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I have created several videos and documents on this page
that you can download, print and share with others.

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Heart Connection is one of my favorite resources. It is a powerful method to increase self-love and remain emotionally balanced. This simple meditation offers a means to connect deeply with your Higher Self and Spirit Guides. Also, it is an important tool to heal imbalances with people and PTSD.

Click here to download “Heart Connection”

Photo of Theresa with note from soul mates video


This video includes quotes, websites and books
by prominent authors on this topic.

Click on the titles below for additional resources. 

“Soul Mates and Twin Flames: 10 Common Questions”

“Twin Flames: Signs and Symptoms”

WALT WOODS (1926 – 2011) was past President of the American Society of Dowsers. His site offers five booklets as a free download. In addition, you can purchase them for a nominal fee.

These booklets provide invaluable information for beginners to advanced dowsing.


Favorite Resources: Photo of Brandy Joy reading tarot cards

BRANDY JOY is a gifted, intuitive tarot reader. She also offers other modalities, including astrology.

Interested in becoming a tarot reader or honing your skills?
Check out Brandy’s Vibe Tarot Masterclass!

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