Soul Connection 63 ~ Purification

Soul Connection 63 ~ Purification

Purification simply means “to cleanse.” The first step in purification of the physical body is to fast, which allows your body time and energy to purge itself of unnecessary toxins and stored substances. Once purged, the body feels invigorated. You will find that as you improve your diet, your body odors will become pleasantly fragrant. Rather than slathering on chemically laden soaps and body rinses, sometimes a shower of water is all that is needed to cleanse the skin. Remember to bless and thank the water as you immerse yourself with its cleansing and healing properties!

What other ways can you purify yourself? Pay attention to your thoughts, words, behaviors and emotions. Negative thoughtforms glop together. Statements such as, “I am sick and tired of this. That is such a pain in the neck! You’re killing me!” creates disease in the body. It is not the actual words that are the cause of the disease; it is the emotions behind the words that are the triggers.

Your Spirit Helpers surround you each and every moment. It is their pleasure to help create your dreams into reality. They do not pay attention to all the words you think and speak, for much of this is nonsense. What they do pay attention to are the feelings behind your words and actions. Emotionally charged complaints such as, “I am sick and tired of this job” are catalysts that your Spirit Helpers uses to help you get out of the unwanted job situation. With an accumulation of these thought forms, becoming “sick and tired” may be the way this manifests.

Can you see how much better it would be to take action and change circumstances at work, adjust your attitude and persperctive, or to get another job, rather than making a change because you are too sick and tired to work?

Pay attention to what you would truly like to experience in life. Focus your attention on what you want rather than what you do not want. Look around and choose the steps that lead you toward this goal. Watch for synchronicities that lead you to the next step or a person who has answers or assistance for you.

Many times, your Spirit Helpers will have things set up for you, but you miss the clue. There will always be more clues set in front of you. Step out of your comfort zone and know that each step has its importance and an abundance of blessings. Be grateful for every person, place and event you encounter on your daily walk and expect miracles to happen!

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