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Soul Connection 26 ~ Positive vs. Negative

Some view polarity as dark vs. light, with one being higher, better or positive, yet both are equal in importance. Both the “shadow” and the “light” have a purpose; it is only the human perspective that makes one judge them as having a different value.

Choose one problem, project or insight to look deeper into this day and simply ponder all sides of the issue. You may find parts that are distasteful, perhaps it is a problem you wish would go away, maybe the project is too large and feels overwhelming. Look at all aspects in such a way as to see the blessings in each. By developing this skill, you will quickly begin to see that there is value in all polarity.

Note the positives and negatives of this event, perhaps listing them on paper. For most people, the parts labeled as “positive” are easy, so we will not spend time there. What is more challenging is to appreciate and feel gratitude for the “negative” side of events. Look at some of the items on your “negative” list. Then look at how you can approach each in such a way that they can be placed on your “positive” list.

Look closely at the “negatives” to determine how many are simply excuses. Perhaps some are fear-based, in which case they could become wonderful exercises to help move beyond fear and open horizons to new beliefs.

When you get past the “negative” issues, you will find that you look forward to your tasks at hand. By finding joy in everything you do, soon you will realize that all of life including each person, place and event you experience is filled with joy, peace and happiness. This is the path to mastery of Self.

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