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Message from the Masters: February 24, 2024

Full Moon Celestial Gathering
Message from the Masters
February 24, 2024

Greetings Dear Ones,

It is with great pleasure that we have these few moments to commune with you. It is our wish that you come more often for guidance and an exchange of heavenly energies. We are available at all times. Simply quiet your mind, concentrate on us and we will respond.
Many of you may be noticing that things seem to be “heating up,” not only in an ecological sense, but also one’s stirrings inside. There is also more intensity coming from outside influences, within the family, at the workplace, within relationships, as well as those you meet in your daily life. Global pressures are also heating up and coming to a head.

The question is, how do I handle all this pressure, yet remain peaceful within and graceful without? We understand that many of you are facing many hardships that seem to be harder to endure and to maintain stability with. Yet, know that all you need is inside you. Keep your feet rooted with the conscious choice of walking in peace no matter what is happening around you.

The breath is the place to start. Long, slow, conscious breaths, pulling yourself right back into the current moment is the starting place. Notice that when you or others get upset, they nearly stop breathing. The breath becomes shallow. They make get very quiet, bottling up the stress they are feeling. Whereas others may become volatile, screaming and yelling. Yet, even in the midst of their tantrum, the breath comes in short spurts. Pay attention to this. Then when you find yourself in this situation, take those long slow breaths in and out while telling yourself, “I am peaceful. My feet are grounded in peace. I can handle this.”

If all would do just this simple practice each time they were upset, there would be much less strife in the world. For once one loses control of their emotions, mental clarity and physical control dissolves with it. That’s when assumptions, throwing darts of blame and making hasty decisions take root. It is much easier to maintain one’s composure than having to undo all the hurtful and hateful things that one says and does in the heat of an argument.

Thus, we encourage you these next two weeks, until we meet again, that you place reminder notes so that you can begin to make this simple breathing exercise your natural way of being. You didn’t come to earth to be like the lost sheep in the wilderness. You have a shepherd and guidance to help you to unite with others and to blaze the trails of your desires. You each have a different path to walk, yet these side roads all lead to and from the main road. Find fellow supporters who are walking the main road and meet there often for support and encouragement. Then you’ll be better equipped as you enjoy the unique side path that is yours to explore and enjoy.

We love you beyond measure, all ways and always.
The Masters

*** Transcribed by Reverend Theresa Crabtree. Share with those who have ears to hear. Join us for the next Celestial Gathering and invite your friends.

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  1. Cathy Thompson

    Do the “Mind to Heart Drop”, in conjunction with the breath work, and ask our Higher Self to assist with gentle reminders to stay in our Heart as much as possible, throughout the day. ❤️

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