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Soul Connection 27 ~ Going Within Process

Quiet your inner and outer world. Take a look at any aspect of your life. Why do you follow a specific church doctrine? Why do you believe what you believe? Why do you have household items you never use? Why do you hang out with people you feel uncomfortable with? Why do you allow family members to treat you disrespectfully?

Choose one and look at it deeply. Feel the emotions that arise. If they are pleasant, feel gratitude for them. If they cause uneasiness or any “negative” feelings, look deeper. Look at the parts that don’t fit, that hold you back and that cause fear and anxiety. If it helps you to move forward, consider what would be the worst that would happen if you changed that particular belief. Then by whatever means works for you (making a list, praying, setting an intention, etc.) write the steps that will lead you into a release of that paradigm and take the first step towards your new intention.
Stay positive and focused as you take the necessary steps to create the desired outcome. Many times, what you want might not appear the way you expected. Therefore, pay attention to the “coincidences” and “synchronicities” that present themselves to you.
Be mindful that beliefs change from time to time as you develop understanding in various areas of your life. Thus, it is wise to be open to others’ insights and to take time to reflect on new information that comes your way.

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