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Message from the Masters May 30, 2022

Greetings Dear Ones,

It is with our greatest pleasure to commune with you this day. It is our desire that you take time throughout your day to quiet your mind so that you may commune more freely with us. Many of us have walked the Earth. We know your pain, your trials and your tribulations. Thus, having mastered the difficult Path of Separation, we have much that we can share with you to help you walk your Path with more grace and understanding.

Those who have young children, caregiving the elderly and sick and working long hours each day, we understand how difficult it can be to meditate. This is especially true for those who have others living in the household making noise and having demands that need to be met.

Yet, we encourage you to set aside a space and when possible, a specific time to go within. This quiet time will help you to regain inner peace. Once the clutter in your mind is somewhat stilled, then you will have more clarity on how to proceed with your life. You can expect the need to review the past in order to let go of anything that hinders you. Once you release those energy blocks, Divine Love can flow more freely through you. This will give you more energy and help to raise your vibration.

As your vibration rises and the flow of Divine Love becomes less hindered, then you will have the ability to dream bigger and to have loftier, attainable goals. We hope that more meditation time is one of those goals, for the rewards are great.

Consider a period of contemplation first thing in the morning, perhaps before you get out of bed. At that time, your mind will be more at rest and it will be easier to commune with us. Send and receive love to the Creator, to your favored saints and masters and to yourself. Then focus on a few things that you are grateful for. This will give you a jolt of upliftment that no amount of coffee can offer you. You will then begin your day in a higher vibrational state. While in this state, tune into your own spirit Team and ask for guidance on anything specific for the day: a problem you are having with another, a probing question you would like answers to, the day’s priorities, etc. Offer it to your Team and then sit still to see if any thoughts or intuition comes your way.

As you arise from slumber, set the intention that you will allow the day to flow. You may have some things that you must do. But most of the time, until you go to bed, is yours to create with. Choose a blend of activities such as being in service to others, releasing any blocks within you and include time for rest and recreation. Look at that word, “re-creation.” Remind yourself that you are a creator being, down to your core.

With your intention and attention, you have co-created the life that you now have. Pay attention to the things that do not bring you joy. Then, looking from various perspectives, begin to formulate how you may bring more joy into your life. This may mean seeing less of some people, setting boundaries with others, seeking different employment and for many, learning how to gracefully say, “No” to the demands of others. Consider the things that do bring you joy and contentment and add more of that into your life.

Many of you get caught up doing “good deeds” for others, only to feel used and burnt out at a later date. Review these times to see if your reason for doing so was because you felt obligated to do so or was hoping to win some kind of favor. If you did not receive acknowledgement or some type of barter in exchange, then it could be that you held expectations and perhaps judgment. In these cases, you set yourself up for a downfall. Look at your motives before you say “yes” or offer advice to others. This will help you to better see what is yours to do and what is not yours to do. Just this one simple exercise alone could free up an enormous amount of time, energy and perhaps even money… just by not meddling in the affairs of others.

Quiet inner time can help you to discern what is best for you to do and what is best for others to handle themselves. If you tend to take on the problems of others, trying to fix them or their situation or finding it difficult to say no, then you could be fostering codependency. This is always based on one’s own needs. These needs can be noble, such as not wanting others to experience physical or emotional pain. Yet, we assure you that pain has an important role for those in the human realm. Pain and suffering are the greatest motivators for humans to want to seek Higher and to want to reach out for support. With enough pain, the person may be motivated to start looking within and resolving their own problems.

When you observe those who wallow in their own mire, with no motivation to do better, in most cases, you will see that their basic needs do get met. Offer them the motivation to take care of their own needs. We do understand that some will choose to stay in the mire; allow them to do so. Some may choose to end their lives. Do not get caught up in the guilt of others’ choices. They can always return to Earth and have another go around. Life continues after death.

When one enables another, this not only takes away the motivation for the other to take care of their own needs, it also enhances their belief that they are worthless and not capable of caing it themselves. This can lead to a sense of despair, despondency and hopelessness. Thus, it is a fine line to know when and how to best help another in any given situation.

We bring this to your attention in hopes of encouraging you to go within each day, preferably at least in the morning and the evening. During those times, ask for discernment and guidance on how best to get your own needs met and how to best assist others. Balance is key and discerning when to lend a helping hand or give advice will help you to see when you are truly helping another or enabling another. When you listen for the guidance and clear intuition you will find better ways to enhance your life. Then you will find the happiness, joy, energy and motivation that may be lacking in your life.

Come to us for anything and we will work hand in hand with you. But do understand that we will offer you Guidance and also encourage you to go within so that you can make a better choice, with more clarity. You are a creator at your core, but we also are all One, thus we more accurately are co-creators, for there is not one that stands alone, except those who let no one else in. Thankfully, that is a temporary perception that one can awaken from in any moment. The answers lie within. We extend our Love and compassion towards you and invite you to walk with us each moment of your life.

You are loved always, all ways.

Metatron and the Masters

** Transcribed by Reverend Theresa Crabtree. Share this message with others and encourage them to join us in future Celestial Gatherings.

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