Love Thyself

Do you truly love your Self? We are all from the same Source. Many ancient teachings make the statement that we are all One, that we are brothers and sisters and indeed, this is true. Know it in your heart, look into each other’s eyes and see this Truth. Until we know in our hearts that we are the same, there will be separation, which has been the downfall of every civilization. When humans create labels of separateness, all hell breaks loose. Heaven on Earth…



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Light-Hearted Day

Take time out for a light-hearted day. There is much work to do in your inner and outer world, however, do not forget to take time for enjoyable recreation. Pay attention to the words you speak and the choices you make. Remember to smile, to notice the beauty in Nature and to keep your thoughts focused on your desires. Choose things that bring joy to your heart. Laugh out loud. Do "a bun dance." Focus on what you want in your life and let all…


Childhood Innocence

Childhood Innocence: When children are born into families and societies with deep spiritual roots connected to Source and nature, their chances of retaining the remembrance of their spiritual roots is exponentially increased. These children are your teachers. Listen to what they say. Many are psychic and can read your energy. They know when you are speaking from your heart and when you are speaking from your mind. They literally take the messages they receive from television programs and games as being the Truth. It is…

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Connect with Nature

Take time to connect with nature. Silence your outer world and take as many breaths as you need to relax and release the worries of the day. Bring to your attention something you wish to resolve or receive direction on. Connect with your Soul.  All that needs to be done to make this connection is to go within and request that it be so. Ask for guidance and listen to the thoughts that come into your head. There is no need to go deeply into…


Observing Insects

Observing Insects: While in nature, stand in awe and witness the beauty that surrounds you. Stare at the ground for a few moments and you may find that you are surrounded by tiny insects. At first, you did not notice they were there. Once your awareness was turned to this small area, you began to notice new things. This is true every moment of your life. You will notice things where you place your attention. If you focus on negative memories or all the bad…


Gratitude Meditation

If possible, do this gratitude meditation while in nature or your yard. If not, cozy up with a houseplant or a photo of one. Spend several moments caressing a plant or sitting with a tree. Focus solely on your breathing. On your inhale, breathe in oxygen and the fragrance of the plant. On your exhale, give gratitude to the plant for providing the oxygen that you breathe. Continue with this simple exercise until you are completely relaxed and have worked up a warm feeling of…


Walk in Nature

Today, take time to walk in Nature to revitalize yourself. Walk in the early morning to set the energy for the day, allowing yourself to be more relaxed and in joy. Greet the morning sun. Go to bed earlier in the evening. There is nothing more refreshing than to enjoy a place of peace as the sun rises and sets. While you walk in nature, breathe in and out deeply, focusing on the way you would like to behave this day. If there is someone…


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