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Observing Insects

Observing Insects: While in nature, stand in awe and witness the beauty that surrounds you. Stare at the ground for a few moments and you may find that you are surrounded by tiny insects. At first, you did not notice they were there. Once your awareness was turned to this small area, you began to notice new things. This is true every moment of your life. You will notice things where you place your attention.

If you focus on negative memories or all the bad things that could possibly happen, your experiences and conversations will reflect this. Those who focus on positive thoughts and outcomes are less likely to be burdened when sad or bad things occur. Since they regard life in general as good and happy, they will take bad situations and find the good in them, for they know there is good in all things.

A second lesson we can learn from the insects is regarding their work activities.

No matter if a huge Being such as a human is standing near them, they continue with their daily routine. They do not stop to engage you in idle chatter. Insects do not make demands or place judgments on you; they simply continue to be. How many times do you allow yourself to be distracted by others? Would you be able to keep your focus on what you desire to do? Do you feel the need to entertain or engage others who are in your vicinity?

Another lesson we can learn from insects is how we react when others provoke us.  Do you feel the need to defend your actions and choices? To be able to stand in courage with your decision without the need to defend yourself is a mark of maturity.

There are times when walking away is in your best interest. However, what often happens is people who are provoked become fearful and not able to stand in their truth. If you find this is a habit of yours, you may choose to go within and look at why you allow others to intimidate you.

Take time to know yourself and have the courage to become the person you wish to be. Learn to say “no” to requests that are not in your highest good. There are many lessons that can be learned when one takes time to sit in nature and observe. Set time aside often, observing insects and communing with these highly intelligent Beings.

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