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Mayan Messages are 260 daily inspirational quotes and meditations that help to enhance mental health, spiritual and energy healing, overcome emotional trauma and break addiction patterns.

If spiritual growth, higher consciousness
and connecting with Spirit Guides are your goals, this book is loaded with tools to help along your path of spiritual enlightenment.

In addition, there is an easy date converter for those who wish to follow the Tzolkin calendar dates, which is a more powerful way to utilize this book.


Gardening with Nature Spirits is dedicated to anyone seeking to consciously communicate with Nature Spirits. This includes your spirit guides,angels, devas, fairies, elves, elementals and loved ones on the “Other Side.”

Whether your goal is gardening, landscape design, home improvement or communicating with Nature Spirits,  you will find many helpful tips packed within these covers.

It is my hope that the information presented in this book will help bridge the gap between humans and the unseen realms, moving us all closer to unconditional love. 

FENG SHUI is the ancient Chinese art of geomancy used to balance the flow of Life Force energy, called “qi.”

Modern Feng Shui focuses on the placement of objects to balance the energetic flow of qi.


Stagnant energy and negative thinking creates disharmony, leading to dis-ease in the human body.

Balanced qi is essential, it IS the Life Force that allows you to live a balanced, healthy life.

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