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End the Suffering

Many wonder why God does not end the suffering on Earth. Yet the responsibility lies in the hands of each human. We were given the gift of free will. As creators, this permits us to express ourselves in a manner only limited by universal laws. Thus, the suffering on earth is a direct result of choices we make while incarnate.

Review the history of humanity. The suffering we experience is due to the choices made by individuals over time. Many of us have incarnated before and are the ones who made these decisions. We are the ones who make fear-based choices. And we are the ones responsible for each belief that we hold onto.

We have forgotten our spiritual roots. Our experience on Earth is miniscule in relation to the age of our Higher Selves. The hardships you experience now are less than a sneeze in the overall lifestream of your Soul. Yet from their perspective, all suffering has as much value as the joyous moments. You can experience that too when you can “step outside” yourself. Keep the Big Picture in mind.

The end of suffering begins with you.

However, to make global changes, we must unite with the clear intention of manifesting more love. We can’t just dream it into existence. We need to respect others and openly speak our truth. There are laws that need to change. Vote into power those who speak from their heart. Release others from their duties. Most importantly, stand firm in love every moment of your life.

All of these things can be done if we join as one voice, uni-verse. It takes time and effort to make great changes. However, look what one person such as Gandhi or Mother Teresa was able to accomplish. You have the ability to take charge of your life and become a role model such as these two. Begin within by finding the fears and beliefs you created. End the suffering that you have created within yourself and with others. Then you will be a role model to others. This energy will ripple forth with the potential of becoming a tsunami of love.

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