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Soul Connection 51 ~ Balance Point

What habits keep you from living the life you now only dream of? What behaviors keep you locked into patterns of distrust, unhappiness and unfulfillment? What fears hinder you from being loving and kind? What is not working for you? What do you wish to release?
Take time each day to look at these issues. Be honest with yourself. Step by step, start releasing old habits that no longer serve you. Is it time to find new friends who are supportive of your ideal life? It may be in your best interest to find a new job or change an attitude you have with your work associates.
Uncover beliefs that do not feel right. Have the courage to face your fears. Whenever you release dark thoughts and fear, you are encoded to receive more light within each of your cells. This is what is referred to as enlightenment. It does not happen in an instant; it occurs step by step. As a creative Being, you can choose from moment to moment whether you will lean more towards the dark or the light side of any experience.
The goal is to find a balance point, a place where you can feel at peace while appreciating the experiences you have chosen. What knowledge did you gain from your experiences? Can you see how this knowledge can now be shared with others who have experienced the same or who are seeking a way out of their current situation? Sharing knowledge brings you closer to others. This is what creates the unity that so many are currently seeking.
Like attracts like. When you seek higher good for yourself, you will attract those who are seeking higher good for themselves. When you have reached levels of understanding and compassion, Heavenly Helpers will work overtime to connect you with those who are in need of an understanding ear and compassionate heart. Follow your intuition and synchronicities and you will find each other. The encouragement may come in the form of smiling at a stranger, a brief conversation or simply being observed by others. Your deeds do not go unnoticed. Find balance in all!

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