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Message from the Masters May 16, 2022

Greetings Dear Ones,

Always know that no matter how bleak a situation is, at the core you are a creative Beacon of Light. We are here to support the desires that are in alignment with your preincarnation contract.

Many of you chose to come here at this time specifically to help with the Transition that is going on with planet earth, her inhabitants and those who use her energies while residing in other dimensions.

It is easy to get lost and caught up in the turmoil, yet you must be diligent so that you can remain calm no matter what situation arises. Everything is on the edge of collapse and/or reconstruction. As you aware, in the material world, if you want to create something anew, such as a house remodel, one must tear out the parts that are worn or damaged. This is the stage you are experiencing now, when you look at local and global situations. Yet, be of good cheer, for this is a time to rejoice because the trend is now beginning to go upwards.

We do wish to remind you that in order to create “Heaven on Earth,” the change must come within the majority of humans who consistently and emphatically insist that this is what they want. This is not a time to sit and cry, “Woe is me.” This is not a time to “throw in the towel” and claim defeat. This is not the time to continue to let others govern you as you hand over your power to them.

This is the time to awaken and to start manifesting what you desire that is in alignment with Divine Love. Keep your focus there. Unite with others who desire the same. Then gather in prayer groups. Gather in social groups. Support action groups who are ready and willing to make these changes.

We can guarantee that there will not be a million space ships that will come to rescue you. Many believe they will be instantly transported to a “New Earth.” We guarantee that at the level of consciousness most humans are at, the ability to create a New Earth is not something within their power to do so. There are also not many Masters who are interested in creating this utopian New Earth and then seeding it with “Lightworkers” who have not done their “inner work.”

There also is no need for a new physical earth, because each human has the power within themselves to make better choices that are more in alignment with the New Earth they desire. That is the Path and goal to focus on. You cannot change anyone else, but you can change yourself. So, start within.

Closely monitor your thoughts, words and actions. Then begin releasing any that are not in alignment with Divine Love. As you do so, monitor where you focus your attention and chose those that are uplifting. For every negative word you say, replace them with at least three that are positive. Living at that level of consciousness, you will begin to quickly reset your thoughts and words to those that benefit what you desire.

Do good, the best that you can in each moment. Then you will be a role model to others. Whether they choose to model your good behavior is up to them. Letting go of judgment, expectations, fear and limiting beliefs is for you to do, not to force others to do. Be the beacon in your circle, and all those little lights will begin to merge with other little lights. In so doing, you will become the Lights of the world and illuminate the path to creating the New Earth and moreso, illuminating the Path back to Source and back to Unity.

Treat your body as a temple, for it is your one and only “safe” sanctuary. No matter what pain or harm you suffer, no one can make you unhappy, hopeless, fearful, etc. Only you can do this and how you feel in any given situation is your responsibility, your choice to nurture it or to change your perspective and seek higher.

Spend time expressing love and gratitude for the Creator of All. That will help lead you to the remembrance and ability to embrace all as One. Know that in the “Big Picture,” all is well. If you or others are suffering or making ridiculous and harmful choices, each will have as many opportunities as they wish to return to Earth or elsewhere in order to make amends or to choose a higher response. Don’t drown in their sorrow or trauma. Rather focus on how you can see the blessings in everything around you. Even the darkest moments in earth’s history have been of benefit to all… mostly appreciated by the conscious explorers of the universe who have a greater understanding of the beauty of Free Will and the wisdom of the Creator.

If there is something in your life that is out of balance, start to explore solutions. If those around you continue to choose downward trends, allow them, without extinguishing your own light. You aren’t meant to save anyone. Instead, be a beacon so like the ships in the storm, they know where there is a safe haven to come to. But understand that like the captain of the ship, they must be watchful for the light and want to guide to the safe harbor or at least to sail around the dangerous shoals.

Each human is captain of their own ship and has the power and authority to choose which course they wish to take in that moment… while also having the ability to change their course in a moment’s notice. But do remember that your ship is physical and it will respond to your touch of the rudder, but it will take time to stop the momentum of the old path. Some damage may come as a result; some repairs may need to be made. There may even come a time when it is necessary to abandon the course and/or the ship completely in order to start over. Then perhaps the choice will be made to command a different vessel. But if one doesn’t learn from the past or choose to make better decisions, it is likely one will steer the new ship into the shoals, as well. Most humans on earth have had many previous ships that they have run aground.

So learn from the choices you have made. Be observant of the cause and effect of choices others have made. Choose not to give up, but ask for guidance in how to see things from a new perspective so that you can make wiser choices. Wise choices are more readily available when one has inner peace, thus make inner peace a priority in your life. Otherwise, if you stay in the “rat race” or daily grind, you can be sure that nothing will change, except a duller experience as one’s energy is depleted. This will result in a lack of creativity. You are a creator, right down to your core and if you cannot muster creativity, then despair will set in.

We share this to help you to become more aware of your ability to awaken out of the path of boredom and disillusionment. Reclaim your right and being as a creator and get busy focusing on the good you wish to experience and share while still in human form. If you prefer not to come back and experience a life of drudgery, then pull yourself out of the drudgery now, while you are on the awakening path. Then you will begin to experience more joy, happiness, contentment and share these with others. That is when life is worth living and when you can begin to take more steps up the ascension ladder.

Call on us for help. Listen for our response. Then follow your heart and intuition when it leads to your desired goals. Be ready to release the fear so that like the fledgling bird, you can soar!

We love you beyond measure… all ways and always!

Metatron and the Masters

*Transcribed by Reverend Theresa Crabtree

You are encouraged to share this message. Invite those in your circles to join us for future Celestial Gatherings and other groups uniting for the upliftment of earth and her inhabitants.

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