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Spiritual Teachers

It is wise and comforting to study the words of spiritual teachers, yet, it is imperative to take in only those things that intuitively feel are best for your unique path. Seek spiritual teachers who are role models of love and compassion, for they know the secrets to happy living. If your goal is to ascend out of duality, then ask for Guidance from Masters who are ascended above this realm. Call on the ones you are drawn to and build a relationship with them, starting with your I AM Presence first.

You have the power to choose the reality you wish to experience. One way to remain balanced is to begin your day with gratitude and meditation. Ask your Soul for guidance throughout the day and observe the synchronicities that occur. State your intentions for the day, allowing things to flow as they may. Say “no” to distractions that keep you from moving forward with your goals. Be on the alert for unexpected proposals and events that may arise, leading you toward your goal. Be aware and be selective.

Everyone needs to hear and experience things at different times and from various sources before fully integrating them into their Being. This is part of the fun of co-creativity and Free Will along your Life Path. Go forth and make this a day of wonder and joy for yourself, seeking those things that make your soul and heart sing!

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