Enjoy the Journey

Enjoy the journey down the Saint Johns River, Florida while listening to today's message.  ;-) https://youtu.be/ZGhStbM-hdU


Spiritual Teachers

It is wise and comforting to study the words of spiritual teachers, yet, it is imperative to take in only those things that intuitively feel are best for your unique path. Seek spiritual teachers who are role models of love and compassion, for they know the secrets to happy living. If your goal is to ascend out of duality, then ask for Guidance from Masters who are ascended above this realm. Call on the ones you are drawn to and build a relationship with them,…



Pay attention to synchronicities, which are meaningful coincidences. Count them as blessings as you walk along your life Path. Have the courage to follow through with ideas that feel inspiring, for they likely are guideposts for you. There are times when you will falter, but you will never be lost. Call on your Higher Self and Spirit Guides for assistance. They are always nearby to set up new experiences to help you stay on your Path. Take time to clear your mind. Go into meditation…


Release Time Constraints

Do you feel a quickening, as though there is no time to get things done, wondering where the hours went at the close of your day? There is currently a shattering of time. You will feel the pull to release time constraints as you begin to ascend to a higher consciousness. Time is relative to your interest in an activity, as well. You have likely experienced performing a chore that you disliked and it seemed to take forever. Yet, when you spent the same amount…


Soul Connection 63 ~ Purify

Purify simply means “to cleanse.” The first step in purification of the physical body is to fast, which allows your body time and energy to purge itself of unnecessary toxins and stored substances. Once purged, the body feels invigorated. You will find that as you improve your diet, your body odors will become pleasantly fragrant. Rather than slathering on chemically laden soaps and body rinses, sometimes a shower of water is all that is needed to cleanse the skin. Remember to bless and thank the…


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