Soul Connection 72 ~ The Path to Mastery

You are blessed with the gift of free will, which allows you to choose whatever path you wish to walk. Will you make choices based on fear or choices made from love of self, others and the Earth? The choice is yours. Reflect on the knowledge you have gained from your relationships with people, places and events. You have a unique set of circumstances that has given you much to reflect on. The question is how to integrate this knowledge so it becomes a part…


Soul Connection 26 ~ Positive vs. Negative

Some view polarity as dark vs. light, with one being higher, better or positive, yet both are equal in importance. Both the "shadow" and the "light" have a purpose; it is only the human perspective that makes one judge them as having a different value. Choose one problem, project or insight to look deeper into this day and simply ponder all sides of the issue. You may find parts that are distasteful, perhaps it is a problem you wish would go away, maybe the project…


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