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Message from the Masters: February 9, 2024

Message from the Masters
New Moon Celestial Gathering
February 9, 2024

Greetings Dear Ones,

We are happy to be in communion and of service to you at this time. There is nothing that gives us greater pleasure than to assist those of you who are Seeking to know God and to offer yourselves in service to others. For this is our desire as well.

When you gather in groups of like mind, focus on the intention. For where two or more are gathered, the power of manifestation is magnified. What is it that you would like to experience during your time on earth? Focus on this and put energy into what it is you wish to manifest. Then call upon us and we can assist, as long as it is in alignment with the wishes of your “Higher Self.”

Do know that we see the ulterior motives behind one’s prayers. We also see the indecision that comes with many prayers. It is when the mind, body and spirit are all in alignment that the “magic” happens. For then the energies are united as one.  If you are planning to make a smoothie and put the fruits in the blender and turn it on, it will be harder to manifest the outcome you desire if you forgot to add the liquids. Then perhaps after a moment you decide you really don’t want the bananas in there. Yet, some have already been ground and blended. So, there will be an essence of banana in the finished product. However, it will no longer be the exact smoothie that you had first intended. It will still have nutritional qualities. However, the taste and texture will be different. You may prefer it to the original recipe. You may choose to add the liquid and blend it again. You may choose to put the bananas back in. You may choose to throw it away. You may choose to include additional ingredients. There are many choices, each with a different outcome.

This is what we encounter quite often when one sends prayers to us, but waivers and/or rescinds the order before it is completed. Thus, be of one mind, united with your soul and spirit before offering your prayers. Then be prepared to listen within for the wee small voice or intuition to lead you to the next step. Be prepared to take those steps, with confidence. Then we are working in tandem and what you desire has a much better chance of being manifested.

Do keep in mind that there may be many obstacles to full manifestation. Thus, be prepared for side roads and unexpected events, for what you dream may not come in the way you had planned. Be open to new thoughts and expect to put in the time and energy to make it happen. Again, we cannot over emphasize the importance of meditation / quiet time, for how else will you hear the wee small voice? The more you release fear and false beliefs, the more you can rely on your intuition, for that is your truest GPS.

All you need resides within, thus be wary of relying on prophets and seers. Develop these qualities within your Self. Your Higher Self is anchored in your heart region and it holds the blueprint of your life. Every cell in your body has the potential to hold more light, more photons. This is Divine Love and Light, it is God within you, it is the Holy Spirit. Yet where the energies are heavy from fear and false beliefs or Dark entities that have entered in moments of weakness, there is no Light, for it will not penetrate the Dark that has been created by your free will choices.

Rather than pray for God and others to take away your problems, be ready to make those changes yourself. Ask for guidance and then follow the lead. The more you eradicate the dark within, the more Light that can penetrate. The Light will illuminate the path and you will avert many pitfalls. Take the lead in your life and be wary of what others say you must or must not do. Become your own wise counsel, with your inner team and let your Light shine!

We love you beyond measure, always and all ways!
The Masters

*** Transcribed by Reverend Theresa Crabtree. Feel free to share with those who have ears to hear. Join us for future Celestial Gatherings to receive personal cleansing and coherent group interaction with our spirit teams as we work towards spreading more peace and love to every being on earth.


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