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Soul Connection 58 ~ Focused Intentions

You have the free will to choose whatever you want to experience. Set goals or intentions, yet know that at any time, you can change them. However, wavering creates a shift that makes it harder for the Heavenly Helpers to realize your goals. Clear intentions are crucial. Being alert and looking for synchronicities and coincidences while following your intuition are ways that lead to your desired outcome.

Beware of over-hyping coincidences and reading more into a situation than is really there. That may lead you off track. Your Soul will continue to nudge you back on track as soon as you overshoot or miss an important mark.

Be careful not to attach yourself to any goal to the point that you feel you have failed. Often, much time passes before you can see the blessings in what you felt were failures. Then you can see how the experiences led to your desired outcome, which many times is better than your initial dream.

Set your dreams high. Energize them with passion. Watch for synchronicities. Follow the clues even if you have to go beyond your comfort zone. Then watch your life unfold!

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