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The first 3-5 days after the initial SoulCleanse, clients often report mild cold or flu symptoms, slight headaches and feeling over tired. The symptoms usually pass quickly leaving them with an over-all feeling of well-being, inner peace and clarity. Many health issues spontaneously disappear.

Everyone will experience the physical energy healing differently, depending on several factors. In your initial packet, you will receive information related to your specific health concerns. Physical dis-ease begins in the mental and emotional planes, so your healing will depend quite a bit on your past and current beliefs and behavioral patterns.

During the initial SoulCleanse, most clients feel more emotional that usual for 3-5 days. There is a tremendous release of pent-up emotions that have accumulated over all of your lifetimes on earth.

As a result, many report a feeling of inner peace and mental clarity. If the anxiety, depression or other emotions were due to  attached entities, the symptoms may disappear immediately.

During the initial SoulCleanse, years of stuck emotions are released that result in mental clarity and a feeling of well-being. When entities have been released, anything related to them is also cleared. Oftentimes, symptoms of obsessive or compulsive behaviors disappear. Bipolar, schizophrenic and paranoid symptoms may also disappear.

As a result of the energy healing, it is not unusual for other addictions to stop abruptly, as well. This includes alcoholism, drug abuse, pornography, smoking and behaviors such as nail-biting, cutting, suicidal thoughts and much more.

The goal of the SoulCleanse is to help you remember that not only are you an ambassador for your Higher Self, but that you ARE your Higher Self.

We are here to help with energy healing so you can release the blocks that make you feel separate from Source, your Higher Self and Spirit Guides. We truly are all One.

The SoulCleanse team follows the energy threads to everyone you have energetic ties with. This is true whether they are alive or not. Under the direction of the Higher Self, the deceased person can receive an energy healing of their entire lifestream.

The SoulCleanse is an energy healing proces that will clear and balance many blockages. As a result, this will give you more clarity to make better choices toward your goals.

However, you will still have to do your “inner work” and release any fears that keep you blocked. You will also need to uncover false beliefs and change behaviors that keep you blocked.

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Alcohol, drugs, including marijuana, general anesthesia and some prescription medicines weaken one’s energy field, thus making it easier for Dark Entities to gain access. 

Prescription medicines that induce sleep, mood inhibitors and those commonly used for many mental health issues often create a space in the brain that takes one out of conscious control. Entities can use this opportunity to slip in. 

When a substance is used to avoid dealing with emotional pain, it allows entities more freedom to gain control. They will often project thoughts to encourage the person to “have one more drink” or take “one more hit.” When they can get their target addicted, it is much easier to gain control of them.

Another danger is mentioned in the Bible. When we release entities during a SoulCleanse, if the client chooses not to continue on their spiritual path and goes back to their addictive behaviors, stronger entities often come in to ensure they don’t lose this human again. 

Entities never come alone. Once one gains entry, it makes it easier for others to follow. As a result, dozens, even hundreds can gain access.

Marijuana had many healing properties. When used with respect for the herb and in the proper way, one can use safely without becoming vulnerable to entity attachments.

Every plant has Nature Spirits assigned to it. The common spirits attached to marijuana are gentle and benign because it is a natural plant. 

However, when marijuana is used to avoid dealing with emotional trauma, then problems can occur with Dark Entities, as well as Earthbounds who were addicted when they were alive.

This is because when one gets “high,” it is easier for them to “slip in” while the human’s consciousness “slips out.” 

The main dangers of marijuana comes when a person becomes addicted and it affects their ability to function properly.

When a person smokes a few hits to relax and/or for pain relief, there is usually no problem, as long as they are not abusing the amount of times they do this each day. After all, just the event of inhaling smoke into one’s body is not a good idea, ever.

When a person is around others who are disrespecting the plant by purposely using it to get “high” and even moreso when anyone at the gathering is also getting drunk, a whole slew of Dark Entities may arrive on the scene.  Anyone who has a weak aura has a good chance of picking up some “hitchhikers” or having some attach to their aura.

Of particular danger are places like bars and pubs where people often come to get drunk and/or high. Those places are loaded with entities. 

In the evening, generally around 10-11 pm, when people are getting their buzz on, many times entities arrive in droves. That’s when you start seeing more fights, loose behavior and bizarre activities. You put yourself into danger of not only taking on entities but getting caught in brawls and other behaviors, needlessly.

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