Judgment Day

There is no Judgment Day in which God will choose some to go to heaven and others to be banished to hell. Hell is your daily experience of the results of your fear, false beliefs and non-beneficial actions. None will be lost; all will return to Source. You are an Ambassador, an aspect of your Higher Self. Can you imagine a Creator who purposely creates a magnificent Being like you, just to destroy it? Face your fears and go within to discover old beliefs that…


Connection to Source

Every moment in your life, you are connected to Source. You have the free will to choose the events you wish to experience. Although you are somewhat hampered due to the rules of the universe and interactions with others, you are in control of how to react in every situation. As you clear energetic blockages from your body, the ability to tune into your Soul and Spirit Guides will increase. When you choose love, peace and joy in each situation, your body will vibrationally increase…


End the Suffering

Many wonder why God does not end the suffering on Earth. Yet the responsibility lies in the hands of each human. We were given the gift of free will. As creators, this permits us to express ourselves in a manner only limited by universal laws. Thus, the suffering on earth is a direct result of choices we make while incarnate. Review the history of humanity. The suffering we experience is due to the choices made by individuals over time. Many of us have incarnated before…


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