenges of being human is to uncover the limiting beliefs created throughout one's lifetime. It is worthwhile to meditate and ask to be shown any of these fears and beliefs that currently block your goals. One effective way to discover them, especially those created during early childhood is the Inner Child Healing exercise. This meditation practice can also be adapted to heal trauma and find limiting beliefs at any stage of your life. You can find a link in the yellow…


Dare to Dream!

Take time daily to silence your outer world and dare to dream your life into being. What will you dream into reality today!    


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