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Love Others

A reminder to love others as God loves you!

I had another C.O.G. moment yesterday morn as I happily left home to do some shopping. While waiting at the traffic light, a pandhandler with a “Homeless, Need Help” sign walked silently past each car. I was skeptical as to his being homeless… dressed well, ear buds while listening to music, hair looking good, new backpack, well fed. My judgment was that he was likely out looking for funds for his drug habit.

As he came past me on his back to his starting point, he let out a malicious theatrical laugh and said, “I know what you thought behind my back, you evil bitch! If you get in a crash down the road, know it was me!”

My first response was shock… then there was the rush of emotions: anger, how dare he, wtf?…

Then there were the flashes of revenge: curse him, go back and pretend to curse him, call the police since panhandling is illegal…

Then I remembered my C.O.G. exercise that I mentioned the other day.

It took several hours to let go of it and remember that he, too, is a Child of God (COG). And that he is just expressing himself in his own way.

When I got home, I was still having difficulty letting go of the judgment towards him. He kept creeping back into my thoughts and I’d relive the experience.

Then a book I ordered through amazon arrived… 13 hours after I ordered it. That’s a record!

I dug into the book right away and around page 48, there was the message… to love others as God loves us… no judgment, no pulling back from Love… just observe and allow.

With that reminder, it was easier to release the experience from the morning and go to the next level: gratitude for the experience so I can practice my goal of being unconditionally loving.

Thank you, Raymond Moody, for the gentle reminder to walk a step closer to Divine Love. His new book is called, “God is Bigger than the Bible.”

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