Connect with Nature

Take time to connect with nature. Silence your outer world and take as many breaths as you need to relax and release the worries of the day. Bring to your attention something you wish to resolve or receive direction on. Connect with your Soul.  All that needs to be done to make this connection is to go within and request that it be so. Ask for guidance and listen to the thoughts that come into your head. There is no need to go deeply into…


Doors of Opportunity

Doors of opportunity are always available, waiting for you to open them. When you make a clear intention for something that you desire, such as a job that pays well and is more inspiring, take steps to make this goal a reality. Expect synchronicities, follow leads and check into various opportunities. Pay attention to your intuition and gut feelings, decide if these opportunities are truly what you want. Do not settle for anything less. Create situations that will make things happen; choose doors that best…


Soul Connection 70 ~ Manifest Your Dreams

Welcome to this blessed day in which exists all possibilities. Of the myriad of choices available, what will you choose? Do you realize the importance of your words and how they ripple throughout the entire fabric of the universe? Have you any realization of the impact your thoughts, both positive and negative, have on yourself and others? Thoughts and words fueled by your emotions are the stuff that manifestation is all about. What is it you desire? What forgotten dreams lie within? Have you a…


Soul Connection 58 ~ Focused Intentions

You have the free will to choose whatever you want to experience. Set goals or intentions, yet know that at any time, you can change them. However, wavering creates a shift that makes it harder for the Heavenly Helpers to realize your goals. Clear intentions are crucial. Being alert and looking for synchronicities and coincidences while following your intuition are ways that lead to your desired outcome. Beware of over-hyping coincidences and reading more into a situation than is really there. That may lead you…


Soul Connection 53 ~ Enjoy the Journey

Enjoy each step of your journey, knowing that nothing is ever complete. All things are always in a state of growth or decay. There is no stagnation. Even during times of apparent stagnation, there is still movement and evolvement. Any act of completion is a doorway to a new beginning. Once you have finished a project or a journey, it is time to start something new. Peel away unwanted behaviors, beliefs and reactions that keep you from being in joy. Step by step, walk towards…


Soul Connection 51 ~ Balance Point

What habits keep you from living the life you now only dream of? What behaviors keep you locked into patterns of distrust, unhappiness and unfulfillment? What fears hinder you from being loving and kind? What is not working for you? What do you wish to release? Take time each day to look at these issues. Be honest with yourself. Step by step, start releasing old habits that no longer serve you. Is it time to find new friends who are supportive of your ideal life?…


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