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Connection to Source

Every moment in your life, you are connected to Source. You have the free will to choose the events you wish to experience. Although you are somewhat hampered due to the rules of the universe and interactions with others, you are in control of how to react in every situation.

As you clear energetic blockages from your body, the ability to tune into your Soul and Spirit Guides will increase. When you choose love, peace and joy in each situation, your body will vibrationally increase and your experiences will manifest in ways currently beyond your understanding.

Work diligently to increase your ability to love all Beings and experiences unconditionally, without any form of judgment or expectation. Just as you are desirous of the ability to express your free will to do what you choose, allow others the same freedom.

Be careful not to judge the choices of others, for you do not know the full reasoning behind their choices or the growth that can occur when they experience something painful. You also do not know what was chosen to be experienced before their incarnation.

Transform your negative thoughts that glue unwanted beliefs in place.

Replace them with thoughts of love, peace and joy. Give gratitude for past experiences and for all the blessings you are receiving in this moment. Release the hurt and fears of days gone by and release the concerns over days to come.

You do not need to look outside yourself for happiness or anything that is of joy, because you are a hologramic aspect of Source. You are always connected, rooted together forever. Never forget this. Break free from thoughts of separation. You are never alone, only lacking memory at times. Connect with your Soul each moment with gratitude and the desire to remember your holiness.


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