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This morning I had an AWESOME meditation. One of the areas I am working on is unconditional love.

It’s so hard not to judge people by their looks, what they wear, what they say, what you think they are thinking, what they do… and on and on the list goes.

So, I was inspired to put some sticky notes in prominent places that simply say “C.O.G,” an abbreviation for “Child of God.” This is a reminder to do a heart-to-heart connection with whoever is on my mind. Then to remember that they are a C.O.G and focus on a few beautiful things I know about them.

Today’s goal is for me to practice doing this with 50 people… mainly using my Facebook “friends,” clients and those who pop into my mind.

So, if you feel a dose of love today… maybe it’s from me!
We are all cogs in the wheel of life. Let’s make this world go round and round with plenty of love!

Create a wonder filled day for yourself!


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  1. Steven Robert Hinz

    Sending you my love!!!

    1. admin

      Soaking up that love, brother!

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