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Equinox Prayer

May you be blessed this new season!

Have fun igniting your passion!



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  1. Artie

    Dear Sister,
    I always appreciate your messages and the information that you share with this community. Your message today about the Equinox is very important.
    We are all wanting to improve our station in life.
    Loose some excess weight. Have more money. Stop that habit we have had forever. Repair that old friendship. Finish the project started last week, month or year.
    This opportunity of the Equinox opens the doors for personal growth and development in every one of us now.
    Thank you for this beautiful information and techniques to make this Equinox the way to improve ourselves and our lives.

    May Creator bless you and inspire you to continue your journey.
    Artie Lookinghawk

    1. admin

      Wow! You hit all my earthly goals… you been reading my mental “to do” list? 😉

      Thank you for your lovely words and hawk’s eye vision!

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