You are currently viewing New Moon Celestial Gathering Message: July 5, 2024

New Moon Celestial Gathering Message: July 5, 2024

New Moon Celestial Gathering Message
July 5, 2024

Greetings Dear Ones,

We are happy for this time to commune with you. Today is a grand and glorious day. You are alive. You can think and make choices. You can breathe and you can eat. What more is that there that you wish to experience? Take a few moments now to consider this.

We are aware that there are physical and financial limitations. Yet, it is good now and then to dream out of the box, for in doing so, it helps to encourage you to dream beyond your current life circumstances. While you are in this short period of reflection, perhaps a new thought will be allowed to germinate. In fact, this could be an old thought, wish or desire that was placed in your mental closet years ago, because at the time it was no attainable. Yet, you might want to dust it off and review that dream. Then you can decide if all or part of it is something that you would like to pursue. This could be for financial gain, to help others or simply for the enjoyment of the experience.

As children, we have big dreams, yet often they are set aside for a variety of reasons. Yet, now that you are older, you can still allow those big dreams to come in as a fantasy. Consider it like an artist’s new canvas. Many artists have no idea what is going to be on that canvas when they purchase it. Many canvases are never even used, just sitting there waiting for their opportunity of transition.

What would you like to add to the palette of your life? What elements will you choose? What ignites your passion? What would you like to do in service to others? What skills do you have that are dormant? What skills would you like to add to your tool belt? Allow yourself thoughts to loosely flow. When something comes to mind that interests you, allow yourself to float down that side stream. Notice any ideas that rise to the surface.

At this time in your life, perhaps you are too bogged down to add anything to your daily schedule. Then look to see if there are things you are doing, places you are spending your finances and energy you are putting out that does not serve you but only wastes your precious resources of time, money and energy. Perhaps some culling of activities will free up the time, money and energy to pursue other activities.

Also, there may be circumstances in your life currently that will change within the next few years. For example, you may the caregiver for an elderly parent or a child. In a few years, the time, money and energy needed for these activities will be free. Is something that you are really desirous of doing when that time comes? Perhaps taking one class every so often to gain those skills or credentials will be of benefit. This could include a class to learn how to create your own website. Then it could be ready and waiting for you by the time you are ready to spring into action.

Allow yourself to dream big. If there are some ideas that float by but you don’t know a lot about it, now is the time to see what credentials you will need to attain that goal. Are there classes you can take now to prepare? Perhaps as you look into all that this goal will take, you will discover that this isn’t your cup of tea, after all. But, there may be something else that piques your curiosity. Float down that stream to check it out further.

Do you dream about living somewhere else in the near future or when you are in a better situation to leave? You can do some research at this time to narrow down what it is you wish for the home to be like. You can narrow down to the country, the basic area and some specific parameters that you wish to bring to fruition.

Allow yourself these times of reflection. Instead of watching a TV program, YouTube video or a movie that adds no value to your life, create your own movie with you as the star and begin to write the script and dialogue. What changes will you need to make in your behavior and life circumstances so that you can be the best version of yourself?

What plot do you want for your life? I do hope it involves a love for your Creator. We can only imagine what thought processes the Creator used to manifest this wondrous symbiotic world in which we live. However, I would guess that quite a bit of contemplation went into its design. So, dare to dream big without excessive concern over the “what if’s.” Your life is a moment by moment by creation. So be aware of where your thoughts are in each moment. Be wary not to be pulled into the drama of those around you or world events.

Pay attention to those that you have a part in, hopefully a positive part, with positive actions. But don’t allow yourself to drown in the storms that others create. Stand firm. Know who you are. Investigate the origins of what you believe in, especially those things that you blindly took as truth in your youth. Will you be like a sheep, blindly following the herd or will you think outside the box?

Daily prayer and reflection of the choices you make is a mandatory step for making changes first within you and then around you. Dare to dream big! “”Whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours” (Mark 11:24)

Know that you are loved beyond measure.

Theresa Crabtree and the SoulCleanse team

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