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What is My Life Purpose?
Dictated by Theresa Crabtree

The main reason anyone comes to earth is to experience physicality. We truly are spirit beings having a human experience. At the Higher Self level, we have a much greater awareness of our True Roots. We are not caught up in lies and deceit such as can happen while in duality.

The low density that we are experiencing on earth was never meant to have so much darkness. Like all things, creating life on earth was an Experiment. At the root of every sentient being is one’s connection to All That Is, whether you call this God, Source, Creator, Allah or a myriad of other names. This Creative Source is All Love, true Unconditional Love. Yet, as a Creator, one desires to expand and experience more. Thus, a time came when the Creator decided to “fragment” itself, with some “leaving” the Whole and going out to explore. In one sense, we are All One and still connected, although while in human form, this remembrance is often limited.

One of the reasons many come to earth is to experience this belief of being separate from All. There are not too many places where this experience can occur. Once one settles on earth, it can be a shock, for there is truly no way for one to prepare for the density of this planet. This is why many have terrible times from birth onward, until they learn to adapt.

Yet, the main reason why Spirit Beings choose to come to earth is to experience Love in a different way. Just being physical, provides a whole new experience for a Being who is non-physical. There are many opportunities to visit and live on other planets, in physical or semi-physical form. Thus, some who come to earth are here simply for the beauty of the planet and to experience things they cannot do while in Spirit form. Many of you originally came for this reason.

However, those who have come repeatedly to earth may get stuck in the density. Some are here to “balance” other lifetimes, what some refer to as “karma.” This is not mandatory, but a choice made by one’s Higher Self. Thus, one who is evil in this lifetime may be balancing his own karma. One could also be answering the call of a friend in his Soul Group who asked him to come and play the “bad guy.” Neale Donald Walsch’s parable, “The Little Soul and the Sun” best describes this. You can find a link and view and listen to an oral reading of it at:

Many who have had repeat lives on earth have come here to “finalize” their cycle and to clear up any negative energies they have implanted during other lifetimes. Some of these people are traveling the world, not knowing or consciously knowing why they are drawn to be at a certain location. Many are here to clear energies impregnated by their bloodline lineage or impacts from their cultural lineage.

Many have been part of the scientific experiences which are often labeled as “ET abductions.” When one realizes that all life on earth has extraterrestrial roots, then it is easier to understand why ETs are here and monitoring us. We are them. In most cases, this work is known before one incarnates. These are important ongoing investigations, many which has helped all living forms on earth to survive. In most cases, these are experiences that your Higher Self agreed to be a part of.

Yes, there have been rogue ETs and Dark Entities who have caused some havoc, but it is also important to remember that they come from the same roots as you, from Creator Source. Each individualized aspect of Creator (the good, the bad and the ugly) has Free Will to choose whatever they wish, within the parameters of the space they occupy. The original intention was to use one’s co-creative abilities to expand Love. However, through “time,” many beings in various dimensions, decided to push the limits and some chose to experience, “Not-Love.”

With the gift of Free Will, we are all given creative license to do so. Yet, there are repercussions since the universe is set up as a “cause and effect” experience. One need not go out of their way to punish another, because the “Law of Attraction” and the “Law of Cause and Effect” will eventually be mirrored back to those who choose Not-Love. Thus, many have come to earth as part of the scientific experiments, especially those having to do with the evolution of the human race, as well as other species. With the advent of hypnotherapy and the internet, many of these are re-membering their “past lives” and “star roots.”

Currently, earth is lagging behind in the universe as it prepares to ascend to another level of being. Thus, many have volunteered to come to earth to anchor more love, peace, kindness and compassion. However, many of these Volunteers experience culture shock, never having been in physical form or never having experienced the density of this planet. These Souls have a hard time dealing with the negativity and hatred down here. To cope, many withdraw within. Some are super-sensitive to electronics, chemicals, bright lights, loud sounds and food additives.  Many recoil when faced with angry people, not able to deal with the onslaught of negative energy. Some of these people are labeled as “autistic.” Others are considered mentally ill because they see dead people, hear voices or experience other paranormal phenomena that are part of who we really are. In our Spirit Bodies, we can see those in all dimensions and communicate with them, for there is no death or barriers.

Eons ago, as the human race continued to lag behind the total ascension plan, a new experiment was allowed. Those who monitor and created this planet had already noted that quite often, a human needed to hit “rock bottom” before awakening. Although this never needs to happen, within each generation a multitude of people get stuck and fall away from the original Path of expanding Love. Thus, there came a time when Dark Entities were allowed to infiltrate in larger numbers. The hope was that the Dark Entities would hasten some humans’ awakening by helping them move towards “rock bottom” faster Like many experiments, this one didn’t go as planned and the Dark has taken too much control. As a result, a new experiment is taking place. Many Light Beings are now volunteering to come to earth to help balance the number of Dark Entities by showing them the way back to “the Light.”

This is all shared with you, to show you that there are a vast number of reasons why a Spirit Being chooses to send an aspect of itself to earth. You may resonate with one or more of the reasons cited. Keep in mind that, even if you had several lifetimes in which you did much harm to others, you do not need to experience those effects on yourself. Thus, past life reasons for incarnating are of lesser importance. Those who perpetrated harmful experiences on others are not here for the express purpose of being punished for past life crimes, although they may choose to have this experience.

The most basic reason why a Spirit Being sends an aspect of itself to earth at this time, is for the opportunity to create and experience an expansion of love. This was the original intent and that has never changed, although, things have gotten a bit out of hand. When you look around, you see many more expanding Not-Love than Love. We are aware of this and that is the reason why so many are Volunteering to return to earth or to come here for the first time. We need “Higher Order” Beings of Light to help expel or convert the Dark Ones and to anchor more Love and Light on earth.

If you are awakening spiritually and feel lost because you do not know what to do, then it is likely you came here simply to Be. It matters not what line of work you choose to meet your physical needs. If you do not feel drawn to a specific geographic area, then it matters not where you live. However, the tricky part is discerning the choices you make. Are they coming from fear-based or love-based beliefs and experiences?

Thus, it is important to work through any fear, find any beliefs that are hindering you, and to focus your thoughts, words and actions on those that expand Love. It is difficult in this world to love oneself and even harder to love annoying people. Yet, the more you move towards Unconditional Love with your choices, the more you are experiencing what you came here to do. The Heart Connections is just one tool to help you to achieve this lofty goal.

There are very few humans who are experiencing Unconditional Love in all situations, yet this is the goal. If one is to ascend above duality, Unconditional Love is the goal to press towards. One thing that tends to trip people up is the need to “save” others. Nay, we are here to role model, to those who also Seek Higher Understanding. We are each walking the Ascension Path, not the Savior Path. For we are creative, Free Will creatures who need to consciously choose our own experiences. There are many Paths back to Creator. Some paths are more adventurous or dangerous than others. Yet, in the end, all will return to Source.

Your role is to choose how you want to express your creativity throughout this lifetime. If you are reading this, then that means you are awakening to your Spiritual Roots. If you ask the question, “What is my purpose?” We will tell you, “That is up to you.” Your role is to connect with your Higher Self, that aspect in Higher Realms that created you. Your role is to be an Ambassador of Love for your Higher Self. This is the one who holds the blueprint for your life.  A basic script of what your Higher Self wanted to experience was presented and approved by the Council. Thus, who is more qualified than your Higher Self to answer your question, “What is my purpose for being on earth?”

Make a conscious connection with your Higher Self your top priority. The connection is simple, but fear and disbelief will block you. Simply connect to your heart chakra, for this is the center of your body where the energy is strongest. From your body is an energy thread that keeps you connected to your Higher Self. You also are telepathically connected at all times. However, you must learn to discern this still, small voice so that you do not get fooled by imposters. Once you clear the blocks you have created, this connection and communication will gain strength, the more you trust in it.

Once that connection is made, you can ask questions. One way to start your day is to ask your Higher Self, “What would you like to experience through me today?” Then listen to any responses. You may not hear words. However, through the day you may get specific ideas or an intuition to say or do something or to go somewhere. When you learn to discern your Higher Self from the “monkey mind,” magic will happen. Synchronicities will increase. You may not always “hit the mark,” but with practice, you will learn to discern and to catch the clues.

You may have a song lyric running through your mind over and over. Electronic transfers may happen such as a synchronistic telephone call or something popping up on your computer screen. You may feel directed to turn on the TV or radio and there lies the answer to a question you had posed. Other people may say things that make no sense to them, but are the answer to what you needed to hear. The ways Spirit communicates are unlimited. Hearing and heeding the call is the hard part. However, once Spirit finds a way to gain your attention, your Higher Self is more likely to use that method repeatedly. However, the goal is to be in constant telepathic communication, not only with your Higher Self, but with any Spirit Guides who are here to help your.

The more you release anything that creates energetic blocks in your physical, mental and emotional bodies, the easier it will be to communicate. It is similar to a radio station. You do not expect to listen to channel 82.9 by dialing your tuner to 101.3. There will be no reception or at the least, you will hear static. The higher you raise your vibration through gratitude, love, kindness, compassion, etc., the easier it will be for Spirit Helpers to lower their vibration enough to where you can receive each other.

With practice, the reception can become crystal clear. These are the moments when you receive a clear connection. You just “know” what to do or believe what just transpired. It is those “Aha!” moments of clarity when you know the next step, you know where to go, what to do, etc. That is the goal, to have more of these moments of “knowing,” until the communication is loud and strong 24/7.

Although we tend to think of God, our Higher Selves, angels and other Spirit Beings as being “up there,” the truth is they can be right next to you at any moment. You may sense them, or feel them touch you, or possibly even see them. They are invisible to most people because they are vibrating at a much higher speed and our eyes cannot see them. This is similar to the propeller of an airplane. When the propeller is idle, it is easy to see there are only two blades. Yet, when they are rotating, they become invisible. Yet if you stick your hand into their path… well, let’s just say, that would not be a pleasant experience.

It is important to know that your Higher Self, God and Spirit Team are accessible 24/7. They are not bound by the laws of time or space. The Creative Energy of God is everywhere, not in some remote heaven. The Energy Field of God is Every Thing and Every Where and totally accessible Any Time. Every Being is an aspect of God. We are holograms of God. This means that we are not only a part of the Whole, but the Whole is also within you, rooted in the most energetic part of your body, the Heart Center. To reach God, simply focus on your Heart Center and when you feel the Love start to well up or the heat begin to swell, it is your reminder that the Divine Flame within you is fully connected to Creator Source, which is similar to the sun in our solar system. The sun is the central location, radiating inward to outward and touching every part of creation. You may not see the sun at night, but you know that it is there. Similarly, you may not see the Creator, yet it surrounds you in every moment.

No matter where you are in your understanding of the Universe, yourself and those in the Unseen Realms, the message is still very simple. You are birthed from Unconditional Love and the more you expand this Love, the more you will sync with and communicate with other Beings of Light who are also experiencing Unconditional Love. Reach out to these Beings for assistance. Call on your Higher Self for understanding. Ask for assistance in remembering your reason for coming to earth in this lifetime. Then clear the blocks so that you can communicate freely.

Remember that the majority of humans will not ascend in this lifetime. This is known and accepted by All. Although they are not aware of it, they are creators, utilizing their Free Will. Your role is simply to awaken yourself, then reach out to those who come to you for assistance. Plant the seeds, then let them choose whether to nurture that seed or not. Do not be attached to their choices, for their drama does not have to be part of your reality. Know that All is well. You are here, first and foremost, to awaken yourself and then utilize your Free Will to expand Unconditional Love. This is a process while in human form, thus take it one step at a time. Enjoy the journey, for the destination is guaranteed.

Be blessed, Always, All Ways,

The Masters

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Connect with Higher Self Meditation

The most important thing you can do on your path of spiritual awakening is to consciously connect with your Higher Self. This is the part of you that remains in the High Light. The vibration of your Higher Self is too high to be able to live within a human body. In order to experience life on earth, it creates a part of itself that is able to incarnate in a physical body. There are many things it cannot experience while in its natural non-physical state.

There are many reasons your Higher Self creates a physical aspect. Thus, the Higher Self will create a plan, setting the intentions of what it would like to experience during a human lifetime. Once this plan is approved and the body or mother is chosen, the plan is set into action.

Your Higher Self holds the blueprint for your life. Although it is useful to get advice during your incarnation from various sources, there is no one better to go to for guidance than the one who created the blueprint for your Soul. For most humans, making conscious contact with one’s Higher Self is an important step before making conscious connection with the Source of All.

We are all One, a part of Source, which is the essence of Unconditional Love. While in human form, it is easy to forget our connection and to feel we are separate beings. Most forget their spiritual roots as they fall prey to the fear and false beliefs rampant on earth. However, for those who Seek to remember, there are plenty of Guides to help one get back on their Path.

The path of the Seeker is never ending while one is in human form. However, it is the Path one must take in order to ascend duality. The ultimate goal is to replace every “negative” thought, word, action, fear and false belief with those based on unconditional love.

There is no right or wrong way to connect with one’s Higher Self. The greatest deterrent is not believing the message when it presents itself. Keep trying and there will come an “Aha!” moment when you know beyond a doubt that you are connecting. From that moment forward, it will become easier to connect. Then you will be tapped into all the knowledge and Guidance you need from your Higher Self and Spirit Guides. This will lead you toward a stronger connection with the Source of All and other Masters of Light who live beyond duality.

To begin, sit or lay in a comfortable position where you can totally relax. Turn off the phone and do what you can to avoid any interruptions for the next 15-30 minutes.

The following is one method to help you connect with your Higher Self, your true I Am Presence. Try it a few times, then modify it anyway you need until you find your special meeting place. To get into a relaxed mindset, you can visualize slowly walking down steps, counting down as you go. Others like to count down floors while on an elevator. Some simply monitor their breath. Use whatever method works best for you.

Take several, slow deep breaths in and out as you let go of the concerns of the day. This will place you in a relaxed brain wave pattern, making it easier to communicate. In order for your Higher Self or Spirit Team to communicate deeper with you, they must “step down” their energy. The higher you raise your energy, the easier it will be to meet in the middle. Amp up the love in your heart as much as you can. Think of things you are grateful for. This will help raise your vibration higher.

Not everyone is able to visually “see” images in their mind. Do not be concerned if this is true for you. However, you can still image that you are visiting a place that feels peaceful to you. This could be a garden, the seaside or in your own bed. This can be a place you have visited or seen photos of. It can be on earth or elsewhere. You are a creator, so use your imagination to create the place where you wish to commune with your Higher Self.

Arrange the space so that you are seated and your Self is sitting across from you. If you prefer, imagine you are walking together in a peaceful place. Take several more deep and slow breaths in and out until you feel relaxed. Create the scene with your thoughts. You can even create how you want your Presence to appear. Likewise, your Presence can “shapeshift” into whatever form or formless energy he/she chooses to present to you.

We are all energy beings; the form is a choice or preference of what is needed for you to recognize it and to feel safe. However, pay close attention to how the energy feels. Like the axiom states, “Actions speak louder than words.” Dark entities can masquerade as Light beings. However, their actions will soon show their true self. Thus, be discerning.

Once you imagine that you are sitting across from your Higher Self, no words need to be spoken at first. Making the conscious and energetic connection is most important. Use the Heart Connection to send and receive love to each other. This will create a conscious bond between you on a conscious level. Everyone will make this connection in a unique manner and on a differing time frame.

It may take several attempts to make a strong connection. Your egoic mind may try to overthink, keeping you distracted. If so, gently refocus your attention back to your intention of sitting across from your Self. Once you feel connected, in the beginning, it is good to start with asking how you can make the connection stronger. You can ask yourself what name your Self wishes to be known as. You can also ask how often and under what circumstances it is best to meet. The first few meetings are best to simply strengthen the connection and increase the love bond.

After your connection and bond is strong, then begin your dialogue. Your Self created you from the pool of Unconditional Love that is the Source of All. You are a hologramic aspect of your Self and Source. Everything that is within the Higher Self, you have access to. Energies from any of your human past lives are within your “Soul” container and you have access to them, as well. Anything else you wish to explore, such as the experiences of other Souls, the two of you can take a trip to the Akashic Records and gain what is needed for your next step on your spiritual awakening Path.

The trickiest part of the initial conversations with your Self is to know what is coming from the Self, what is being blocked by your own fears and beliefs, and what is being generated from your egoic mind. Practice makes perfect. Practice often. Also, pay attention to the energy behind any messages you receive so you can discern anything from imposters.

If the message feels confusing, demanding or creates mistrust, it is likely being generated from your egoic mind and/or being filtered by your own fears and beliefs. Thus, it is crucial to face your fears and release them. It is also important to dig out any false beliefs you have created throughout your life. These are the greatest stumbling blocks for humans.

When the meeting comes to an end, thank your Higher Self. Ask for continued Guidance on how to connect deeper. You can even set up a signal for your Self to give you when it is time to meet. Perhaps you will choose to meet at a specific time each day, when able. If you choose, you can imagine embracing as you prepare to depart. Send your love and allow yourself to receive the love sent to you.

When your session is over, bring yourself back slowly to consciousness. If you counted down stairs to relax, then visualize yourself climbing up the stairs, counting them until you get to the top. Stretch your body, then open your eyes. Take a few moments to reacclimate yourself. Then have a full glass of water before continuing forward.

As you meet more often with your Self and begin to receive the messages, you will be much better equipped to handle everyday life. Fears will start to fade away. Forgiveness and allowance will happen more readily. You will gain clarity. Your creativity will flow. How you wish to express your innate talents while in human form will blossom. You will create more joy, happiness and bliss. You will experience more inner peace, no matter what is happening around you. Thus, you see, the rewards are quite enticing.

Set aside at least 15 minutes each day to connect with your Self. If your day presents too much confusion, then awaken 30 minutes before anyone else and utilize this quiet time. You can do the same before going to bed.

Be forewarned, that if you truly desire to make this connection, but do not take the time to do so, your Self will assist you. Thus, you can expect a “wake up” call around 3-4 am when the world around you will likely be quiet. If this happens, recognize that it is time to awaken and make the connection. Once you have finished with the meeting, you will likely fall asleep soon after.

Another “perks” when consciously connecting with your Self, and Spirit Guides, is that you are creating a better flow of energy so that you can give and receive love more freely. Visit them often when your battery needs to be recharged and when you desire Guidance on any topic. They are available 24/7/365.

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“Fake it ’til You Make It”
Forgiveness Exercise

One of the biggest obstacles along one’s path of spiritual awakening is to forgive those who harmed us. Many also fight the inner battle of self-forgiveness. One tool that has helped many of my clients is the Heart Connection.

We live in a world of energy. Any low vibration, when it runs into a higher vibration, the lower vibration will succumb to the higher vibration. For instance, when a small wave of water hits the wall of a larger wave, there will be some turbulence. The smaller wave “melts” into the larger wave and no longer exists as that wave. Yet, the larger wave continues on, including the water that was in the smaller wave.

Consider times when you experienced a low vibration, such as fear, guilt, blame, anxiety, depression or shame. During those times, you likely felt drained of energy. Now, recall times when you experienced high vibrational energy such as falling in love, feeling gratitude for a kind deed someone did to you, or the excitement when something you were passionate about came into reality. During those times, you likely felt energized.

When you are feeling in a state of low vibration, you can counteract it will feelings of high vibration by invoking love and gratitude. This is why it is so important to monitor your thoughts, words and actions, replacing those of a low vibe, with those that are of a higher vibration. Facing fears and releasing non-beneficial beliefs and replacing them with self-love and unconditional love for others can pull you right out of that funk. If one is serious about their spiritual awakening and ascending out of duality, love is the key.

I grew up in a dysfunctional family, receiving more than my share of physical, mental and emotional abuse from my mother. I instinctively knew that if I wanted to progress in my life, I needed to heal my anger towards her. Early in my introduction to metaphysics, I was shown a forgiveness exercise and decided to give it a try. I am including it here in hopes that it will help you to forgive yourself and those who have harmed you.

Fake it ‘til You Make it Forgiveness Exercise

This is how I began the healing process of forgiving my mother.

I took a 3” x 5” index card. Then I wrote the following three sentences on it.

I forgive you for all the ugly and hideous things you have said and done to me.

I apologize for all the ugly and hideous things I have said and done to you.

If we work together, we can start over and rebuild our relationship.

Every day, I sat quietly on my porch, slowly and mindfully saying each sentence out loud.

The first few times, it was a battle to even pick up the paper. Part of me wanted to hold onto that “justified” anger. The first couple of weeks, after reading the first sentence out loud, my emotions would get the best of me. I would yell things like, “I don’t forgive you! There is no excuse for what you did. You had no right to treat me like that!” These were intermingled with some pretty strong curse words.

After a few weeks, I allowed myself to begin to seeing things from her perspective, from her own childhood trauma and sadness. I began to see her more as a hurt little girl, just like me, who also pushed people away in order to avoid more pain. I began to feel compassion for her. It was small at first, but gradually increased. I was able to start forgiving her for certain things that she had said and done.

In the beginning of the exercise, I had an especially had a hard time with the second sentence, “I apologize for all the ugly and hideous things I have said and done to you.”  The first week, I couldn’t even say the words out loud. Instead, I would yell things like. “I don’t have anything to apologize for! I never treated you like that! You don’t deserve forgiveness!”

The first couple of weeks, there was a lot of denial of me ever saying or doing things that were ugly or hideous. Then I started to calm down and as objectively as I could, I reflected back on times when I got revenge or was rude back to her. I started to remember times when I had fueled the flames when she was off balance. I also realized that I expected her to be disruptive, so I chose to be defensive, even before the battle began. I was ready for the fight, even starting it at times. It was humbling to acknowledge and accept responsibility for my past actions.

When I started the exercise, the last sentence was even harder, “If we work together, we can start over and rebuild our relationship.” For the most part, I would rather see her dead, than for us to work through the years of pain.

I nearly quit the exercise several times, especially as I dove deeper into facing those unpleasant memories. However, I pressed on and after a few weeks, the emotions became calmer. Then I started to accept responsibility for the hurtful things I said and did as a teen and adult.

Then the day came when I felt the truth in all three of the sentences. It was the first time that I felt that we could rebuild the relationship. I also realized that if she didn’t want to change her ways, it didn’t matter. I was doing this for me. So, I let go of many expectations, as well as the rage I felt towards her, and accepted responsibility for my own actions on a deeper level.

In that moment, I felt an emotional shift and saw this dark, heavy blob of energy forcibly leave my body. It had been attached to the right side of my solar plexus. I felt like a ton of bricks had been removed. The relief was palpable and I felt euphoric. I had reached my goal!

What happened next still gives me chill bumps as I write this, over three decades later. When I started this exercise, my mom and I had not talked in 12 years. Whenever we had our spats, it was always me coming back and re-opening the door. Then on one infamous Thanksgiving Day, I reached the point of, “Enough is enough.” I tried a few new approaches with her that failed. Finally, I told her that if she could not treat me respect, then do not bother to contact me. I admit, it was a blissful 12 years of silence. During that time, I worked on finding and “creating” myself.

Going back to the exercise, something magical happened that night. I went to bed feeling blissed out, having experienced this huge emotional and energetic shift.

After 12 years of silence, the next morning, my mom called me. That was a first! The first thing out of her mouth was, “I just had to call you because I had the strangest dream last night. I’m not even sure if it was a dream because it felt so real.”

Well, that piqued my curiosity!

She said, “In the dream, you came to me and handed me a baby, swaddled from head to foot in a blanket. As I was holding the baby, I looked down. Instead of a face, there was a swirling mass of hideous dark energy. I was asking myself why did you hand me something so ugly?

She told me that I handed her another baby, just like the first. Then she said, “Your stomach was swollen, like you were pregnant. But at the same time, I knew you weren’t pregnant.”

I was in shock! Calmly, I told her, “If you would like, I can interpret that dream for you.”

She said, “What?”

Then I told her about the exercise I had been doing. I then shared how the energy had shifted the day before. I also pointed out that the words she had used “ugly” and “hideous” were the exact words I had been using. On a side note, it was interesting, because neither of us had ever used the word “ugly” to describe a person’s behavior before. I had picked that up from my students who used the word in that way.

Then I told her how the first baby represented me forgiving her for the ugly and hideous things she had said and done to me. The second baby symbolized me apologizing and taking responsibility for all the ugly and hideous things I had said and done to her.

I explained that in the dream, I appeared pregnant as a symbol of rebirth, that we could rebuild our relationship, if we both chose to do so.

For the first time ever, we both were speechless. After a few moments of silence, she said, “Okay, thank you. I’m gonna go now.”

I was amazed that she had picked up what I had been doing. It was way beyond coincidence. And for her to call me, that was amazing in itself. After a few days, she called me back. She was touched that I had expressed enough love to want to heal our relationship. We were finally able to start the communication that led to further healing.

Then she brought up how hurt she was that I hadn’t called in twelve years. Here we go again, another round of her playing the victim and me as the perpetrator. I held back making the comments I really wanted to say. Instead, I approached her in a new way.

I told her, there were three main events that happened during my childhood that had led to that decision. I offered to share those with her so she could understand my point of view. However, to be successful, she did not need to be defensive, I was simply going to share how I perceived those events.

It took a few phone calls for us to work through those events. She even apologized for one of them. She didn’t agree with my perception of the other two events, but I reminded her that to me, it was my reality. She got it. What mattered was that for the first time, I felt heard. I also let go of the need for her to apologize or see things “my way.” That was very freeing. It was the beginning of me taking back my power.

Not only was the “Fake it ‘til You Make It” exercise and the follow up conversations important for the relationship with my mother, I was then able to apply it to other relationships throughout my life.

Her picking up the experience and exact words I had used was a huge eye-opener for me. I realized that the thoughts we put out do get picked up by others. That led me to start becoming more responsible for my thoughts, words and actions towards other. It was a huge life-changing moment for me.

Over thirty years later, I still do not enjoy the company of my mother. At 93, she is still one of the most negative people I have met. However, when we are together, the time is fairly pleasant because I have learned to redirect the conversation or leave the room when she starts acting up. It takes two to tango. I learned to dance shorter dances, always being polite… well, almost always… and developed some strategies to keep the peace. This often meant zipping my lip without feeling resentful or unheard.

I also had to release the feelings of “obligation” and expectations of being a “dutiful daughter.” I was not going to have her pull me off my spiritual track or allow myself to become emotionally imbalanced, no matter what she chose to say or do.

There was a Bible verse that helped me through all of this:

“Don’t give that which is holy to the dogs, neither throw

your pearls before the pigs, lest perhaps they trample

them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces.”

Matthew 7:6

I hope my experience can help you to recover from the pain others have inflicted on you. Forgiving others is an act of self-love. Once you release the stuck blocks, replace the void with love. As the natural flow of energy returns, the body parts where those energies were stored can begin to heal. The emotional and mental energy fields will also begin to repair themselves.

Once you fully lift yourself out of being a “victim,” you will empower yourself and can rebirth yourself anew on a foundation of self-love. Then miracles will happen and you will find it easier to connect with your Higher Self and Spirit Guides. Make gratitude and unconditional love your constant companions. Nurture your relationship with them and watch your spiritual awareness expand in ways you never thought were imaginable!

Be love always, all ways,
Theresa Crabtree

Alcohol and drugs, including marijuana, general anesthesia and some prescription medicines weaken one’s energy field, thus making it easier for Dark Entities to gain access.

Prescription medicines that induce sleep, mood inhibitors and those commonly used for many mental health issues often create a space in the brain that takes one out of conscious control. Entities can use this opportunity to slip in.

When a substance is used to avoid dealing with emotional pain, it allows entities more freedom to gain control. They will often project thoughts to encourage the person to “have one more drink” or take “one more hit.” When they can get their target addicted, it is much easier to gain control of them.

Another danger is mentioned in the Bible. When we release entities during a SoulCleanse, if the client chooses not to continue on their spiritual path and goes back to their addictive behaviors, stronger entities often come in to ensure they don’t lose this human again.

Entities never come alone. Once one gains entry, it makes it easier for others to follow. As a result, dozens, even hundreds can gain access.

Also, being around drug addicts and alcoholics will put you in a position of picking up some of their entities if you get high or if you aura is weak.

Of particular danger are places like bars and pubs where people often come to get drunk and/or high. Those places are loaded with entities.

In the evening, generally around 10-11 pm, when people are getting their buzz on, many times entities arrive in droves. That’s when you start seeing more fights, loose behavior and bizarre activities. You put yourself into danger of not only taking on entities but getting caught in brawls and other behaviors, needlessly.

Marijuana has many healing properties. When used with respect for the herb and in the proper way, one can use safely without becoming vulnerable to entity attachments.

Every plant has Nature Spirits assigned to it. The common spirits attached to marijuana are gentle and benign because it is a natural plant.

However, when marijuana is used to avoid dealing with emotional trauma, then problems can occur with Dark Entities, as well as Earthbounds who were addicted when they were alive. This is because when one gets “high,” it is easier for them to “slip in” while the human’s consciousness “slips out.”

The main dangers of marijuana comes when a person becomes addicted and it affects their ability to function properly.

When a person has a few hits to relax or for pain relief, there is usually no problem, as long as they are not abusing the amount of times they do this each day. In addition, inhaling smoke into one’s body is not a good idea.

When a person is around others who are disrespecting the plant by purposely using it to get “high” and even moreso, when anyone at the gathering is also getting drunk or high, a whole slew of Dark Entities may arrive on the scene.

Also, being around drug addicts and alcoholics will put you in a position of picking up some of their entities if you get high or if you aura is weak.


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Curses, Spells and Hexes
by Theresa Crabtree

Curses, spells and hexes are simply strong intentions sent to a targeted individual, group or location. In order to stay effective over a period of time, they have to be energized. These curses will only affect individuals if their energy field is weak enough to absorb the low frequency thoughts.

When a person is empowered and acting from a base of self-love, there is a tendency to make life choices based from kindness and compassion. These people also tend to express gratitude in their lives. This way of living strengthens one’s energy (auric) field. It is also closer to our natural state of being, which is Divine (unconditional) Love.

Love, kindness, compassion and gratitude emit higher frequencies. Whereas, hatred, revenge, jealousy and possessiveness emit low frequencies. When a person focuses low frequency thoughts at a person whose energy field is of a high vibration, the targeted person will not absorb the lower frequencies. A natural shield is created by the energies of love and gratitude.

This effect is similar to a radio. If you want to listen to station 102.5, you will not be able to tune into it, if your tuner is set to 80.9. The frequencies don’t match. As you get closer, by tuning into 102.1, you might start to get some static, but you will not make a strong connection.

Every human has the potential to cause harm to others. This can be done ignorantly or on purpose. Whenever someone is angry at another person and thinks strong, bad thoughts about them… or having a verbal or physical fight with them, they are in effect using the same energy that is commonly called a “curse, spell or hex.” You are consciously sending low vibrational energy to this person or group in that moment. If the targeted person has a weak energy field, they will absorb this energy, weakening them even further.

When a person has a low vibrational energy field, this opens them up to developing physical, mental and emotional imbalances. This also creates blockages to one’s spiritual awakening. Thus, it is very important to pay attention to one’s energy fields. However, most humans are unaware of this basic dynamic.

There is also the “mirror effect” that comes into play. Whatever energy one sends out, it will return to them. This can be an immediate response such as hitting someone and they hit you back. It can be more of a “Scrooge” effect, where a person is stingy for many years, then there is an awakening in which the person sees things from a new perspective and changes their ways. Sometimes, the “boomerang effect” of energy is played out later in life or even seeps in from a past life. Thus, be mindful that what you send out, will return to it. This is the basis of what many call “karma.”

From the standpoint of the person who consciously sends the intention of harm and ill will to another, they will “reap what they sow” at some future date. That energy they emit will return to them, often being magnified. Thus, if you know of someone who practices black magic and they are wealthy and successful, you do not need to have the feeling that they should be punished. Judge not, let ye be judged. Rather, keep your stance and move towards unconditional love for all.

Let’s talk more about the dynamics of curses, spells and hexes so that you do not fall under their spell (pun intended). First, keep in mind that the following can happen in a moment of anger or by someone who is intentionally sending the energy of malice and ill will towards another, short or long-term. Both can have a detrimental effect on the target, but only if the target has a weakened aura.

Thus, if you do not wish to be a target of other’s emotions, then make it a goal to raise your vibrational frequency. If you have problems while being in crowds or feel the emotions of others, simply by walking past them, then it is a sign that you are absorbing their energy. Again, this can only happen if your energy field is a frequency match to theirs. To date, I have not heard anyone complain that they are absorbing loving energy from others. However, my days are filled with assisting those who are having the opposite problem, absorbing other’s low energy vibrations.


As mentioned above, the target will only experience the effects of a curse, spell, or hex if their energy field is in a weakened position to absorb these low vibrational frequencies. A curse, spell or hex is simply a strong intention that a human utilizes in order to cause some kind of effect onto another person. This usually happens without the knowledge of the other person. The one setting the intention may or may not realize the effect they are having on the other person. They may even believe that what they are doing is in the best interest of the other person, such as creating a love or health spell. However, anytime a person intentionally affects the Free Will of another person, they can expect some energy consequences (karma).

Most people, at some time unknowingly create a “curse” simply by sending their angry energy at another person. They may hold a grudge for years or even an entire lifetime. They are also likely to gossip about this person, which gets others to send negative energy towards that person.

You likely have done this or received this type of energy with a family member or a romantic partner. The more you energize this bad energy, the more it will affect the other person, if their energy field is weak. Thus, the energy between you can be off balance for one or both of you for decades and even into future lifetimes. This energy exchange is just as debilitating as that of someone who practices black magic against another.

Thus, it is important for you to stop sending this negative energy towards others. Again, the energy exchange will be going on between the two of you, which can become stronger over time, depending on how much energy either of you is sending toward the other. If they are the ones sending you the bad energy, you can stop it from affecting you by raising your vibration. This is even more effective when you can forgive the other person and release any ill will you have towards them.

Low vibrational energy exchange is often noticeable around holidays and reunions when you gather with family and others that you have problems with. It is often enhanced during a chance meeting with someone who has hurt you in the past. It is important to release this energy. The Heart Connection exercise is very helpful in releasing these types of issues. You can download it on my resource page at:


This section deals mainly with intentional curses created by those who practice Black Magic. Again, what they are doing is simply setting a strong intention. As they create their ritual, they give it more energy. Some call on the Dark Entities that they work with to help energize the effects of their ill wishes. No matter what they do to set the intention, all energy will dissipate over time, unless it is recharged. This is similar to a battery. If it is not maintained or have some sort of generator, over time, the energy will be depleted.

  1. The Initial Result

In the beginning, the curse, spell or hex is energized by the focus of the sender. If left unattended, this energy will naturally disperse over time.

  1. Conscious Reminders

The energy of the spell will remain as long as the initial sender and/or the one who hired the initial sender keeps it energized.

For example, a jealous person who remains angry at the targeted person will keep the energy heightened as long as they are in physical proximity or in their thoughts. Eventually, the targeted person no longer becomes a threat and is not in their life anymore. Then the jealous person, rarely, if ever, even thinks of this person, so the curse or thoughts sent that way eventually will disperse.

Over time, if something triggers the jealous person, which makes her think of the targeted person and she still feels that animosity, then she may throw some low vibrational energy daggers at that person. Then goes back to forgetting about that person. The targeted person may sense something negative, but have no idea where it came from. It usually happens so quick that it goes unnoticed.

  1. Person Believes They are Cursed

There may or may not even be a curse targeted towards this person by someone else. Humans have a tendency to want to blame others for their misfortune. However, we each create our reality with our fears, beliefs, thoughts, words and actions. Most people who come to me do not have outside curses happening, it is their own unresolved emotional issues that has created the problem. Until that person accepts this and makes the necessary life changes, he/she may choose to continue to live their life with the belief they are cursed. This is giving your power away. The result is that one’s energy field will remain in a weakened state and they will remain open to absorbing the negative energy of those around them. This also makes them vulnerable to attachment and harassment by Dark Entities.

  1. Generational Curses

These are energized through oral traditions. They remain energized because people within the family hold the belief that it is true. Thus, they implant these beliefs on other members of the family. Most often what is believed to be a family curse is simply another way of displacing blame for one’s own actions.

More commonly, what appears to be a family curse are bad habits or predispositions to mental health issues, such as bipolar, schizophrenia and pedophilia.  Research has also shown that addictions tend to be genetic, especially misuse of drugs and alcohol. In these cases, it is still an individual problem that is not being resolved. However, there are such things as generational curses that are energized by Dark Entities.

  1. Involvement of Dark Entities

In some cases, people make conscious or unconscious “contracts with the devil.” For instance, they may be pleading for the life of a loved one and make a strong statement that they will do the “devil’s bidding” if they save the life of the person. Some go into contracts with Dark Forces for power, greed, lust and other purposes.

These kinds of contracts, whether done consciously or not, can be very dangerous because Dark Entities do not respect the Free Will of others. They also will demand that the human keeps their side of the bargain, whether or not the Dark Entities keep their side of the bargain.

Some of the bargains become even more dangerous, because the Dark Entity sees the contract as being made with one’s “soul,” not just that specific incarnation. Thus, when the person reincarnates, right from the beginning, that Dark Entity may come into that person’s life and create a lot of chaos. Even if the original human did not express the clause “forever and ever,” the Dark can still take it to mean that it was a forever contract. Thus, they can plague that person from infancy onward and into many lifetimes. Although this can happen, it is a rare occasion. The main reason is because when a person dies, any Dark Entities around them usually go off to new targets, losing interest in the one who has died.


No matter what has happened in the past, whether it was a past lifetime, a childhood event or something that happened a minute ago, the past is complete. All conscious beings create in the current moment. This then effects their future. Thus, if you are experiencing a true curse, spell or hex from someone outside yourself, whether human or not, you have full control over the effects of this projected energy towards you.

Once you raise your vibrational energy above the energy they are projecting, there will not be an energetic match. Once you set your own parameters on those based on self-love and love for others, it will override any lower based frequencies in your energy field. This is similar to two waves in the ocean. When a small wave hits a large wave, there is some turbulence. However, within a moment, the large wave absorbs the lower wave. Visually, the large wave continues on its path and the small wave no longer exists. However, each water droplet is still in existence, but now going in a new direction.

In addition to raising one’s vibrational energy, the belief that one is “cursed forever” needs to be dealt with. Once the belief is broken, the power is dissolved, like the wave action just mentioned. You may have experienced this many times throughout your life. Look at all the things you believed when you were a young child. Through time, you gained knowledge and new perspective, which changed beliefs. Thus, you set a new course of action built on your newly revised belief. The power is always in your hands.

Even if you have the strongest of Dark Entities attached to your energy field, you still remain the one who has full sovereignty over your body, mind and soul. You may be so entrenched, that you need outside assistance, but you do have the power to do this yourself. Again, your belief is a key element as well as raising your vibrational energy. You can also call on Masters of Light who are not in duality and who have the power to release these entities from you. However, they can only do so if you ask them to. You will also need to do your part in releasing them. That includes changing any thoughts, words, actions, fears and beliefs that made you vulnerable in the first place.

The Masters will not put forth more effort than what you put forth. To do otherwise will either go against your exertion of Free Will or keep you in a state of co-dependency. Their goal is to help you to empower yourself and not to see them as your savior.

You must do your “inner work” to heal the weak areas, otherwise you will remain vulnerable to more entities attaching to you. Quite often, the next batch that comes in will be stronger and harder to release, which is another reason the Masters expect you to do your Inner work.”

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Theresa Crabtree

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