Judgment Day

There is no Judgment Day in which God will choose some to go to heaven and others to be banished to hell. Hell is your daily experience of the results of your fear, false beliefs and non-beneficial actions.

None will be lost; all will return to Source. You are an Ambassador, an aspect of your Higher Self. Can you imagine a Creator who purposely creates a magnificent Being like you, just to destroy it?

Face your fears and go within to discover old beliefs that no longer serve you. Release any thoughts and beliefs that leave you feeling less than or more than another. Then make better choices that reflect the highest degree of Divine Love that you can express in each moment.

Don’t expect perfection, but strive for a better version of your Self. The awakening process is a lifetime journey. So focus on one step at a time.

At our roots, we are co-creators. Free up your time, energy and resources to allow yourself time to express your creative abilities. Take time to have fun and enjoy the beauty of nature. However, be wary of spreading yourself too thin and being distracted by things that take you away from what you really desire to experience.

You are an aspect of Source, a pure Being of light arriving on the Earth, for a time, to experience and express one small piece of God’s creation while in a physical body. Treat yourself and others with kindness and compassion. Take time for inner reflection.

Go forth and create the life you choose!

However, do remember there are laws of the universe to be aware of such as “what you reap, you will sow… for every action there is a chosen reaction… similar energies are attracted to each other.

If you keep your focus on making choices based on love, then you won’t have to worry about those karmic boomerangs coming back at you when you least expect it.

Also keep in mind that whatever strong beliefs you are holding onto when you die, that will become your reality for a time. You are the one orchestrating your Judgment Day. So, choose wisely if you want to cling to the fear of going to hell or to be reunited with your Higher Self. Also, let go of your attachments, including addictions so that you don’t slow down your natural progression when you return to the Spirit Realm.

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