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Message from the Masters: April 8, 2024

New Moon Solar Eclipse Celestial Gathering
Message from the Masters
April 8, 2024

Greetings Dear Ones,

It is with great joy that we openly commune with you.  We are happy for the times when you consciously open to us. For without that opening, our hands are tied to helping you. Thus, tune in daily and ask for help with your problem areas. Then listen for our subtle responses and cues. We cannot fix your problems, only guide you to solutions.

When it comes to your health, do all you can to eat well and exert appropriate exercise. Keep your thoughts, words and actions as purely based on Divine Love as possible. For then we can assist more with the healing of your body. Although we have the power to heal all wounds, we do not have permission to heal all wounds. For one must do more for themselves than we can do for them. Otherwise, this would create a co-dependent partnership.

Also consider that many times infirmities and other problems cannot be fully repaired, due to free will of others, your past choices, your current beliefs and fears, and simply due to life on a planet such as earth. When problems weigh on your heart, know that we hear your prayers. We will uplift you as much as we can. Try to see each problem as a measure of helping you gain inner strength, for then it will not seem as futile and will cause you less despair.

We know there is great despair over the entire globe at this time. Unfortunately, much will get worse before it gets better. Do all you can to safeguard your mind and your home. For much of what is happening does not have to affect you personally. Be wary of your emotions. As soon as you start to feel “off,” note where your thoughts are and do your best to pull yourself back into the moment. Take several long, deep breaths until you regain inner calm. This will help you to keep from spiraling out of control.

Spend your time with uplifting people. Enjoy your solitude. For these are times where you will gain more peace and understanding. Fill your heart with gratitude and love for your Creator, these two measures alone can help you through the worst times.

Simplify your life by saying “no” to activities that do not interest you. Spend more time in activities that give you pleasure. Take walks in nature to clear your head and enjoy nature itself. This alone is a great healer.

Since this is a day of celestial significance to many, we will issue a warning. Do not allow yourself to be caught up in misinformation about natural celestial events such as eclipses or even the new moon. If one chooses to set those times aside for special prayers, then this is good. However, when one expects negative or extraordinarily good things to happen on such occasions such as today’s solar eclipse, then one sets themselves up for disappointment.

We will reference one such notion that has caught widespread attention. The belief that “Mercury in retrograde” is a bad thing. With this as a focus, one can easily strengthen this belief. However, one who observes the difference during these natural celestial events, will discover that bad things happen just as often when not in retrograde. Since these beliefs are a choice, make those choices to your advantage. Set aside time to pray on the full and new moons. But also set time aside to pray every day. For there is no one day that is more special than another, unless you choose it to be so. Thus, choose wisely. Enjoy the beauty within each cycle, both celestial and globally.

We close with a request to send many prayers for peace to the regions currently having the greatest conflict. Try not to “take sides” or judge the players. Rather, send prayers that every person receives their basic needs. Send prayers that racism and hatred in everyone’s heart begins to melt. Pray for each to restore inner peace and love within and extend this to their fellow humans. All humans come from the same Source and when diversity is embraced, separatism will dissolve.

We love you greatly, beyond measure and are pleased at the times when you go within and find the solutions that bring you more in alignment with your True Self.

Be blessed, always, in all ways.
The Masters

*Transcribed by Theresa Crabtree. Please share with others. We hope that you will join us for future Celestial Gatherings. Fill your hearts with peace in the meantime!


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