Love Others

A reminder to love others as God loves you! I had another C.O.G. moment yesterday morn as I happily left home to do some shopping. While waiting at the traffic light, a pandhandler with a "Homeless, Need Help" sign walked silently past each car. I was skeptical as to his being homeless... dressed well, ear buds while listening to music, hair looking good, new backpack, well fed. My judgment was that he was likely out looking for funds for his drug habit. As he came…


Changing Patterns

Changing patterns can be life-changing. You may encounter situations that feel uncomfortable because they are new. These situations may bring up a past time when you were presented with a similar situation that you handled poorly. What often occurs is that you are presented with a similar situation repeatedly until you work through it. Although the scenario may not be exactly the same, the basic premise is similar. Repeated patterns are usually a sign that an unresolved issue is ready to be healed. Love of…


Morning Reflections

Every morning, communicate with your Higher Self and Spirit Guides. Invoke Archangel Micha-el and your favorite Masters to energize a shield of protection around you. Ask your Higher Self if there are any priorities for you to attend to this day. Request that messages from your Guides come clearly and in ways that allow you to know they are from them. Ask that the reminders to stay on your Path be graceful. Practice tuning in for guidance each moment of the day. Ask your body…

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Relinquish Judgment

When you relinquish judgment you hold against yourself, you will more readily release the judgment you hold against others. When you live from a base of non-judgment, your life indeed will become truly magnificent. Judgment separates you from others. It creates feelings of worthlessness and “better than thou.” These beliefs are extremely detrimental to unconditional love. They come from low density energy and make it difficult to attain higher vibrational levels of love and gratitude. Be prepared to release judgment by going within and paying…


Love Exchange

We exchange love by giving and receiving. There are many facets of love such as compassion, kindness, respect and gratitude. When you send someone loving thoughts, they receive them in an instant. They may suddenly feel a warm rush of energy and not know why. Although it may be difficult to love those who trespass against you, these are your greatest teachers, for when you can love them, it becomes much easier to love yourself and others. Choose one person that is difficult for you…


Greet Everyone

Greet everyone with a smile and a dose of love from your heart to theirs. A simple nod or smile can make a positive difference in a person’s day and perhaps change the course of someone's life. Release all judgment toward others. Focus on the knowledge that every person you meet is created by the same Source that created you. See everyone as equal, an extension of you. Whenever it is appropriate, tell the people you interact with that you appreciate them. As a result…


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