Message from the Masters May 30, 2022

Greetings Dear Ones, It is with our greatest pleasure to commune with you this day. It is our desire that you take time throughout your day to quiet your mind so that you may commune more freely with us. Many of us have walked the Earth. We know your pain, your trials and your tribulations. Thus, having mastered the difficult Path of Separation, we have much that we can share with you to help you walk your Path with more grace and understanding. Those who…


Message from the Masters May 16, 2022

Greetings Dear Ones, Always know that no matter how bleak a situation is, at the core you are a creative Beacon of Light. We are here to support the desires that are in alignment with your preincarnation contract. Many of you chose to come here at this time specifically to help with the Transition that is going on with planet earth, her inhabitants and those who use her energies while residing in other dimensions. It is easy to get lost and caught up in the…


Love Others

A reminder to love others as God loves you! I had another C.O.G. moment yesterday morn as I happily left home to do some shopping. While waiting at the traffic light, a pandhandler with a "Homeless, Need Help" sign walked silently past each car. I was skeptical as to his being homeless... dressed well, ear buds while listening to music, hair looking good, new backpack, well fed. My judgment was that he was likely out looking for funds for his drug habit. As he came…


Morning Message 102421

As I was driving out of the store parking lot this morning, I was distracted by a woman. In the moment that I took to glance back, my van came within a few feet of a man that I had not seen. He raised his fist and with a snarl said, “Thanks for almost running over me.” Granted, my eyes were not where they should have been. Also, the man had plenty of room and was not in the crosswalk. I didn’t even need to…


Morning Message 101721

You did not come to earth to save anyone. What is there to be saved from when you remember your True Roots as a child of the Creator? Put your ego to rest and spend your time more focused on how to expand your true nature of Divine Love. Practice anchoring inner peace, no matter situation in which you find yourself. What else is of more importance this day? ~ Rev. Theresa Crabtree



This morning I had an AWESOME meditation. One of the areas I am working on is unconditional love. It’s so hard not to judge people by their looks, what they wear, what they say, what you think they are thinking, what they do… and on and on the list goes. So, I was inspired to put some sticky notes in prominent places that simply say “C.O.G,” an abbreviation for “Child of God.” This is a reminder to do a heart-to-heart connection with whoever is on…


Inner Peace

Besides breathing and eating, the most important daily activity you can engage in is to spend quiet time going within and connecting with your Higher Self. There are also many health benefits associated with meditation and daily prayer. PHYSICALLY you will experience health benefits as you relax and relieve stress. As you work through problems, you will become better equipped to handle stressors as they emerge. MENTALLY you will become more alert and focused. EMOTIONALLY you will begin to balance yourself in all situations, regaining…


Re-creating Your Self

RE-CREATING YOURSELF It is time to transcend low energy memories into new beliefs that will allow you to grow more into the beautiful Being that you are. You are already perfect, although you may no longer remember this is true. How can you shed fears and beliefs that keep you locked into a life of pain and sorrow? When going within, have the courage to face your fears and to accept responsibility for your emotions and actions. This is not to say that you are…


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