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Gratitude Meditation

If possible, do this gratitude meditation while in nature or your yard. If not, cozy up with a houseplant or a photo of one. Spend several moments caressing a plant or sitting with a tree.

Focus solely on your breathing. On your inhale, breathe in oxygen and the fragrance of the plant. On your exhale, give gratitude to the plant for providing the oxygen that you breathe.

Continue with this simple exercise until you are completely relaxed and have worked up a warm feeling of love and gratitude.

Now, visualize someone you are having difficulties with or someone you would like to have a deeper relationship with. On the inbreath, bring that person closer to you, releasing all judgments and negative feelings. On the outbreath, send loving thoughts from your heart to theirs. Continue until you feel a connection of acceptance or love.

For people you are having great difficulty with, it may take several attempts to get into a state of acceptance. Continue with this gratitude meditation for as many days as it takes until you can freely send love to them. This is also a good exercise to release negative emotions from past events that were unpleasant.

Spending time in Nature is very healing and you are encouraged to set aside time to do this on a daily basis.

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