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  1. Jo Sinclair

    Unexpected results from last summer’s 2 3& me DNA testing. Totally aligned with continuing synchronicities as the story of a new family unfolds. Divinely guided.

  2. nancy Crom

    This is pretty amazing. Both my husband and I are from the NY/NJ metro area. Yet I went to college in Columbia, Missouri. I graduated in the 1973 teacher glut, and bounced around the country before coming back to Columbia in the synner of 1975. I took a part time job as a food service tray server in the local hospital. Tim was in upstate NY, and engaged to a girl who decided to go to grad school at the University of Missouri, in Columbia,Missouri, in 1975. He ended up breaking up with her, and got a job at the same hospital I worked at, doing the same thing. We met on the job. Meanwhile, I was living with another guy. My cat put her ears back when he kissed me, so I wondered what was wrong with him. I found out and threw him out. One night I invited Tim over to my house. He said I couldn’t get his bike in my VW. I did. My cat sat in his lap, in effect saying “We can keep this one. I like him.” We lived together for a while before getting married. I think our guides were working overtime to get this to happen!

    1. admin

      They sure were working overtime… and pets are often great indicators of who to keep and who to “throw back.”

  3. Chris

    Synchronicity is definitely a sign that we are on the right path, and even showing us where to go next in life in order to continue our spiritual awakening.

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