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Pay attention to synchronicities, which are meaningful coincidences. Count them as blessings as you walk along your life Path. Have the courage to follow through with ideas that feel inspiring, for they likely are guideposts for you. There are times when you will falter, but you will never be lost. Call on your Higher Self and Spirit Guides for assistance. They are always nearby to set up new experiences to help you stay on your Path.

Take time to clear your mind. Go into meditation and seek inside for answers. Often the responses are subtle: a fleeting thought, an intuition, a gut reaction or a “knowingness.” Trust your instincts. It is much easier to trust your instincts after you have relinquished your fears. At times, you may receive an intuition, but your fears create a reaction response that keeps you from following through with your intuition. This is an important reason why facing and walking through your fears is imperative.

Also, pay attention to your feelings when you make choices. In most cases, if you have released associated fears and false beliefs, you will know with certainty which choice to make.

You will find guideposts from Spirit in many ways.

Perhaps you will overhear a part of someone else’s conversation that is relative to you. Books may fall at your feet. Objects appear to almost glow or “call” to you. Your loved ones who have crossed over may send familiar scents to let you know they are nearby. Song lyrics repeating in your mind, may be a clue. A website may pop up unexpectedly on your computer. You may feel a strong urge to go somewhere or turn on the television or radio to a specific channel. There are many ways your Higher Self, Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters and loved ones attempt to reach you. When you are paying attention, you will notice their clues. Seek and you will find.


Watch for synchronicities that are unusual, yet relevant.


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