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Message from the Masters January 25, 2024

Message from the Masters
Full Moon Celestial Gathering
January 25, 2024

Greetings Dear Ones,

It is with much gladness that we commune with you this day. We are always available to hear your prayers and to help as much as is permitted. Yet, know that we will never do anything against your free will. This means that when you do ask for help, be sure that you are truly in alignment with letting go of any fears or beliefs associated with this matter.

Go deep within and play close attention to one area in which you feel off balance. With sincerity and readiness, ask to be shown the situation from many different angles. Ask to see through the eyes of another person involved, to gain a greater understanding of their motive. Ask to be shown why that person is off balance. Do the same for yourself, ask to be shown why you have reacted the way that you have. Why did this incident knock you out of a place of inner peace?

Do you regularly create quite time for inner reflection so that you experience inner peace each day? If not, this is highly suggested. For when one has inner peace, they also have more clarity. With more clarity, one is less apt to be reactive and also to have greater understanding and compassion with each incident, no matter how great or small.

With the incident, ponder different ways you could have acted or reacted. Look deeply to see if some of the problem rotated around any assumptions you have made. If appropriate, set up a time to discuss the matter with the other person, asking their motive. Step into this conversation with an attitude of problem-solving and let go of expectations, shoulda, woulda and couldas. Those only add fuel to the fire.

Simply ask to understand the other person’s view of the incident. Also, look deep within yourself to see if you said or did some things that created a bigger problem. Or things you didn’t say or do that could have led to a solution. Apologize for anything you did in regards to the matter. When one comes to the table with the true desire to resolve an issue, then resolution has a chance to come.

Be wary of pointing fingers at the other, becoming “self-righteous” or indignant, feeling the need to defend yourself. It is one thing to state your side of the story. But be wary while in doing so that you aren’t throwing darts at the other. Simply state your truth… “This is how I feel. Am I understanding this correctly? Can we work together to solve this experience?

Of course, there are many people that this type of resolution strategy will not work. In those situations, you are on your own to look within and resolve it as much as you can. Sometimes it is hard to see one’s own role. Yet, when you discover that you were part of the problem or perhaps even the “perpetrator,” it is very important not to go into shame, guilt or putting oneself down. Pull yourself out of the problem and instead look at how you would rather behave in a similar situation. You may falter at times, but with practice and a sincere heart, you will begin to change beliefs, fears and behaviors that do not reflect the True You. This is what the awakening path is all about.

The more diligent you are to stop negatively inclined thoughts, words and behaviors, the more inner peace and joy you will discover. With all that you release that is of a lower vibration, the more you will open your body and energy field to the nature flow of Divine Love and Light.

When one is caught up with anger, fear, revenge, low esteem, lack of love, etc., that tightens / contracts the DNA strands within the body. The more one is able to be open-minded, loving, compassionate, understanding and in their own integrity, these loosen / expand the DNA strands. The more the strands are open, the more photons can flow freely through these areas. Those photons are light, Divine Light. When you are more in harmony with your True Self, the aspect of God/ Source / Creator, this is the awakening path, the path to “enLightenment.” It is your True Essence.

Living on earth is challenging, but it also affords one of the greatest opportunities for expressing one’s True Self amidst those challenges. It’s the Dark that offers the opportunity to challenge oneself. It is up to the individual to choose how they will meet that challenge. When one lives in the moment, taking on those challenges, without getting absorbed and overwhelmed by others’ challenges, then life is much more manageable. Without stress, one gets lazy. Lazy individuals who want R&R will not choose an incarnation on earth. There are other places for respite.

You came to earth to challenge yourself and to help others challenge themselves. Those who offer you the most challenges in life are also your greatest blessing. They offer you the opportunity to look within and to choose how you wish to express yourself. Thus, the Dark has an important role on planet earth. One can shirk from the Dark in fear or embrace it as a means of gaining fame, fortune, riches or false security. Or one can say, “Thank you Dark for showing me the areas where I need to add more Light.” Then shine your Light on those Dark areas within. Expose them and expel them. Then replace them with Love based thoughts, words and actions. That, my beloved, is the ascension path, the way to ascend above the duality of earth. It is the key to your awakening.

Challenge yourself and enjoy the journey of self-mastery. What else is more importance this day? What else can give you greater joy than overcoming a challenge that helps you remember who you Truly Are? The choice is yours and all you need truly resides within you. Ask for our help as needed, but be ready to do the inner work to obtain mastery.

We love you beyond measure, all ways and always.
The Masters

** Transcribed by Reverend Theresa Crabtree. Share with those who are open and have ears to hear. Please encourage others to join us for future Celestial Gatherings.


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