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Relinquish Judgment

When you relinquish judgment you hold against yourself, you will more readily release the judgment you hold against others. When you live from a base of non-judgment, your life indeed will become truly magnificent.

Judgment separates you from others. It creates feelings of worthlessness and “better than thou.” These beliefs are extremely detrimental to unconditional love. They come from low density energy and make it difficult to attain higher vibrational levels of love and gratitude.

Be prepared to release judgment by going within and paying attention to how you treat others. Some of these judgments have become so engrained, they may not be easily identified by you. The way to find them is to pay attention to any thoughts you have in which you see any person, place or event as better or less than you. Understand that we are all One and seek ways to merge with all others energetically.

This can be done by releasing fears and thoughtforms that creates space between you. Relinquish the need to be right and the need to get others on “your side.” These are the very thoughts that keep you separate. Accept that everyone has the right to choose their own experiences. Instead of finding ways you are different, begin to have conversations in which you find ways in which you are alike.

No two people embrace identical beliefs.

This knowledge releases you from the need to persuade others to follow your beliefs. Accept differences the same as you would expect a library to be full of various books. Every person is a living library, each has a different cover and story to tell. Although there are many genres of books, each story within the genre is unique. There may be some books you have no interest in reading when you are young, that you find fascinating as you mature. It is the same with people. There are some you find no common ground with, perhaps your entire lifetime, yet they are treasured by others.

On thing is certain, if you relinquish judgment, less judgment will come back to you. Who knows, maybe you’ll find some great friends along the way!

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